Come Celebrate with Us!
This week's affirmation:
" I trust and live an amazing life from my heart, supported by divine love always. "
Upcoming Service
Sunday, April 15, 2018, 10:00 am
The talk title for the day is:
"Spirit Talks to the Heart"
with Reverend Madalyn Wade
including uplifting music by 
SharonJoy Jahoda and Friends
Practitioner: Reverend Barb Walley
Hilary Dart has finished her 2-year term as SCSL’s representative to IFM and is stepping down. If you are interested in this sacred service by attending a monthly board meeting and occasionally reporting back, please contact Hilary or the office, 530.274.1018.
S tarting the week of April 23 through May 15, we are looking for a "fill-in" angel to organize the seat backs in the sanctuary once a week for 4 weeks. Our regular angel, Pat Cooper, will traveling abroad during that time. If you are interested, please email or call the office, 530.274.1018.
Upcoming Classes & Events
Join Rev. Madalyn for the
1:00 PM
T his workshop is informative, interactive, and fun, and you will learn what membership is here, and how we intend to interact as a Spiritual Community.
There is no cost for this workshop, or to be a member.
If you decide to become a member, you’ll be able to vote for our new minister!
2:00 PM

Gather at Safeway
downtown Grass Valley

  Our Guiding Principles
1.  We believe that all people should be free to practice their faith without fear of discrimination, intimidation, or reprisal.
2.  We believe that multiple religions can coexist peacefully and contribute to the common good.
3.  We believe that equal justice and equal protection under the law are rights to which all people are entitled regardless of race.
4.  We believe that the government of every state and of our great nation should protect those who are most vulnerable and never fail to seek justice for acts of violence perpetrated against minorities by those who claim superiority or dominance.
If you agree with these propositions and would like to make your voice heard, please consider joining us for a march on April 29. 
Sacred Circles
SACRED DANCE CIRCLE  Our next gathering is Wednesday, April 18th, from 9:30-11:00 am. All the dances are simple, and taught with a focus on connection and being centered. Call Judy Silberman if you have any questions at 530-798-0385.

THEATRE TROTTERS   We will be jumping in June! Our next care circle will be Wednesday, 6/6/18. We will be going for lunch at the lovely Flower Farm, 4150 Auburn Folsom Road, Loomis, CA. Theatre Trotters will celebrate the 1st day of summer, Thursday, June 21st, by attending the 7 PM performance at Nevada Theatre of Dearly Beloved , "...A smart and zany, Southern comedy". If you would like more information on these events, you can call Barbara Finn, 530-575-4018, or Kathy Mann, 530-802-3509.  

UPLIFT, PEOPLE SERVING PEOPLE   Sandi Schilling leads a circle of friends who are interested in bringing a little sunshine into someone else’s day. This could involve taking a meal, giving a ride, or sending a card; doing a favor for someone who needs a hand up. If you are interested in this sacred circle, please contact circle leader Sandi at 530-477-8532.

