Xenia zu Hohenlohe
Partner/Marketing Director

My aim is to avoid talking politics, given that climate change and resource consumption are global challenges transcending affairs of state. However this apolitical stance is currently proving difficult to maintain with the current US administration having caused shock waves by abandoning its countries’ commitments made during COP21 for the Paris Climate Agreement, sadly the elephant in the room can no longer be ignored.

As a board member of two important conferences around sustainability that took place in June, I can thankfully confirm that the tenor at both the Langenburg Forum for Sustainability and the Austrian World Summit was that now - more than ever – everyone sees the rally to the cause of our planet as an absolute obligation.
Kofi Annan, Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former Secretary-General of the United Nations gave the keynote speech at the Langenburg Forum for Sustainability. His wisdom, coupled with his calm and serene nature, form a reassuring rock in the turbulent waters of current affairs. 

Oetker Collection Achieves UN Global Compact Status 
The Oetker Collection has achieved advanced UN Global Compact status for its four French Hotels: Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc, Le Bristol Paris, L'Apogée Courchevel and Château Saint-Martin & Spa.  The United Nations Global Compact is the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative. This program is firmly aligned to the Paris Climate Change Agreement in order to roll out its principles and objectives among the most supporting corporate communities.
Considerate Hoteliers supports the Oetker Collection by assuring that all measures get adopted into operations at each property and level, as well as monitoring all resource consumption to reduce the group’s overall carbon footprint.

 R20 Austrian World Summit
Since leaving office as California’s 38th Governor in 2003, Arnold Schwarzenegger co-founded the R20 Regions of Climate Action, a global non-profit dedicated to helping sub-national governments develop, implement, and communicate the importance of low-carbon and climate resilient projects as well as their economic benefits.The inaugural R20 Austrian World Summit launched on 20 June, of which Considerate Hoteliers partner Xenia zu Hohenlohe sits on its high profile advisory board.

Langenburg Forum 
The theme of the fourth Langenburg Forum was “Transforming Megacities – How Digitisation Can Help Create Sustainable Living Environments for Nine Billion People". It brought together 120 selected guests from politics, business, academia and civil society. The keynote speech was delivered by Kofi Annan, 7th Secretary-General of the United Nations and Winner of the 2001 Nobel Peace Prize. Considerate Hoteliers Partner Xenia zu Hohenlohe is on the board of the Langenburg Forum for Sustainability and was also a speaker.

Visit Us at Hotel Tech Live - Stand Number 9083
Hotel Tech Live, 26-27 Sept at ExCeL London, is an exciting event for the systems, products, and services that are breaking new ground in the hotel sector. If you would like to see a live demo of the Con-Serve™ data management system, please visit us on stand 9083. 
Sustainability Hotshots: Qbic London City
New analysis of Qbic London City's resource usage in Considerate Hoteliers data management system Con-Serve™ shows the hotel is by far outperforming the industry average. The results are a real eye-opener when benchmarked against the Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative (HCMI). Compared with the 31.1kg CO² which is the average level of emissions per room night in the UK, Qbic London City achieved an emission level of just 10.3kg CO² per room night. In the July edition of Hotel Owner Benedetta Cassinelli, joint managing partner of Considerate Hoteliers explains how measurement is helping shape the hotel’s thought process on sustainability.

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Qbic Hotels have always been deeply committed to sustainability and since opening its London City hotel in 2013, the brand has set out to become the greenest hotel in the capital, challenging every aspect of its operation to reduce the environmental impact, whether its solar panels on the roof, using chemical-free cleaning products, or wearing recycled uniforms.

During 2016, the hotel had introduced new technology and initiatives aimed at influencing guest behaviour when it came to cutting water consumption. Each of the showers in the rooms were fitted with Hansgrohe Airdrop shower heads, which reduced the jet of water by 25% a minute while maintaining a satisfying pressure for users by mixing air with the water. 
Guests were reminded to switch the bathroom taps off with the introduction of an organic toiletries range called: “Stop the water while using me”. 
The hotel's water consumption fell by a staggering 41%, amounting to over four million litres year-on-year which is the equivalent to 67,638 showers based on a UK average eight-minute shower time.

