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Scan of whole genomes ties regulatory regions to autism risk

Preschoolers and ADHD

What Does Inclusion Look Like Anyway?

Could micronutrient supplements combat ADHD?

Parents and Others Looking for Help!!!

National TACA Autism Conference

Developmental DIR Autism Therapy in Your Home!!!

San Diego: Town Hall Meeting on Proposed Cuts to Medi-Cal

TRIO Consultants


Cortica Care: Comprehensive Autism Treatment

Unmasking Anxiety in Autism: The Floortime Approach

Science Group for Children with Autism & Similar Conditions

Social Skills Group for Teens with Autism & Similar Conditions

Autism Experts Empowering Families and Children Together

Party In The House - Halloween Spooktacular in Poway

Free Event for Parents and School Admin

Participate in a Research Survey!

SAVE THE DATE!!! Saturday, March 24, 2018

FREE! Halloween Holiday Lightshow


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  • Scan of whole genomes ties regulatory regions to autism risk

  • Children with autism have an excess of spontaneous mutations in DNA that controls the expression of autism genes, a new analysis suggests1. This finding contradicts similar analyses from other teams.

    The study also found that many children with autism carry multiple spontaneous mutations, some of them in autism genes. The results hint that a few mutations scattered throughout the genome underlie a significant number of autism cases, the researchers say.

    "I think we have a handle on another major cause of autism," says lead investigator Evan Eichler, professor of genome sciences at the University of Washington. The work appeared 27 September in Cell. Read on...

  • Preschoolers and ADHD
  • Recommended treatment for children under 5 is behavioral therapy, not stimulant medication

    While ADHD is most often diagnosed in school-aged children, it can be diagnosed in children as young as three.

    Of course we expect all preschoolers to be active - more inclined to run around than to sit still. And we expect them to be impulsive - prone to doing things without thinking about the consequences. But some kids are extemely active - parents typically describe them as "bouncing off the walls" - and they're so impulsive they're extraordinarily difficult to manage.

    These children may have ADHD, and early diagnosis and treatment can help them rein in impulsive behavior that's causing problems for them, and their families. They can get along better with other kids and be able to participate in activities appropriate for their age. But it's important to know that the recommended first-line treatment for preschoolers with ADHD is different from what's recommended for older kids. Read on...

  • What Does Inclusion Look Like Anyway?
    The spirit of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) has never been that disabled students are merely visitors in general education. Special education (and more specifically inclusive education) is about giving students access to the education received by their non-disabled peers to the maximum extent possible.

    Take a look at this stair case (Robson Square in Vancouver, BC). There are ramps built into the stairs so that people who use wheelchairs, walkers, or even strollers, can access this public area and enjoy whatever it has to offer. Inevitably, people with and without disabilities use these access ramps that are included in this stair case. That staircase illustrates the purpose of inclusive education Like the staircase, inclusive education is about creating access points to learning that are good for everyone, not just for a few students who have specific skill sets. When we design our lessons, classrooms and schools for everyone, we all win.

    Although different schools have unique ways of implementing inclusive education, there are certain key indicators that are typically available in successful programs. Causton & Tracy-Bronson (2015) lay out some indicators of inclusive schooling environments as: Read on...

  • Could micronutrient supplements combat ADHD?
  • A recent study examined whether or not vitamin and mineral supplements might ease ADHD symptoms, and it yielded encouraging results.

    Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is characterized by hyperactivity, attention difficulty, and impulsiveness. Although estimates differ, ADHD is thought to affect around 5 percent of children in the United States.

    Diet and ADHD: What's the connection?
    Over recent years, interest has developed around diet and its influence on ADHD. For instance, a study looking at the diets of adolescents concluded that "[a] Western-style diet may be associated with ADHD."

    Similarly, the authors of a study looking at the potential benefits of the Mediterranean diet on ADHD wrote, "Our data support the notion that not only specific nutrients but also the whole diet should be considered in ADHD." Read on...

