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From Forrest Lesch-Middleton - Outgoing President
.Palo Alto Clay Glass.
Isupov Workshop
Member News
Workshop with Steven Hill
Buy a beautiful book and help support CERF+
Exhibition in Brea.
Glass Currents
ACGA Networking

February 8
: Next Board Meeting: Wed, Feb 8, 2017, 7:00-8:45PM at the SF Presidio Public Library, 3150 Sacramento St., San Francisco.
March 10:  Glass Currents deadline
April 9: deadli ne - Brea entries
July 8 - 9, 2017: Palo Alto Clay Glass

2017 Board of Directors

Gerry Arrington, Bonita Cohn,  
Julia Feld, Bill Geisinger,  Lee Middleman,  Forrest Lesch-Middelton,  Kathy Pallie, Jan Schachter,  Whitney Smith,  Fred Yokel,  Jo Killen, Kala Stein, Siobhan Reilly Hughes, John Pratt, Miki Rutter, Scott Jennings,
Wesley Wright, Vivien Hart,
and April Zilber 

2017 ACGA Officers

President: Bill Geisinger and
                      Lee Middleman
Vice Pres: Siobhan Reilly Hughes
Treasurer: April Zilber
Secretary:  Jo Killen       
Membership Changes

Please send all changes to:

Vivien Hart vivien@glasshart.com
New email:
Daniel Dermer

Change of Address: Charlene Doirin Reinhart
23575 Greentree Dr.
Fort Bragg,CA 95437

New Associates:
Flora Cruells Benzal-Clay
1695 15th St. #8
Oakland,CA 94607
Wendy Draper-Clay
1949 Marin Ave.
Berkeley,CA 94707
Chantal Gariepy-Clay
133 E. De La Guerra St.,ste.352
Santa Barbara,CA 93101  

Zehava Itelman-Clay
2111 Greenwich St.,
San Francisco,CA 94123
Anna Krengel-Clay
527 E. 10th St.
Oakland,CA 94606
Gitty Lindner-Clay
814 Alhambra Ave.
Sacramento,CA 95816
Lindsay Marx-Clay
2200 Grizzly Flat Ct.
Somerset,CA 95684



Board members: Lee Middleman, Jo Killen, Forrest Lesch-Middelton, Kathy Pallie, Kala Stein, Vivien Hart, Siobhan Reilly Hughes, Wesley Wright, April Zilber, Gerald Arrington, Julia Feld, Bill Geisinger, Bonita Cohn,  Fred Yokel, Scott Jennings

Motion: The board unanimously approved the Dec 14th, 2016 minutes.

Approximately 40 ACGA members convened at 9:30 for coffee, pastries, and conversation at the ACGA annual board meeting and retreat at the Sonoma Community Center.

