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Before You Let an Autism Diagnosis Drive You Crazy

Dim light casts shadow on mouse sleep, behavior

Antidepressant use in pregnant women linked to small increase in autism

Cannabis compound quells seizures in severe epilepsy syndrome

Parents and Others Looking for Help!!!

Screenagers: Growing Up in the Digital Age

NFAR Teacher's Grant Program 2017 - 2018

Jeremiah's Ranch Seeking Dress and Tie Donations

Developmental DIR Autism Therapy in Your Home!!!

TERI Newsletter-Lots of News!

Lost in the Paperwork? I Can Help!!!

Ed Asner and Hollywood Celebrities "UP THE ANTE" for Autism Society Poker Tournament

Monthly Membership Program at MicroCurrent 4 Kids!

S4EA August Newsletter

Love and Autism Conference in San Diego!

Book: When the School Say No, How to Get the Yes!

Card Contest for Friendship Circle, San Diego!!

Berry Picking with Friendship Circle, San Diego

Autism Speaks, San Diego Walk, September 30th

Know Their Character Strengths


  • Before You Let an Autism Diagnosis Drive You Crazy
  • What If...? Getting Past Blame and Worry to Help Your Autistic Child

    Parents with a child on the autism spectrum tend to overwhelm themselves with research, treatments, and general anxiety over their child's welfare. While this is natural, it's not particularly good for you, your child, your marriage or the rest of your family. And the truth is, it really isn't necessary. Here's why.

    You're Not Too Late to Help Your Child

    Whether your child with autism is two, ten, or twenty-five, he or she will still benefit from therapy.

    In fact, while early intervention is always helpful, the proverbial "window of opportunity" for treatment is a bit of a myth. So whatever your child's stage of life, you're not too late to make a difference. Read on...

  • Dim light casts shadow on mouse sleep, behavior

  • Exposure to a dim light at night disrupts sleep patterns and worsens repetitive behaviors and social difficulties in a mouse model of autism. Melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep, normalizes sleep patterns and eases the autism-like behaviors in these mice.

    Researchers presented the unpublished results today at the 2017 Dup15q Alliance Scientific Meeting in Los Angeles.

    The findings suggest that disruptions to sleep exacerbate autism features. They also hint that strategies to help children with autism sleep may improve their behavior.

    "Minimizing light exposure at night may be particularly useful," says lead investigator Christopher Colwell, professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles. Read on...

  • Antidepressant use in pregnant women linked to small increase in autism

  • A new study found that antidepressant medications taken during pregnancy may be linked to the development of autism in children - although the effect appears to be limited.

    In looking at a cohort of children born between 2001 and 2011 in Stockholm, Sweden, Drexel University's Brian Lee, PhD, and Craig Newschaffer, PhD, and their co-authors (including lead author Dheeraj Rai, PhD, of the University of Bristol) found that children born to mothers who had taken anti-depressants at any point during their pregnancy were 45 percent more likely to be diagnosed with autism. However, the team's analysis showed that only 2 percent of autism cases would be prevented if antidepressant use was completely cut off in pregnant women.

    "Overall, the increase in risk was quite small," said Lee. "Of children exposed to antidepressants during pregnancy, 4.1 percent had an autism diagnosis. In comparison, children of mothers with a history of a psychiatric disorder but who did not use antidepressants during pregnancy had a 2.9 percent prevalence of autism." Read on...

  • Cannabis compound quells seizures in severe epilepsy syndrome

  • A component of marijuana called cannabidiol eased seizures in children with Dravet syndrome, a potentially fatal form of epilepsy, in a late-stage clinical trial1.

    Dravet syndrome stems from mutations in sodium channels, most often in a gene called SCN1A. A gene in the same family, SCN2A, is a top autism candidate. About one in four children with Dravet syndrome also has an autism diagnosis.

    Many children with Dravet syndrome take multiple epilepsy drugs to control their severe seizures. But some children do not respond to the drugs. Some parents of children with Dravet syndrome or autism turn to marijuana, based purely on anecdotal evidence.