  • Parents and Others Looking for Help!!!

  • Looking for 1-2 roommates to share cute 2 bedroom 1 bath house in Encinitas with my sister, who is autistic and non-verbal, and her caretaker. My sister will be starting Supported Living in 6 months or more, so roommates(s) could move in now or later. Please email or call me for more information - Daria at 619-294-6577 or

    I am looking for an instructional aide to help my 6-year-old ADHD daughter in a private, Catholic school setting Monday-Friday 8am-12noon in Coronado. I would prefer someone with ABA knowledge. My daughter is a bright, spirited kid who needs lots of help staying on task and guidance and instruction on non-preferred actives (handwriting.) She is currently medicated but it is only taking us so far. She has behavioral issues we are working out. She needs someone who is strong and seasoned who will provide guidance and direction across all areas of the school setting; she is bossing around her current aide! Please contact me for info, or text 858-405-7264. Thank you for reading!

    My family is a dual income family and we need additional help caring for our 15 y/o daughter who is high functioning Asperger. Specifically, we would like to find someone who can be at the house after school while we commute back from our jobs. It would be 3-5 days a week in the afternoons from 3-6pm. A certified professional behavioral coach would be preferred, but not mandatory.

    Our schedules are moderately flexible and we work with the candidate to create a schedule that works for the both of us.
    Thanks! please contact Dustin at

    My son is 5 and he will be on Kindergarten the next school year. He is currently in TK, and he is doing fine. He has an IEP, and he he is on general education with some support fron school staff. We would like to apply by choice to the following schools:

    Holmes Elementary, Curie PTA Elementary, Spreckels Elementary

    Do you have any experience with any of these schools in relation with the support and awareness for kids on the spectrum. Are these good options ? I will really appreciate your help and comments. Please write to

    If you have a question or request for this newsletter group, please send your email request to People who can help you will email you directly with their responses.

  • National TACA Autism Conference
  • October 20-22, 2017
    Hilton Orange County Hotel in Costa Mesa
    3050 Bristol Street
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626

    Join hundreds of parents and professionals to learn the latest in research, treatment options and therapy for individuals with autism. The National TACA Autism Conference will feature three days with three tracks of presentations to cover all aspects and levels of the autism journey. Topics will include special diets, therapies, beginner and advanced biomedical treatments, IEP, inspiration and much more. Whether your child is recently diagnosed or you have years of experience, you will walk away from the conference with a plan for the next steps for your autism journey.

  • Developmental DIR Autism Therapy in Your Home!!!
  • null


    Why choose us?
    In a program such as ours the child learns to think reflectively and base behaviors on their own desires and feelings rather then on repetitiously learned non-reflective patterns of behavior. We work from a multi-displinary perspective considering functional language use, visual-spatial processing, auditory processing and motor function.

    Services Provided:

    • DIR/Floortime Therapy
    • Developmental Therapy
    • Behavioral Supports
    • Parent Training and Support
    • Developmental Assessment
    • Social Skills Support
    Real Connections Accepts Many Insurances!!!

    Real Connections Child Development Institute
    415 North Highway 101 Suite C
    Solana Beach, CA 92075
    (858) 354-2006

  • San Diego: Town Hall Meeting on Proposed Cuts to Medi-Cal
  • In the coming days, the White House and Congress will be considering a federal budget that contains well more than $1 trillion in cuts to Medicaid, the program that funds Medi-Cal, over the next ten years. Here are the proposed cuts to Medicaid in stark figures:

    President Trump Plan: $1,870,000,000,000 in cuts
    House of Representatives Plan: $1,504,000,000,000 in cuts
    U.S. Senate Plan: $1,321,000,000,000

    If passed, these drastic cuts will affect services provided through regional centers, In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS), special education, county mental health, and your health plan.

    Disability Voices United, Disability Rights California, and the State Council on Developmental Disabilities are sponsoring Town Hall meetings throughout California to educate our community about the proposed cuts. The first meeting takes place tomorrow, Monday, October 16, in Orange County, followed by Town Halls in San Diego, Modesto, and Santa Clarita.