Board Meeting Start 10:00AM. Forrest kicked off the meeting with a tribute to ACGA's 73-year history and the contributions of the arts to our society. Our ceramic and glass artists create, challenge, educate, and inspire hope for the future. He gave special recognition to artists Natalie Morris and Barbara Brown who have been active members of ACGA since the 60s!
Board Elections - 42 members cast ballots for the 2017-18 board. The board welcomes the incumbents Vivien Hart, Bonita Cohn, Bill Geisinger and new board members Siobhan Reilly Hughes, Miki Rutter, Scott Jennings.
Bill Geisinger and Lee Middleman will share the presidency for 2017, with Siobhan as vice president.
And many thanks to Forrest for three outstanding years as ACGA president! We are delighted that Forrest will stay on the board and continue to contribute to our success.
Jurying - Julia Feld. The March 2017 jurying will be exclusively digital. The Palo Alto Art center will host the October in-person jurying on a Saturday, mid-day, with plenty of parking. For artists planning to enter, please read criteria carefully to assure that your work is presented in a professional manner.
Members looking for artists in a particular zip code, should send inquires to Julia F. This information is for members only and should not be shared.
Website - Kala Stein. All members, please update your artist profile on the new website. This is a free website for artists who may not have their own, and an additional one for others. If you don't want your picture on the profile, you can delete the circle or add a photo of your work.
Action:  Add request for profile update to the newsletter.
Membership - Vivien Hart. We have 16 new members. Emeritus members, now 20% of our membership, are encouraged to pay dues to help support the organization financially.
Action: Write outreach document for schools and add .pdf of the brochure to the website.
(Ellen Sachtschale with Vivien H. and Siobhan H.)
Exhibitions - Lee Middleman. The Muzeo Museum in Anaheim's exhibition (11/12, 2016 - 1/2/2017), showcasing ACGA in southern CA, is on the website.
The jurying for the Davis Art Center, which opens in April, is underway. There will also be a pop-up exhibition downtown during the CCACA conference. Both will end at the close of CCACA.
Work continues on the National Juried Clay & Glass show in Brea CA set for next summer.
Treasurer Report - April Zilber. April did a walk-through of the year-end Balance Sheet and Budget for 2016. Highlights included some "found" money in the PayPal account that brings the year-end balance to approximately -$3,000. A process is in place to incorporate PayPal monies into ACGA accounts.132 artists participated in the 2016 Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival with the trend upward from the previous year.
11:30 - 12:30 Lunch. Catering by ACGA members Sarah Brown and Owen Nelsen assisted by Karen Winograd.
Glass Demonstration - Suzie Harper. With propane tanks and UV eye protection, Suzie created a beautiful glass sea horse that left us all with a deeper appreciation for the art and skill involved in the delicate dance of creating glass art. WOW!
Hand-building Clay Demonstration - Austyn Taylor. The artist in resident at the Sonoma Community Center demonstrated building a large tapir. She brought a completed tapir and one in progress. While she worked, she talked about her journey as an artist and future dreams of building a career in sculptural ceramics. We wish her the very best.
25th Annual Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival. Members discussed the upcoming 25th festival and explored ideas for assuring a blow-out success including outreach to community colleges, art schools, and high schools, exhibition space for schools (possibly prize money), ACGA emeritus artists, Ikebana organizations, TV show, music, articles, demonstrations, social media, marketing, panel discussions, marketing.
Scott Jennings gave a report from the 25th festival committee, which included many of the above items as well as the need to target the younger demographic audience as well as our established base.
Other related ideas included trunk shows, pottery tour, and a holiday clay & glass show.
Retreat End 3:30PM.
Minutes by Jo Killen
Next Board Meeting: Wed, Feb 8, 2017, 7:00-8:45PM at the SF Presidio Public Library, 3150 Sacramento St., San Francisco.
ACGA Corporate Sponsors  - Please support our Sponsors   
AFTOSA - 510/233-0334
1776 Wright Ave.
Richmond, CA 94804  

Black Bean Ceramic Art Center
Will Johnson & Ruben Reyes
561 Emory St.  
San Jose CA 95110    
(408) 642-6757

Chinese Clay Art Corp.
1518 S. De Anza Blvd. 
San Jose, CA 95129 

623 South 32nd Street
Richmond CA 94804
(800) 236-1492 (toll free)
(510) 236-1492

- (408) 295-3352
1775 Russell Ave. 
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Creative Ceramics & Glass
5240 Aero Dr.,
Santa Rosa 95403

East Bay Clay - 510/233-1800  
200 S.First St. 
Richmond, CA 94804  

Higher Fire, Inc. 
499 S. Market St.  
San Jose CA 95113       

Leslie's Ceramics and Crafts 
1776 Wright Ave. 
Richmond, CA 94804 

Ruby's Clay Studio & Gallery  
552A Noe St. 
San Francisco 94114

Sonoma Community Center 
Sonoma Ceramics 
276 E. Napa Street 
Sonoma, CA 95476 
(707) 938-4626


This year the Palo Alto Clay & Glass Festival is celebrating its 25th year. One idea we are considering is a special exhibition of members' work who no long exhibit. So if you have a special piece of work by you or in your collection of an ACGA member who is no longer with us and would like to exhibit it at the festival please email or call me. We will help with its transportation if necessary.

Jacqueline Thompson       jtceramics@mindspring.com   
From Forrest Lesch-Middleton - Outgoing President
Opening Statement at Retreat

I write everything from coffee shops because I can have my ear to the ground in a place where the world turns to find itself, to find community. Being from Montpelier, the capitol of VT, there was nothing better than just sitting down with a cup of coffee (pre cell phone) and listening to the murmur after a snow storm. Here in Sonoma County there is no better way to educate myself on the days events than listening to the political banter after a day of what we might perceive as losses to our liberties as artists. Because of my great big ego I have made you listen to or read my thoughts each month for the last three years. Well, sitting here today, this is my last.

ACGA has been such an important part of all of our lives; if you are here you are testament to that and likely each of you has a story to tell. You have a vision for your own work, and a vision for the different ways ACGA has helped you, or that you have helped ACGA. Think about that for a second; why are you here? I'm here because I can't see a community that is important to me and NOT get involved. That is just me. I am here because making things with my hands is a small social protest with a great impact. Educating the community about that impact is how I grow myself, and in turn my work. It is a cycle that is so profound, and so simple. I am here because for me, it can be hard to focus locally, and as a remedy I set this responsibility for myself, one that I can't ignore because others depend on it. Without that responsibility I would lose that motivation, and yet after three years I have become a little too used to it, and honestly just a little too distracted by the days events. So, on I go, to provide room for an other, and another direction for ACGA.