    The new study is the first rigorous trial to show that purified cannabidiol decreases seizures in children with epilepsy. Read on...

  • Parents and Others Looking for Help!!!

  • Hello! I am looking to connect with someone who has their child in an out of state residential educational setting. Please email me at

    I am a mother to an 11 yr old boy diagnose with Moderate Autism, ADHD and severe speech delay. I was able to move him from Chula Vista School district where he was not receiving the best of services in anyway, to a Charter School close to the exit at Market st coming out of FWY 15. I was wondering if anyone could give me information of a young, responsable adult who could baby sit and transport my child from his new school to home at eastlake. And some days stay with him for a few hrs until I got back from work around 5pm. I will pay for miles and obviously for the care at home. Preferably a person with knowledge of ASD behaviors and techniques to work with them. Claudia

    We are looking to find friends for our 12-year old son Robbie, who is high functioning ASD.
    He is quite isolated and would love to develop relationships with other kids. Among other things, Robbie loves reading; computer games; shooting hoops and soccer.
    We live in Tierra Santa with 2 dogs.

    Hi! My name is Rosalyn. I am a highly experienced and exceptional house cleaner with a genuine personal touch. I am looking to find a monthly or bi-monthly house cleaning job for a family in need of these services in the North County Area. If you are interested please email me at or call me anytime 209 241 9489.

    If you have a question or request for this newsletter group, please send your email request to People who can help you will email you directly with their responses.

  • Screenagers: Growing Up in the Digital Age

  • NFAR Teacher's Grant Program 2017 - 2018
  • NFAR Teacher's Grants for educators of students with autism.

    Autism affects one in every 68 children in the United States, and a growing number of students each year the classrooms across San Diego County. Autism often affects the way the individual receives and processes information. A person with autism may also have sensory issues that interfere with learning.

    To help, NFAR awards funding to educators to support the specialized academic needs of their students with autism. These grants give educators a vehicle for piloting new teaching tools, as well as funding of technology and programs that address key areas of concern for students with autism, such as social skills training, reading comprehension, developing effective communication skills for verbal and non-verbal students, as well as reducing sensory and behavioral issues that interfere with learning. Click here for all the info!!!

  • Jeremiah's Ranch Seeking Dress and Tie Donations
  • jr

    World of Color Gala on August 26

    Jeremiah's Ranch, a Fallbrook nonprofit that serves adults with developmental disabilities and their families, is seeking prom gown, tie, and bow tie donations for their World of Color gala event in August. Many adults with developmental disabilities never get the opportunity to participate in proms or school dances. This event will be a gala dance for adults with developmental disabilities. Donations of gowns and ties can be dropped off at Hidden Treasures Thrift Shop, 913 Main. Fittings will be on August 12 and August 19. The gala event will be on August 26 at North Coast Church. Jeremiah's Ranch is also seeking silent auction donations for their November 4 fundraiser at Z Cafe. For more information visit our website or email us at

  • Developmental DIR Autism Therapy in Your Home!!!
  • NOW IN SAN DIEGO!!! Why choose us? In a program such as ours the child learns to think reflectively and base behaviors on their own desires and feelings rather then on repetitiously learned non-reflective patterns of behavior. We work from a multi-displinary perspective considering functional language use, visual-spatial processing, auditory processing and motor function.

    Real Connections Child Development Institute
    415 North Highway 101 Suite C
    Solana Beach, CA 92075
    (858) 354-2006

  • TERI Newsletter-Lots of News!
  • Click here to read their latest newsletter!!!

  • Lost in the Paperwork? I Can Help!!!
  • I offer professional accounting services that are customized to your specific needs, including full service computerized bookkeeping, payroll and tax preparation for individuals and small to medium sized businesses.

    Services Provided:

    • Bookkeeping Services
    • Business Consulting
    • Payroll Preparation
    • Income Tax Return Preparation
    • Notary Public Services
    Customer service is my number one priority. I like to work closely with my clients to make sure they understand how their business is doing.