    We hope you can join us at one of the meetings near you. Please share this information with others.

    Click here to Register to attend!!!

  • TRIO Consultants
  • What's The TRIO?

    The Expert: Cynthia LaBrie Norall, PhD, BCBA-D
    The Individual: Evan Wooton, Social Coach & Facilitator
    The Family: Julie Marie Miller, Mother. Writer. Ally.

    We are advocates, counselors and coaches for those with hidden disabilities such as ASD, ADD/ADHD and dyslexia in schools, in communities and in the workplace. With our TRIO of perspectives, we are able to offer an innovative approach unique to our field.

    Services Offered:

    • Autism Coaching
    • Educational Diagnosis
    • Expert Family Law Testimony
    • Parent Coaching and Support
    • Friends' Club
    • Job Transition Facilation
    • Job Coaching
    • Hidden Disability Educational Support
    • Educator Disability Coaching
    • Employer Disability Training
    • IEP Review and Advocacy
    • New Diagnosis Counseling

    Your challenges become our goals as we seek to provide an empathetic experience while leading and guiding, to ultimately teaching you the skills of self-advocacy through resources, and support along with proven methods. With a pool of resources gained over two decades, we can offer referrals to you to help you turn your roadblocks and struggles into meaningful life experiences. Through many combined years of trials and successes, we are excited to become your number one alliance toward peace of mind toward the future.
    Tel : 760.207.3802

  • Halloween Fun AT KID VENTURES
  • NFAR is hosting a family play session at Kid Ventures in 4-S Ranch on Friday, October 27th from 5 -6:30 PM. Join us for some Halloween-themed fun!

    Families of children with autism and their siblings (ages 2 - 8 years old) are invited to join us for a fun filled early evening of structured activities, snacks and creative play.

    Registration is $5 per child. For more information, contact NFAR orTO REGISTER.

  • Cortica Care: Comprehensive Autism Treatment
  • Experience a unique and effective approach to autism therapy.

    Our aim is to bring to families everywhere the most effective therapies for the treatment of autism. Our integrated care model is based on the scientific research and clinical practice of our founder, Dr. Suzanne Goh. We seek to set a new global standard for autism care by achieving superior developmental outcomes for the children and families we serve.

    At Cortica, we believe the world needs a higher standard of care for all those living with autism, or a potential diagnosis of autism. Families like yours deserve effective, collaborative, caring therapies that are accessible and reasonably priced, no matter who you are or where you live.

    Meet our extraordinary team of autism specialists.
    Our multi-disciplinary team includes specialists from many different fields. All of our team members have specialized training and expertise in autism care.

    • Pediatric Neurologists
    • Electroencephalography & Neuromodulation Specialists
    • Neurology Nurse Practitioners
    • Nutrition and Holistic Health Practitioners
    • Speech-Language Therapists
    • Occupational Therapists
    • Physical Therapists
    • Music Therapists
    • Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA)
    • Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT)
    • Social Workers and Marriage-Family Therapists
    • Special Education Teachers
    We provide every child at Cortica with an individualized program to accelerate learning and development. An essential ingredient for success is collaboration among physicians, therapists, parents, children, and our extended communities.

    Together, we clarify the complex, celebrate extraordinary efforts, and witness moments of brilliance as our children grow new skills and abilities. Many of our services are covered by medical insurance plans. Contact us for all the info!!!

    Cortica Care
    7090 Miratech Drive
    San Diego, CA 92121

  • Unmasking Anxiety in Autism: The Floortime Approach
  • Interesting article. Talks of under recognized anxiety in ASD , changing assessments to try to identify it, and the efforts, modest results, and difficulty of using regular CBT and medications , rounding out with ideas about communication and sensory approaches.