Winners Announced at Summit
The finalists for the 2017 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards were announced during World Travel & Tourism Council's (WTTC's)  Global Summit in Bangkok, Thailand. The awards recognise best practice in sustainable tourism within the industry globally, based upon the principles of environmentally friendly operations; support for the protection of cultural and natural heritage; and direct benefits to the social and economic well-being of local people in travel destinations around the world.
The lead judge was Considerate Hoteliers new chairman Professor Graham Miller, who holds a chair in sustainability in business at the University of Surrey.

Awards & Accolades
Congratulations to Considerate Hoteliers members and clients on scooping their awards at the BoHos and Cateys. Three cheers for The Draycott, Cedar Manor, John Williams, executive head chef of the Ritz, Rosewood London and The Beaumont.

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Design for Wellbeing by Motti Essakow

Whenever we do something to improve something, we’re designing. Design is everywhere, in essence everyone is a designer. As living beings, we are our environment.  Design plays a significant role in human health and wellbeing, and the way that we configure and manipulate elements in a space can mean more to it’s inhabitants than whether they like the colour of the walls or texture of the carpet or the thread count of the bed linen. On the most basic level certain environmental factors have universal effects on all on us – e.g daylight and circadian rhythm. Wellbeing is a state of being with others, where human, planetary and economic needs are met, where one can act meaningfully to pursue one’s goals and where one enjoys a satisfactory quality of life.

The day aimed to raise awareness of the benefits of eating less meat for a healthier, balanced diet that’s better for our planet and fairer to our food systems too. Did you know that if you gave up meat for just one meal, you would save enough carbon emissions to boil a kettle 388 times?

TRiFOCAL London – Transforming City FOod hAbits for Life, is the latest initiative to be led by Resource London - the partnership between WRAP and LWARB - together with Groundwork London. For the first time messages on how Londoners can reduce the amount of food they waste will be joined up with messages on how they can recycle the food waste that couldn’t be avoided, whilst also integrating messages about healthy sustainable eating.
The initiative aims to use innovative approaches to:

1. Prevent food waste by changing planning, shopping, storage and meal preparation behaviour
2. Promote healthy and sustainable eating by changing purchasing and preparation practices 
3. Recycle more unavoidable food waste

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, together with The Prince of Wales’s International Sustainability Unit, have launched the $2 million New Plastics Economy Innovation Prize, which calls for innovators, designers, scientists and entrepreneurs to help create packaging that keeps plastics out of the ocean. Only 14% of plastic packaging is recycled and the demand is expected to double in the next 20 years.

Single-use plastic bags threaten our environment and are very expensive to manage, once disposed of. Not only can plastic bags directly harm living organisms through entrapment and suffocation but also indirectly through bioaccumulation. This is when pulverised plastic waste is accumulated in our food chain. Marine organisms are increasingly impacted by plastic waste as 80% of marine litter is plastic.

Top Ten Sustainable Fish Swaps
Sustainable Fish City: top swaps for chefs and restaurants has been created with advice from expert organisations that contribute to the Sustainable Fish City working party. This campaign aims to help make London the world’s first Sustainable Fish City.

National Marine Week 

During this year's National Marine Week, which runs from 29 July - 13 August, The Wildlife Trusts are asking people to explore their relationship with the sea. There are lots of ways to get involved and take action. You can help the marine environment by saying no to single use plastics and products containing microplastics, using environmentally friendly detergents, recycling and buying only seasonal and locally caught fish.
Pledges to make your small changes and share on social media using the hashtag  #TheSeaAndMe.

Con-Serve™ Data Management System

You can improve commercial and environmental performance in your hospitality business with Con-Serve™ by Considerate Hoteliers. The Con-Serve™ is enabled by a dynamic technology platform that has been tailored to capture data that is material to the hospitality industry, which can be correlated to occupancy and food covers. Users are uniquely equipped to identify inefficiencies that can substantially impact the performance of their businesses both environmentally and commercially. Con-Serve™ can be used across single or multi-site operations and is ISO 50001 certified as an energy management system.  