    As a small business owner it is important that you spend your time on running your business and not on bookkeeping. Let me give you the peace of mind you deserve by utilizing my 20+ years of diversified experience in accounting and in business.

    Call to setup an appointment for a free initial consultation so that I can evaluate your bookkeeping needs and provide you with a quote.

    Yvette Soto
    3633 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 205
    San Diego, CA. 92108
    (619) 977-6586

    (As a mother of twins diagnosed with autism, I am able to provide a personal level of service due to first-hand experience.
    Individual & Business tax returns welcome!)

  • Ed Asner and Hollywood Celebrities "UP THE ANTE" for Autism Society Poker Tournament
  • TV Legend and Celebrities Lead Effort to Raise Money for Autism Society of America;
    Autism currently affects 1 out of every 68 individuals and their families.

    Saturday, September 9th, 5:00 PM - Midnight
    Haworth Los Angeles Showroom
    444 South Flower St., Downtown LA

    Ed Asner and the Autism Society of America, the nation's leading grassroots autism organization, presents the Ed Asner & Friends Poker Tournament. Hosted by Emmy-winning actor and autism advocate ED ASNER (The Mary Tyler Moore Show). Celebrities expected to attend include Rosie O'Donnell, Don Cheadle, Matthew Modine, Michael Chiklis, Dylan McDermott, Lou Diamond Phillips, Ed Begley Jr., Tom Bergeron, Peter Fonda, Darryl Hannah, Thomas Gibson, Lisa Loeb, Michael McKean, Elizabeth Carlisle, Holly Robinson Pete, Wayne Brady, Randy Rainbow, Sebastian Bach, Rocky Carroll, Patricia Heaton, and Greg Grunberg among others. More than 300 guests are expected at this year's event.

    In addition to the Celebrity Poker Tournament, guests will also enjoy a dinner buffet, cocktails, silent/live auctions and opportunity drawings. The top three winners will be awarded prizes.

    The poker tournament is expecting to raise over $100,000 to support Autism Society's mission to increase public awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by people on the autism spectrum, advocate for appropriate services for individuals across the lifespan, and provide the latest information regarding treatment, education and research. Autism currently affects 1 out of every 68 individuals and their families. For all the info and to purchase tickets:

  • Monthly Membership Program at MicroCurrent 4 Kids!
  • We are offering everyone the easiest and most cost-effective way to come in for regular and follow-up therapy sessions. Announcing our New Monthly Membership Plan!

    Monthly Membership $89
    With the ease of a monthly auto-payment you will earn 1 session each month, plus any additional sessions you wish to buy will all be billed at our member rate of only $80 each! Membership provides the lowest cost-per-session option (36% off single session rate) and relives the burden of paying a large lump sum up front. Best of all the effects of microcurrent therapy are cumulative! So the more you come in, the better results you will see in your child's mental and physical health!
    *6-month contract required

    Membership Benefits Include:

    • One 30-min Microcurrent Therapy session; a full-body detox (systemic), or an anti-aging facial* for Mom (*Now offering facials, call for more details)
    • Unlimited additional sessions at our lowest member rate
    • Discounts for adding family members to your membership
    • Unused sessions roll over from month to month and can be shared with others
    • Earn free sessions by referring friends
    If you are looking for autism treatment like cranial sacral, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field), transcranial magnetic stim, FSM (frequency specific microcurrent), hyperbaric oxygenation, MRT (magnetic resonance therapy), chelation, or other alternative treatment options -give us a call to learn about how Microcurrent 4 Kids may be the better choice for you and your family!

    Microcurrent 4 Kids
    4540 Kearny Villa Rd, Ste 211
    San Diego, CA 92123
    858 257-1404

  • S4EA August Newsletter
  • s4ea

    Click here to read their latest newsletter for all the info and upcoming events!!!

  • Love and Autism Conference in San Diego!
  • Love & Autism: A Conference with Heart held annually in San Diego, focuses on relationships - bridges lived experience, clinical practice & research.