    Where are we on this? What more does a developmental relationship based approach offer? A lot, as it turns out:

    - we think about developmental aspects of anxiety, the things that happen at various ages such as worries about body integrity, self competence and connections to others, and how those typical issues might play out for a person with difficulty relation and communicating. Moreover, we have a path for tracing how anxiety might manifest itself as a product of dysregulation, lack of feeling connected , loss of interaction, and trouble with symbolic thinking and with reflective thinking. And we have ways of helping at all these levels.

    - we have a far more nuanced and integrated sense of the array of sensory, motor, communicative, visual spatial , executive/ problem solving aspects of an individual's function, and we can use that understanding to better sift out and address important factors that contribute to difficulty with various developmental capacities.

    - we appreciate and make central the relationships between people, so that the problem of anxiety is in a sense a lapse in a stable 'we' vs as condition isolated to the individual.

    You may have more and better thoughts on this topic. So please do share. But read the article as a stepping off point. It represents the best of mainstream research and thinking and yet it made me grateful for our model and gave me more impetus for our own research and advocacy.

    Joshua D Feder, MD
    Child and Family Psychiatry

  • Science Group for Children with Autism & Similar Conditions
  • (October - December) @ Family Wellness Center

    Let's experiment through science!Science Based Social Group

    Children, ages 8-12, have fun engaging in weekly science activities while also practicing an important social skill. Our upcoming 8-week session will focus on relationship maintaining, specifically designed for children with social learning challenges, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or similar needs.

    Please contact the Family Wellness Center for more information and to register.

    Group meets every Thursday from 4:00pm - 5:00pm
    October 26 - December 21
    *No session on November 23 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday

    *Please call for group cost. Registration and scholarship request deadline is October 25.

    Contact 858-634-8300 or for more information or to register.

  • Social Skills Group for Teens with Autism & Similar Conditions
  • (October - December) @ Family Wellness Center

    Providing a safe and supportive environment for teens to expand their social knowledge and abilities! Social Skills Group for Teens

    Middle and high school students meet every Thursday to learn a specific social skill through fun activities and interactive discussion. Our upcoming 8-week session focuses on relationship maintaining, and is specifically designed for teens with social learning challenges, High-Functioning Autism (HFA) or similar needs.

    Please contact the Family Wellness Center for more information and to register. Registration and scholarship request deadline is October 25. Contact 858-634-8300 or


    Group meets every Thursday from 5:00pm - 6:00pm October 26 - December 21
    *No session on November 23 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday

  • Autism Experts Empowering Families and Children Together
  • aefct

    AEFCT provides high quality services that are structured, comprehensive, and individualized. Our mission is to provide intervention to children with autism, putting the needs of each child first so that they are met fairly and appropriately. We use developmentally sound strategies supported by empirical evidence, combined with a team approach that involves family participation. Autism affects the entire family unit, and we recognize that parent education and participation are essential to achieve success.

    Our Services:

    • Assessment
    • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
    • Supervision / Consultation
    • Parent/Caregiver Training
    • Funding Sources
    Developmental Approach:
    AEFCT is dedicated to providing developmentally appropriate services that utilize teaching strategies supported by empirical evidence.

    Team Approach:
    Direct family participation is a central component of the AEFCT program. Parent participation both during direct instruction and after behavior consultants leave is imperative to each child's success because autism affects the entire family unit. The most important teachers in a child's life are their parents. As such, parent education and participation are essential in order to attain and maintain success.

    Multicultural Approach:
    Sensitivity to the diverse population that exists in San Diego is addressed through the individualization of curriculum, parent and staff training, and education.

    4669 Murphy Canyon Rd., Suite 212
    San Diego, CA 92123

  • Party In The House - Halloween Spooktacular in Poway
  • We are hosting a Halloween community event that will include sensory friendly trick or treating, arts, crafts, games and more! Friday, October 27th at 4pm!!!

    Center for Autism and Related Disorders
    15708 Pomerado Road, Suite 102N
    Poway, CA 92064

  • Free Event for Parents and School Admin
  • This is a great opportunity for interested school admin and personnel to observe the innovative and powerful program, Beyond Bullying - Awareness, Education, Action, before bringing it to their site.