VISUAL ARTS CIRCLE  For all levels of visual artists. This circle meets at the home of Tom Devine at 9:30 am on Mondays. Activities include painting and drawing “en plein aire” (outdoors) and viewing various galleries and shows. To sign up, call Tom Devine at 530-265-3104 or Farley Fallon at 530-272-7745.
Recurring Gatherings
  • Tues & Thurs 1:00 - 2:00 pm, Medical Qigong at SCSL
  • Wed 6:00 - 8:00 pm, The Course in Miracles Group, meets at Ted Smith's home, 119 Winchester, Grass Valley
  • Thurs 6:00 - 8:00 pm, Drumming Circle at SCSL
Getting to Know Our Beloved Community
  These two have obviously been sent by God to help us through this time of transition! They love Reverend Madalyn and appreciate her navigation of it all and are ready and willing to help. Jill is on the SCSL Board of Trustees, co-directing the search for a new space, suggesting that we do proactive outreach for new people and create a space to rent or use for community events. Jill and Carl Wiggins story is about community-building and transitions.
    While Carl was in the Air Force and pharmacy school, Jill spent over 3 ½ years moving from Florida, to the Philippines, to New Mexico, to Utah, to Southern California, all while raising three boys (try that on for transition!). Jill more recently has made the transition from cancer to cancer-free in the space of 5 years.
    As the only child in a traditional Christian California family, Jill developed her feminine side , majoring in French and being a professional ballerina, dancing and teaching ballet into her 50’s. It was her grandma’s “mystical” influence which led her on a spiritual quest for a New Thought community, and thank God she found us!
    Carl was a practicing pharmacist until he retired in 2012. When he’s not bicycling around the countryside, 3 to 4 days a week Carl helps build homes via Habitat for Humanity, providing affordable housing for local families. Currently he asks for our prayers for his precious memory. 
    Both Jill and Carl love adventure, which has included several trips to France, Norway, Scotland, and many Garrison Keeler river trips, and travels all over the West Coast. Carl even bicycled with a buddy from Vancouver to Tijuana in 2015.
    For their latest adventure, they are now preparing for their 50 th wedding anniversary in France with their two graduating grandchildren!
  Lucretia “Cre” Cooper certainly has been with the Sierra Center longer than anyone else I’ve met thus far… As in before the Grange, before Seaman’s Lodge, back when a small group was meeting at the Nevada Theatre, nearly 30 years ago. Her commitment to the teachings, her knowingness around the laws of manifestation and her affirmative presence in each moment are a testimony to her steadfast commitment to Science of Mind! Cre Cooper served SCSL as a Licensed Science of Mind Practitioner for many years.
    Born in the “Me First” bastion of Southern California, into a clean-cut, white-gloved, Episcopalian community, she was ripe for the free spirit that she found on a road trip with a girlfriend to Nevada City, and knew at that time, this was “home.” She moved here and joined the Center shortly after.
    But as solid and committed as she is to this community, she is also a traveler!  Her early days as a travel agent led her to many, many years of traveling, camping, and bicycling with Herb, her husband, all over the U.S. and Europe. To this day, at age 82, despite a minor compression injury sustained in an effort to save her six cats from the recent big fire, she still exercises her free spirit skiing to her heart’s content at Sugar Bowl.
    As for SCSL, she’s seen ebbs and flows of attendance and a lot of great ministers come and go.
    Her advice, “Be in prayer, in receiving mode at all times; Life is all miracles; The secret is in the depth of your knowingness. It’s all about attracting princes, palaces and parking spaces.”
    “My job,” she says, “at this stage in my life, is to keep my side of the street clean!”
Interviews submitted by Jivan Swann. This is part of a series of interviews that will feature one of our community every several weeks so that we can get to know and connect with each other a little better.
Compassion Corner & Prayer Requests
If you need a ride or meals during an illness or following a surgery, or know of someone in the congregation who does, please contact Sandi Schilling, leader of the Uplift Circle, at 477-8532. She and her circle of caring people will be happy to help in whatever ways they are able.
I f you have a gratitude, a prayer request, or a request for support of any kind that you’d like to share, please call the office and we’ll be happy to list it for two weeks.
Prayer for ~
  • Peg & Joe Vielbig for peace and perfect wholeness
  • Rodger Mann's family for perfect peace
  • Do you have concerns or issues that are weighing on your mind? 
  • Would you appreciate having prayer support for knowing the highest and best outcome?
T here are spiritual advisors called licensed practitioners available to meet with you briefly after Sunday services for no fee. 
You may also call to schedule an appointment during the week for a fee. 

Our Licensed Practitioners:
  • Shera Banbury  530.277.9390
  • Genevieve Mack   530.559.2814
  • Lori Stitt 530.852.7588

Spirit is all there is and we recognize your wholeness, prosperity, health, loving relationships and divine self expression. 

Spiritual Mind Treatment / Affirmative Prayer works!!
Take advantage of this healing service!!
If you are interested in becoming a Licensed Practitioner, please call the office and speak with Rev. Madalyn.
Thank You for Your Support!