    September 30 - October 1, 2017
    Liberty Station Conference Center
    2600 Laning Road
    San Diego, CA 92106

  • Book: When the School Say No, How to Get the Yes!
  • You will love the real life stories Dr. Lauer shares. His book takes the usually boring subject of IEP's and makes it interesting with actual stories of how families bring the school district on board to get the services their kids need. Unlike most books that merely refer to the law to help parents understand their rights and responsibilities in special education, here the author shows how convince schools to not only comply, but how to develop strategies and programs for their children with disabilities that are meaningful and measurable.

    Imagine everyone at the team meeting finally able to SEE what is needed to help our kids and collaborating. The result is the team has to deliver the services our kids need when they have the info and data right in front of them. And just wait until tomorrow. That's when I will share Vaughn Lauer's new program that will revolutionize the IEP process!

    You can order "When the School Says No, How to Get the Yes" on Amazon!

  • Card Contest for Friendship Circle, San Diego!!

    Friendship Circle San Diego
    16934 Chabad Way
    Poway, CA 92064

  • Berry Picking with Friendship Circle, San Diego

    Friendship Circle San Diego
    16934 Chabad Way
    Poway, CA 92064

  • Autism Speaks, San Diego Walk, September 30th
  • Autism Speaks Walk is the world's largest autism fundraising event dedicated to improving the lives of people with autism. Powered by the love of parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, relatives, and supporters, the funds raised help ensure people of all abilities have access to the tools needed to lead 'their best lives'.

    The commitment of individuals like you plays a critical role in raising the funding needed to fuel innovative research and lifelong supports and services. Working together, there is no limit to what we can achieve.

    September 30, 2017
    Liberty Station at Point Loma
    Event Starts at 8:00 am

    Click here for all the info about registering and about having a booth at the Resource Fair!!!

  • Know Their Character Strengths
  • There are many different kinds of strengths, including interests (what we enjoy doing) and skills and talents (what we're good at). Character strengths, though, are about who we are at our core. We are at our best when we use the character strengths that come naturally to us, called "signature" strengths.

    It is important to know your son's/daughter's character strengths and to encourage their use often for the positive experience it provides and to build on their strengths. Knowing all their strengths and how they use them is important for the IEP process, Person-Driven Planning, and other interventions.

    See how you can identify your son's/daughter's character strengths and encourage their use by answering the 4 questions at

    The information gained from your responses will help the survey authors develop new understandings of character strengths use by people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and how parents can encourage that use.

  • ASD Mornings at theNAT

  • Please visit for more information.

  • Autism Accessibility Morning at the Fleet!

  • In February we began our, Autism Accessibility Mornings at the Fleet (, program. This morning is dedicated to the ASD community to come and enjoy the Fleet in a quieter setting and catch an IMAX film! Our film showings are presented with raised house lights and a lowered soundtrack volume, to provide a more comforting environment. Our goal is to provide an enriching experience for the ASD community

  • SIBSHOP 2016-2017 Schedule

  • October 2016 - August 2017

    WANTED: Siblings who have a brother/sister with special needs
    AGES: 7 - 12 years old
    Older siblings are welcome to attend as "Junior Leaders"

    WHAT: A fun-filled opportunity geared to the specific needs of siblings with brothers/sisters with special needs. Join us for games, crafts, hikes, cooking, and art. Meet other sibs - lunch provided

    TIME: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

    August 13: Santee Lakes, 9310 Fanita Pkwy, Santee, CA 92071**

    DONATION: $5.00 - $10.00 per meeting per family for craft materials, supplies & lunch for the kids

    REGISTRATION: Pre-registration requested (if possible) the Thursday before the event.
    CONTACT: Email for a registration form and / or additional information.

    Sibshop Leaders: Jody BonDurant-Strong, Administrator Gina Clifton, ECSE Medically-Fragile Teacher, Special Education
    Pat Moulton, Retired

    **Information for family / community locations will be emailed.

  • San Diego Regional Center's Recreation Resource Page
  • sdrc

    Recreation is important in promoting inclusion and quality of life. Studies have shown that it increases self-esteem and confidence, leads to improved communication, social interaction, and friendship skills.