    Beyond Bullying - Awareness, Education, Action is an innovative, unique experience that prevents bullying and builds resilience through live theatre, group discussions, specific tools, and curriculum.

    Register at: or call 619-293-4431

  • Participate in a Research Survey!
  • business_finance_research.jpg

    I am a graduate student of Communication Disorders at Eastern New Mexico University. The reason I'm reaching out is to see if ValeriesList can assist me with my graduate research. My focus is how applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques are viewed by parents of children with autism. To collect information for my research I have an online questionnaire with a 12 minute video on survey monkey. Would it be possible for you to put the survey link in a newsletter or email to reach your followers? This research is very exciting to me, as it will illuminate perceptions of an important strategy in improving the lives of children with autism.

    Principal Investigator: Erin Bishop
    This project has been reviewed by the IRB of Eastern New Mexico University and approved as protocol # 1718006. Records pertaining to proposal review and approval are available upon request.

  • SAVE THE DATE!!! Saturday, March 24, 2018
  • On Saturday, March 24, 2018 we are celebrating the 14th annual San Diego Race for Autism in Balboa Park, and it's going to be "Super!"

    This family friendly event gathers together more than 6,000 families, educators, and autism professionals from across Southern California to help raise awareness and funding for one of our country's largest concerns- autism. Once considered rare, autism affects as many as 1 in 68 children in the US, and more than 19,000 families right here in our community.

    100% of the Race funds stay right here in San Diego and provide funding for early identification and education efforts, technical training in software testing for young adults, parent programs, instructional workshops and has funded more than 600 community programs and classrooms, benefiting thousands of local children and families.

    Please join us in making a difference on March 24th. Because everyone can be a SUPERHERO!

    Save the date and click here for all the info!!!

  • FREE! Halloween Holiday Lightshow
  • Saturday, October 28, 2017
    7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
    Home of Mike Hall and Richard Heffernan
    8862 Pinecrest Avenue, San Diego, CA

    Families and friends of Autism Society San Diego are happily invited to join the Halloween celebration at this year's Boogie Express! On Saturday, October 28th, the driveway, street front and sidewalks will be jumping in dance to the Skeleton DJ and all your favorite Halloween holiday dance sounds and lights. The G-scale garden railroad will be open for visitors to enjoy. Treats provided, costumes welcome.

    Click here for all the info!!!

  • ASD Mornings at theNAT

  • Please visit for more information.

  • Autism Accessibility Morning at the Fleet!

  • The third Saturday of every month, Fleet invites the Autism Spectrum Community to enjoy our museum through this special opportunity. Adults and families with children with autism can enjoy the Fleet's exhibit galleries in a quieter setting, an hour before regular open hours to the general public and with access to a special cool-off space. Visitors are welcome to stay and enjoy the museum all day. Admission includes a special IMAX film screening at 10 a.m. with the house lights on and a lower soundtrack volume.

    Upcoming dates:
    • October 21, 2017
    • November 18, 2017
    • December 16, 2018
    • January 20, 2018
    • February 17, 2018
    • March 17, 2018
    For more information, visit

  • San Diego Sibshop

  • October 2017 - August 2018

    WANTED: Siblings who have a brother/sister with special needs

    AGES: 7 - 12 years old
    Older siblings are welcome to attend as "Junior Leaders"

    WHAT: A fun-filled opportunity geared to the specific needs of siblings with brothers/sisters with special needs. Join us for games, crafts, hikes, cooking, and art. Meet other sibs - lunch provided

    TIME: 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

    Oct. 29: Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center
    Dec. 10: Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center
    Feb. 25: Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center
    March 25: Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center
    May 20: Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor Center
    August 19: Santee Lakes, 9310 Fanita Pkwy, Santee, CA 92071**

    DONATION: $5.00 - $10.00 per meeting per family for craft materials, supplies and lunch for the kids

    REGISTRATION: Pre-registration requested by email (if possible) the Thursday before the event.

