News & Updates From Ice Dogs Hockey Association
Treadmill Training
How can you become a better skater and maximize your speed on the ice? Train in the Impact Hockey Zone on the skating treadmill only at Glacier Ice Arena.

  • Learn to maintain proper stride mechanics
  • Lengthen your stride
  • Improve your lateral movement
  • Strengthen your core
  • Improve your stride frequency
  • Develop speed and endurance
  • Practice crossovers
  • Improve stride recovery
You can see firsthand how some of our Ice Dogs have strengthened and improved their skating skills over the course of four to six weeks.
Spinning Training
Our Ice Dogs love to cross-train together! Check out Coach Fogel's Bantam team working hard at Club Spin Studio. Learn more about how your team can grow stronger and improve stamina off the ice by visiting
Strength Training
We are proud to see that all of our teams are training hard off the ice in order to grow faster and stronger. While working with our highly experienced and dedicated coaches, it's clear that the Ice Dogs have made a big commitment to being one of the best organizations in the leagues.