Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Newsletter
May 2017
Happy Fairgrounds Appreciation Month!

There is a lot going on at the Fairgrounds this May - which just happens to also be California Fairgrounds Appreciation Month!  

And there is a lot to appreciate at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds!  The wonderful thing about the  Fairgrounds is that it is a blank canvas! You can turn any of our buildings into whatever you can imagine, including public festivals and events as well as private celebrations. 

Do you have a special event coming up?   Just g ive us a call at 408-494-3100 and find out more about our fun, affordable and flexible venue - and then let your imagination run wild! 

Private Events
Festivals & Trade Shows

May Staff Highlight - Joe Miranda

"Be sure you ask Joe first" is a common refrain here at the Fairgrounds, and for good reason!  In the 30+ years that Joe Miranda has worked for the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds he has served in every area of operations, and is particularly well-known for his meticulous note taking and attention to detail, He is currently the Fairgrounds' house electrician and also manages special projects that tap into his extensive knowledge of the land and structures here, as well as his talent for project planning. 

When asked what the favorite part of his job is, Joe is quick to reply that he loves everything about working at the Fairgrounds!  But he especially enjoys the variety that comes with operating such a large venue that hosts a diverse array of events, making every day at work a bit different. 

When he's not hard at work at the Fairgrounds Joe enjoys spending time with his family, including his six children.  Joe is also a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo and a talented musician, and has even traveled the world playing in a band!  
May Volunteer Highlight  - Aimee Ramos

One of our most flexible volunteers also happens to be one of the youngest!  Aimee Ramos has been with the Fair for the past five years, starting when she was just 14 years old. For her first fair, Aimee was head of the award ribbon inventory - counting, sorting and boxing. The following year she started assisting with the youth educational exhibit- Little Hands on the Farm. Before she knew it, Aimee found herself helping in all aspects of the fair, becoming an invaluable asset to the fair team. "I keep coming back because I really like the atmosphere. It feels like a real community," Aimee said. "Plus, its good experience for me, and I look forward to seeing all the S.T.E.A.M. projects put forth this year and the projects in the livestock barn." During the 2016 Fair, Aimee assisted with all aspects including livestock, vendors, educational exhibits, signage and was part of a duo that shaped the "Pok√©mon Go" day.  Aimee is such a dedicated volunteer that she has even been known to sport our cow mascot costume to help us promote the Fair throughout the year, like she did a few months ago at Christmas in the Park!   Thank you Aimee for all your hard work and commitment to the Santa Clara County Fair!

It takes a good sport - and an AWESOME volunteer! - to sport a cow suit!
That's a FAIR Questionpeople_cheering_festival.jpg

The Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Management Corporation ("FMC") is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization that manages the Fairgrounds.  This feature in our monthly newsletter addresses frequently asked questions that we hear when we're out and about in the community.  

Q:  What's happening at the Fairgrounds the rest of the year when the County Fair is not going on?
A:  A LOT is happening at the Fairgrounds throughout the rest of the year, as Fairgrounds facilities are leased to individuals, organizations and promoters for a wide variety of other events.  Check out our event schedule at or give us a call at 408-494-3100 for more information about how you can rent space for your own party or event at the Fairgrounds.

Q: Who owns the Fairgrounds? 
A:  The Santa Clara County Fairgrounds is owned by Santa Clara County.  As you may have heard, the County is currently reviewing proposals to redevelop the Fairgrounds. Stay up-to-date on this process on the County's website at

Have a question you'd like us to address in a future column?  Just email it to us at
Visit the Fairgrounds Booth at the Spring Celebration at Martial Cottle Park
Saturday, May 6th

Our friends at Martial Cottle Park are having a Spring Celebration on Saturday, May 6th from 10 am to 3 pm. This fun day will include local arts, crafts and food, urban forest demonstrations, fresh organic produce, vintage farm equipment, gardening demonstrations, and live music.  The Santa Clara County Fairgrounds will be there so be sure to stop by our booth to say hi!

Step Right Up and Join Us at the Santa Clara County Fair!
1941 Fair insert in the San Jose Mercury Herald promoting the Fair's return, as it had not been held since 1912.   A big thank you to the staff of Martial Cottle Park 
for sharing this document from their archives with us!

"A county fair must be for the people and by the people...Out of the past, this wholesome tradition has been revived in Santa Clara County.  For months hundreds of people have been working toward its success...."

Believe it or not the above quote is from a 1941 Santa Clara County Fair insert in the San Jose Mercury Herald newspaper, when the Fair was revived and held for the first time since 1912. But it is just as true today!  Many people are working hard to rebuild this beloved local tradition, but we could use more help - c lick on the links below for more info and come join us!

Questions?  Just give us a call at 408-494-3100.

Upcoming Events at the
Santa Clara County Fairgrounds

Pints for Pups!
May 13
The  3rd Annual Pints for Pups will feature great beer, wine, food trucks, and local artists who will have one-of-a-kind pints, growlers, and other art for sale to benefit two wonderful dog rescue groups, the  Silicon Valley Pet Project and the  Thulani Program.

SJ Toy Show
May 20-21
From vintage to modern toys, comics and collectibles there is something for everyone at the SJ Toy Show, April 8-10. 

Terrain Racing
May 20
You'll sweat and you'll get MUDDY but you'll have the time of your life at
Terrain Racing on Saturday, May 20. 
For a complete schedule of upcoming events 
This newsletter is brought to you by the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds Management Corporation ("FMC"), a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization formed by the County in 1995 to manage the Fairgrounds.  

FMC's Board of Directors meets at 2 pm on the last Wednesday of each month here at the Fairgrounds.  Board meetings are open to the public and all are welcome.  Details and agendas are posted on the County's website on the boards and commissions page. 

As you may have heard, Santa Clara County is in the process of reviewing responses to an RFP for redevelopment of the Fairgrounds.   To stay up-to-date on what's happening with this process visit the County's website at  

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