    The San Diego Regional Center supports clients having time to recreate and believes it is essential to a healthy and well-balanced life. Below are links to some popular recreation activities in the San Diego and Imperial Counties. However, SDRC does not endorse, nor provide funding for any recreation activity. SDRC is not liable for anything occurring while participating in any of the recreational activities. Click here for all the info!!!

  • Jeremy's Vision at ArtWalk Liberty Station!!!

  • I have a paintbrush, a keyboard and autism. Jeremy's Vision is my view of the world expressed through my painting, writing, and advocacy.

    Jeremy's Vision: Local San Diego resident, Jeremy Sicile-Kira, is an intuitive artist and paints colorful abstract portraits of people. Jeremy has synesthesia: he sees people's emotions in color. In August 2012, he began to paint in real life the portraits he was painting in his dreams. Now, Jeremy meets people in person or online, 'reads' their colors and then paints their portrait. Jeremy has his own art studio in downtown San Diego at Space4Art and recently had his first curated solo art show. For more information, visit

    Jeremy also is the coauthor of A Full Life with Autism ( about preparing for the transition to adult life.

    Save the Date! Aug 12 &13
    Frankly I hope to see you at ArtWalk @ Liberty Station Booth 409-411

    Arts District at Liberty Station at Ingram Plaza
    2751 Dewey Road, San Diego, CA 92106

    Sat Aug 12, 10am - 6pm ; Sun Aug 13,10am-5pm
    Plenty of free parking!

    (Jeremy's participation was supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency, and the National Arts and Disability Center at the University of California Los Angeles)

    Come see new prints of my greatly favorite places in San Diego -
    Nice souvenirs and presents for friends.
    Please invite your friends and come by and say hello!

  • Join Our Study! Video Games to Train Attention and Eye Movement

  • Join our study at UCSD's Research on Autism and Development Lab ( We are currently recruiting participants for a study to measure the effects of training visual attention using video games. Click here to view the brochure!!!

  • Parents and Children Needed for Student Research

  • My name is Shamayne Brown and I am a doctoral student at Alliant International University. This study is examining the attention abilities of kids with ASD and their parents. I am recruiting families with a child with ASD as well as families with typically developing children.

    We are looking for boys, ages 8 to 16 years old, who have a diagnosis of ASD and their biological parents - both mother and father need to participate. We are also looking for boys, ages 8 to 16 years old, who are typically developing and both of their biological parents to serve as a control group.

    If you and your family are eligible for participation, you will be asked to come to a lab at the Neuroscience Institute at Alliant International University. You and your child's other parent will be asked to complete consent forms and questionnaires about your own behaviors; this should take you each about 25 minutes. You will also be given questionnaires about your child's behaviors. Only one parent needs to fill out these questionnaires and should take about 25 minutes complete. You, your child, and your child's other parent will complete a cognitive test, which will take about 30 minutes. Each of you will then play some games on a computer. This will take each person about 30 minutes. Your child's participation will take approximately one hour. Your participation and that of your child's other parent will take approximately one and a half to two hours.

    After your child completes his tasks, he will receive a $20 cash gift as an appreciation for his participation. Once you and your child's other parent have completed all tasks, you will each receive a $10 gift card as a token of appreciation for your participation. For further information, please contact Shamayne Brown at or 619-416-1799. Thank you for your time.

    *Approved by Alliant IRB
    IRB #1604025150


    I never endorse anyone or anything. Opinions expressed in what I send out, may not be shared by me. Everything is for informational purposes only.
    People who "advertise" through this newsletter have never been checked out by me. Same goes for the "Sponsors". This includes professionals and even people who are interested in babysitting, etc. So, please take the time to thoroughly check out anyone and everyone who will be working with or caring for your child/adult. We are all sadly aware, through news stories and word of mouth, of people who prey upon special needs children and adults because of their extra vulnerability.

    Valerie Dodd-Saraf
    President, Foggy Coast Ventures, Inc.