Asset Management News, Summer 2017
Welcome to the inaugural edition of the MassHousing Asset Management Quarterly Newsletter! The purpose of this newsletter is to update you on initiatives within the department, as well as to ask for your input on a host of asset management issues, and to get your feedback on how we are doing. We hope you will find this helpful and informative!

-- Anne Marie MacPherson, Manager of Asset Management
New Name!

Our department officially now has a new name: Asset Management. We had been Portfolio Management for many years, but now see Asset Management as more reflective of the work that we do.

Asset Management Organizational Chart and Staff Contact Information
During the Listening Tours, we heard that our handouts of our department's organization chart as well as a staff listing with all contact information was very helpful. We have updated both and are including them here. If you have any questions or comments, or suggestions for other reports that would be helpful to you in managing your property, please email Anne Marie MacPherson.
We heard you!
Over the past several years, and in several different formats and forums, we have asked your opinion on how we are doing and what areas where we can do better in. Well, we heard you! Listed below are many of the things we heard and what we have done or are planning on doing.
Fast Track Dividend Distributions
Once again, we processed Fast Track Dividend Distributions within a two-week time frame for those properties meeting certain benchmarks. As of June 30, we received 110 requests that were approved in an average of 10 days!


We have done this for a few years now and would like your feedback on how the process is working. Please be on the lookout for a quick survey on the Audited Financial Statement review process in general within the next few weeks.

PBCA Contract Update
No word yet from HUD on when the PBCA Contract bid will be issued. We will keep you informed should we receive updates from HUD. 
Management Occupancy Reviews (MORs) for PBCA Properties
As some of you know, we have been completing MORs on PBCA properties since June 2016. For 2016, we completed 165 MORs, and in 2017 through the end of June completed 131 MORs, for a total of 296 MORs since HUD first asked the Contract Administrators to resume conducting these reviews.


HUD has recently given its approval for us to conduct another 65 MORs from July to September 2017, so if you haven’t yet had an MOR you may be hearing from your Asset Manager to schedule one for your site.


We want to thank all of you who have had an MOR for your preparation and professionalism, and for working with MassHousing staff to get these completed. A very high majority of the properties that did have an MOR over the past year were found to be managed well and up-to-date on all of the changes that have occurred since we were last at the properties in 2011. This is only due to you and your teams' work staying current and running the properties at a high level of management professionalism. Congratulations to all of you!

Regional Meetings
We’d like to hear from you as to whether you would like us to hold regional meetings periodically throughout the year to provide our updates, and perhaps a training on a specific topic. If you are interested, please complete this brief, four-question survey.
Thank you for working with Asset Management staff over this past year. We look forward to working with you and providing you with excellent customer service. If you have any suggestions on where we can improve, please email Anne Marie MacPherson. All ideas and suggestions would be gratefully accepted!

We hope you have enjoyed reading this newsletter and would appreciate your feedback! 

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