    CONTACT: Email for a Sibshop registration form and / or additional information.

    Sibshop Leaders:
    Jody BonDurant-Strong, Administrator
    Ndoto BonDurant-Strong - adult sibling & CSUSM student
    Gina Clifton, ECSE Medically-Fragile Teacher, Special Education
    Pat Moulton, Retired

    Directions for Mission Trails Regional Park Visitor's Center (MTRP):
    1 Father Juniper Serra Trail (92119). Interstate 8 to 15 North / East on Friars Road.
    Stay to left - turns into Mission Gorge Road / Turn left on 1 Father Juniper Serra.

  • Yvette M. Soto Accounting & Income Tax

  • I have a Bachelors degree in Accounting from the University of San Diego and have over 20 years of experience working in the field of accounting. I am also a Notary Public. I offer professional bookkeeping services at an affordable price, including payroll and tax preparation for individuals and small to medium sized businesses. I can also navigate the tax ramifications of receiving public benefits and credits for special needs because I, myself have twins with Autism.

    Yvette M. Soto
    (619) 977-6586
    3633 Camino Del Rio South, Suite 205
    San Diego, CA 92108

  • Service Specialists

  • Service Specialists
    Exclusively BMW Automobiles

    1330 India Street - Downtown, Between "A" & Ash
    San Diego, CA 92101
    Check out our great reviews on Yelp!

  • Lisa Lundhagen, Independent Mary Kay Consultant

  • I truly believe that serving customers is one of the great factors that sets us apart from every other company.

    Lisa Lundhagen
    Independent Mary Kay Consultant
    760-480-2766 DISCOVER WHAT YOU LOVE!!!

  • MitoSpectra for Mitochondrial Dysfunction

  • What is Mitochondrial Dysfunction?
    Within each cell are "power sources" called mitochondria. In patients with autism and related disorders, these mitochondria may not function properly. This causes a decrease in cell performance and has been linked to hyperactivity, abnormal fatigue, muscle weakness, and regression of social and language skills.

    A Link to Autism
    During the last two decades, scientists have made a connection between autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and mitochondrial dysfunction. In 2009, researchers from Johns Hopkins University produced guidelines for the treatment of ASD patients with mitochondrial failure. They recommended a vitamin cocktail to restore the function of mitochondria, and improve brain chemistry.
    Click here to view An Educational Webinar about Autism and Mitochondrial Function by Dr. Suzanne Goh

  • Care For Us: Providing Therapy, Support, Play and Social Groups

  • Care For Us is dedicated to changing the lives of special needs families for the better. We are a 501(c)3 exempt non-profit organization providing free individual, marriage and family therapy, support groups and social engagement activities for families with unique parenting needs. No matter what your journey is, we have resources and teammates that can help you with yours. This journey is best walked with others. We serve the San Diego area and are located in Eastlake Chula Vista. Follow us on facebook at Care For Us and see our website at

  • Sarah Nissen, Holistic Food & Health Consultant

  • I'm Sarah and I live in San Diego, CA with my 2e son (gifted and ASD), my 2 dogs and my husband.

    I research and find outside-the-box alternative health and diet solutions for myself and other families. I've done this ever since I can remember.

    I facilitate holistic changes that create thriving kids naturally. Specializing in gluten-free real food diets, and advice on outside-the-box therapies and educations.

    Check out my website and my FB page for all the info!!!

  • Smile Art Dentistry for Special Needs Families

  • Welcome to Smile Art Dentistry, I'm Dr. Michael Scrydloff. Our Poway Dentistry staff and I invite you to discover our cosmetic and sedation (Including "laughing gas") dental services in Poway. Smile Art Dentistry utilizes the most advanced techniques and equipment to provide the smile you deserve. We pride ourselves in creating an enjoyable and comfortable environment for your dental visits. Smile Art Dentistry provides routine dental care, sedation dentistry, cosmetic dental services, and oral surgery all at one convenient Scripps Poway area location.

