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News Flash on MISSILES from GAZA...Update from Chaya Mizrachi
Rockets from Israel Panorama *


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Dear Dugit Supporters and Prayer Warriors,

I wanted update you about some recent occurrences in Israel that you might lift up our nation and its people with fervent and effective prayers.

In last few days more than 100 rockets have been fired from Gaza into the South of Israel. The recent clash began when a Jeep of Israeli soldiers was doing a routine patrol on the Israeli side of the border. An RPG from Gaza was shot directly at the Jeep. Several soldiers were injured, including a young man who is seriously injured and may be blind for the rest of his life. This began a fire fight on the border between the terrorists of Gaza and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Just the day before, the IDF had discovered more tunnels that are being used by Hamas to smuggle weapons and additional terrorists in and out of Egypt. Due to the open border between Gaza and Egypt, and backed by the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, the terrorist organizations including Hamas have smuggled in and are firing Katyusha rockets that are both more sophisticated and have a larger range than the smaller Qassam rockets used in previous incursions. 

Several other civilians have been injured in Israel as well. With 15 seconds to get to her bomb shelter, one great-grandmother was hurrying after hearing the siren wail. On the way down, she fell and broke her hip. Her grandson is getting married on Thursday and the doctors have said that they will get her there. This is life in Israel. Weddings that have been planned are still going on as scheduled. Another Israeli woman who recently flew in from New York City was visiting her sister in the south. All she could do was joke about how she had left Hurricane Sandy only to be fired upon by rockets. The children in the South of Israel have grown up in the last 12 years not knowing a life apart from constant rocket attacks.

In a separate incident, a mortar from Syria hit the northern part of Israel near an IDF outpost. This mortar was a spill off into our territory from the clash between the Syrian army and the rebel uprising. While not an intentional assault on Israel, we did not hesitate to retaliate with a missile (not a mortar); firing a strong warning shot against further spillage. 

Our military is now on high alert because of incidents on the borders of both the North and South. Please pray for wisdom and strength for our government and the IDF, and for the protection and safety of our people Israel.

Blessings in our Messiah,
Chaya Mizrachi