Getting  Con-Serve™ set-up at your hotel, restaurant or venue, couldn't be simpler because Considerate Hoteliers will do the legwork for you.The team will add properties, link metrics, input cost tariffs, upload historical data, validate data, set-up up automated live feeds and liaise with utility providers and/or data collectors on your behalf. Properties are also linked to local weather stations so that heating and cooling degree days can be tracked within the platform. 

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Innovative Sub-metering Solutions
Considerate Hoteliers offers expert site surveys to identify the best sub-metering and live data feed solutions for your property. With our in-house specialist industry and market knowledge, we can advise you on the most cost-effective solution to give you instant access to half hourly consumption data for a chosen area, which would enable you to spot inefficiencies in consumption, improve performance and reduce costs.

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In addition to bespoke half day and full day workshops, a new series of two hour mini workshops provide an informal learning opportunity for internal stakeholders in hospitality businesses, that want to engage their teams in driving a responsible business culture as part of broader CSR initiatives or processes.

Advisory - Implementing CSR
Driving CSR within the Oetker Collection means implementation within the operations of all departments. Our Director Xenia zu Hohenlohe talks about the process.

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Get recognised for responsible business practices within your hospitality business! Members benefit from having access to a host of assets and toolkits, account management support and many other benefits.
CSR Social Media & Activity Planner
If you need inspiration on communicating your CSR initiatives or want to get more engaged with campaigns and activities, the monthly planner is invaluable for marketing departments and green teams in the UK. It is free for Considerate Hoteliers members, but non-members can subscribe annually for a small fee.

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Advisory - Reducing Food Waste
Research shows that the cost of food to the hospitality and food waste service (HaFS) sector is staggering - £2.5bn every year,  and rising. Your business is food, don’t throw it away is a brand new programme to help food businesses to save money and boost profits by throwing away less food. It aims to support food businesses with simple steps and handy resources to reduce the amount of food thrown away and educate staff and customers.

As sustainability experts with a specialism in hospitality operations, Considerate Hoteliers can support  you with assets, technology, strategies and training to help tackle the challenge of food waste within your business.


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Prestigious Award for Hypnos
Hypnos chairman, Peter Keen, and group managing director, Stephen Ward, swapped the sights of Hypnos for the grand scenes of Buckingham Palace, when they attended a ceremony to celebrate receiving the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for International Trade with Her Majesty the Queen.

100% Biodegradable Coffee Capsules
Fully compatible with Nespresso coffee machines and manufactured from plant fibres, the Ethical Coffee Company’s pods, which are  distributed in the UK by Cofico, only take six months to decompose in an industrial compost – 199 years and six  months faster than their Nespresso counterparts.

Original Beans was founded on a passion for making the finest chocolate and for replenishing what we consume. Original Beans ethos protects endangered wildlife, triples farmers incomes, has built the first climate positive supply chain and offers the first garden compostable packaging.

Safeguarding Biodiversity in Africa
In an effort to safeguard the astonishing biodiversity of Udzungwa Mountain National Park, Original Beans has  partnered with the Southern Tanzania Elephant Program (STEP). Together, they have installed beehive fences around the farmers’ fields.
Elephants fear bees and the hives installed around the fields therefore deter them from trampling over crops. At the same time, the honey gathered creates an additional source of income for the farmers.

One of the L'Occitane Group's major objectives is to purchase responsibly. This includes choosing responsible suppliers; training employees in responsible purchasing and eco-design; and supporting subsidiaries. The role its sustainable ingredients department is to supervise and secure the supply of plants with respect for both ecosystems and its producers.

Think just a little bit of used cooking oil, animal fat, grease and food scraps poured down the drain can’t hurt? Find out why it’s better for your business, the community and the environment to recycle your cooking oil. In this compelling article, Proper Oils explains why professional kitchens should recycle used cooking oil.

Delphis Eco trigger bottles are made with 100% recyclable plastic, with eco friendly labels and glue. All products are derived from sustainable, plant based resources. This means they are readily biodegradable and have a reduced impact on aquatic life.

100 Million Gallons of Water Saved
Xeros near-waterless laundry systems have helped organisations save over 100 million gallons of water. More than 65% of this figure is made up directly from hotel customers, worldwide.