    Special-Needs Dentistry
    Smile Art Dentistry is happy to serve all the dental needs of patients with disabilities or special-needs. Dr. Scrydloff is experienced in treating medically complex and special-needs patients. All dental services are provided in one place, so there is no need for excess transportation or referrals to other offices. In addition, we offer a wide array of dental procedures and services to provide any patient with a healthy smile. Contact Smile Art Dentistry today for Special-Needs Dentistry in Poway.

    Smile Art Dentistry
    9932 Mercy Rd # 104
    San Diego, CA 92129
    858 566-2151

  • UCSD Autism Center of Excellence- SPARK

  • UCSD Autism Center of Excellence is working with the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) as part of an exciting research partnership called SPARK, and we would like to invite you and your family to take part. SPARK is an online, national genetics research partnership that seeks to improve the lives of people with autism. Through DNA analyses of saliva samples, the ultimate goal of SPARK is to gain a better understanding of causes and best treatments for autism. To get started, sign up and a saliva collection kit will be mailed to your home. A gift card totaling up to $50 will be sent to you once saliva samples from both parents and individual with ASD are received. We already have 1,991 participants registered on the website, help us reach our goal of 3,000 today!!!

    To register for SPARK: go to

    For additional information contact Hannah Kaplan at the UCSD ACE: or 858- 534- 6906

  • Children with Autism and Their Mothers are Needed for Student Reseach

  • Ariane Myers-Turnbull, MA
    Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student
    California School of Professional Psychology

    If interested please contact or call 858-414-1076!

  • BRAIN DEVELOPMENT IMAGING LABS - Recruiting Participants

  • If you are interested in participating in any of these studies, please call 619-594- 0176 or email

  • Join Our Study! Video Games to Train Attention and Eye Movement

  • Join our study at UCSD's Research on Autism and Development Lab ( We are currently recruiting participants for a study to measure the effects of training visual attention using video games. Click here to view the brochure!!!

  • Parents and Children Needed for Student Research

  • My name is Shamayne Brown and I am a doctoral student at Alliant International University. This study is examining the attention abilities of kids with ASD and their parents. I am recruiting families with a child with ASD as well as families with typically developing children.

    We are looking for boys, ages 8 to 16 years old, who have a diagnosis of ASD and their biological parents - both mother and father need to participate. We are also looking for boys, ages 8 to 16 years old, who are typically developing and both of their biological parents to serve as a control group.

    If you and your family are eligible for participation, you will be asked to come to a lab at the Neuroscience Institute at Alliant International University. You and your child's other parent will be asked to complete consent forms and questionnaires about your own behaviors; this should take you each about 25 minutes. You will also be given questionnaires about your child's behaviors. Only one parent needs to fill out these questionnaires and should take about 25 minutes complete. You, your child, and your child's other parent will complete a cognitive test, which will take about 30 minutes. Each of you will then play some games on a computer. This will take each person about 30 minutes. Your child's participation will take approximately one hour. Your participation and that of your child's other parent will take approximately one and a half to two hours.

    After your child completes his tasks, he will receive a $20 cash gift as an appreciation for his participation. Once you and your child's other parent have completed all tasks, you will each receive a $10 gift card as a token of appreciation for your participation. For further information, please contact Shamayne Brown at or 619-416-1799. Thank you for your time.

    *Approved by Alliant IRB
    IRB #1604025150


    I never endorse anyone or anything. Opinions expressed in what I send out, may not be shared by me. Everything is for informational purposes only.
    People who "advertise" through this newsletter have never been checked out by me. Same goes for the "Sponsors". This includes professionals and even people who are interested in babysitting, etc. So, please take the time to thoroughly check out anyone and everyone who will be working with or caring for your child/adult. We are all sadly aware, through news stories and word of mouth, of people who prey upon special needs children and adults because of their extra vulnerability.

    Valerie Dodd-Saraf
    President, Foggy Coast Ventures, Inc.