TRUSD school board met during regular session at the District Office in McClellan Park.
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News, Notes & Votes
Twin Rivers Unified School District

January 24, 2017

Our mission: To inspire each student to extraordinary achievement every day.

1a.  RECOGNITION/ACTION - Adopt Resolution No. 630/Safe Haven School District  
Resolution No. 630 was adopted by the Board of Trustees, as encouraged by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson, reaffirming Twin Rivers' dedication that our district remains a Safe Haven-committed to the success of all students irrespective of their immigration status, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability, sex and gender identity, socio-economic status or beliefs.

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From left, Superintendent Martinez, Samantha Long, John
Lennertz, Chloe Lynn, Director Jackie White.
1b.  RECOGNITION - Visual Art Students and Teacher  
Visual Art students from Highlands High School and their teacher, John Lennertz, were recognized for their achievement in winning the 2016 California State Fair Student Showcase and competition.

School Leadership Teams with Assistant Superintendent Anne Zeman (far right).
1c.  RECOGNITION - School Leadership Teams/Systems Thinking
This is Twin Rivers' third year of working with Systems Thinking. This year, eight of our School Leadership Teams are taking Systems Thinking to a new level and using the tools to find solutions for real school problems.

Information and Educational Technology Services team members.

1d.  RECOGNITION - Information and Educational Technology Services
The Information and Educational Technology Services team has been instrumental in ensuring that essential projects were completed on time and that exemplary customer service was provided to students, teachers and district staff.
2.  PRESENTATION/ACTION - 2015/2016 Independent Financial Audit Report
The District's financial auditors presented, and the Board accepted, the 2015/16 Independent Financial Audit Report. There were no audit findings noted in the report.
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3.  PRESENT - Update on Career Technical Education
Career Technical Education (CTE) presented an overview of their three-year strategic plan, including the development process, vision, strategic goals, snapshot of changes, and the direct connection of the CTE to the accountability system. This planning process began last year and extends through the 2019 school year.
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4.  PRESENT - Update on Adult Education
An update was provided on the district's Adult Education program, focusing on the process for developing a three-year strategic plan that includes the process overview, vision, strategic goals, alignment to Capital Adult Education Regional Consortium, and expansion of the program.
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5.  PRESENT - Committee on Surplus District Property and Member Recruitment (2016-2017 School Year)
District administration, in conjunction with Dutra Cerro Graden, will create a Surplus Property Advisory Committee ("7-11 Committee").  The purpose of the 7-11 Committee is to review and analyze real property that is owned by Twin Rivers USD and to determine what real property could be designated as "excess" or "surplus" because it will not be needed for school purposes. The Committee will then present a report to the Board of Trustees recommending uses for the surplus property or how to dispose of the property (e.g., sale, lease, etc.).
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6.  FIRST READING - Revised Board Policies
Review of revised Board Policies as recommended by California School Boards Association (CSBA) to better align with CSBA recommendation and actual practices in the District. (Board action not required during the first reading.)
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7.  APPROVAL - Personnel Recommendations
The Board approved all personnel recommendations including new hires, promotions, resignations and leaves.
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Board of Trustees to meet again unless otherwise announced:
Tuesday, February 15, 2017
6 p.m. Closed Session/7 p.m. Open Session
5115 Dudley Blvd., Building A, McClellan, CA 95652
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