We are growing. Make no mistake, ACGA will always greet the worlds of clay and glass with a focus on the individual, the community, and the business of clay and glass. After 73 years we have certainly proven that. We have grown and will continue to grow. It is a slow process and a huge ship to steer, but we are a hell of a crew.

Funding for the arts is in a downward cycle. Because of that there is no other option than to strengthen the scaffold that supports each of us, as we lift art up as a mirror to the world. When there is nothing to press against we find ourselves blindfolded, creating something out of nothing. Artists do that well, better than most. When there is a weight, a resistance, our hands make contact and we dig in. We throw that something bodily bringing it to heal, leading it by the ear and exposing it to the world for what it is. No matter how ugly, how beautiful, how different, this is reason, inspiration, and motivation to do what is right, to actively expose the underbelly of the subject at hand. It has to be done. We tame it and ask our community to dissect it and think deeper, to pull apart the puzzle and make informed decisions rather than simply accepting art for what they tell us it is. At it's best art, clay, and glass are not a passive act for the maker or the viewer/user. Art and craft are an opportunity to challenge the mind to ask questions. At its best it informs all involved about self, and about other.

ACGA is all of these things. I wish my presidency was starting now, I do my best when challenged. But now I have to focus on other things. So step up, volunteer your time, kick some ass, get involved, grab ahold and and throw this thing around with us. Challenge ACGA, challenge what it means. Bring your skills to this machine, pull some levers, and don't wait. Wouldn't it be amazing if in the next four years we grew to meet you even better, to meet the oncoming challenges head on? Wouldn't it be amazing if we could exemplify the resilience of the arts by growing our limbs and shining even brighter in the looming shade? What if we became the place all people turned with their energy and inspiration? A place for hope and confidence, a place that makes a difference in the world of clay and glass, and the lives of people searching for hope across this massive state we all love so much.

Volunteer opportunity abounds... Sign up or email a board member, we are a friendly bunch!

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Exhibitions:     Palo Alto Clay Glass         July 8 - 9, 2017

We are excited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Clay & Glass Festival! 

Planning for the 2017 Clay & Glass Festival is underway.  The Festival application will be sent out the week of February 6. Our main form of communication with participating artists is by email, so please make sure the email on file with ACGA is one that you check regularly. The email address we use to send out the application is the one that was in your member application. To update your email address, please contact Vivien Hart at vivien@glasshart.com.

Be aware that we assign booths by application postmark or online submission date, so if you have specific booth needs, please make sure you send in your application early - another reason to make sure your email address is up to date. 

Please also make sure that your email address is up to date on your member page on the ACGA website so that potential customers can reach out to you. You can update your page by using the member login section of the website. Need help with your login? Please contact Whitney Smith at ws.pottery@gmail.com.
Please keep an eye on your email or mailbox for the 2017 applications to come in. If you have not received anything  by Feb. 10, or if you have any other questions, please contact Myra Johnson at clayandglass@giantcreative.com  or 408 396 6358.

We are looking forward to another great year!

Giant Creative Services and the Festival Committee
Myra Johnson, Giant Creative Services

Member News
Wesley Wright has a solo show coming up in February at the Roscoe Ceramics Gallery in Oakland,
February 3rd to the 25th. RECEPTIONS: First Friday - February 3rd, 6pm - 9pm, and Third Thursday, February 16th ,  6pm - 8pm. Roscoe is located at: 473 25th st. Suite 5, Oakland, CA, 94612. www.roscoeceramicgallery.com. Hours: Saturday 12pm - 5pm. Wesleytwright

At right is one of the candelabras Barbara Vanderbeck created for the Illuminate exhibit at Inclusions gallery. The show is up through March 5th. https://www.facebook.com/Inclusions-Gallery-211591488054/. "The first show of the new year and it's going to be a beauty."

Check out this great article on Linda Fahey and the Yonder Shop in Pacifica on our blog! http://www.acga.net/acga-blog/crib-notes-the-studio-of-linda-fahey/
Crib Notes: The Studio of Linda Fahey

June 13, 2016 by admin ACGA Blog. "I've often wondered how other artists work in their own spaces and how their environment impacts what they make, and vice versa. It seems to me my own working environment is a separate expression from my pottery, yet it is similar. I imagine other artists in the ACGA might be as curious as me to meet local potters and ceramic artists and hear what they have to say about creating art in their own studios."  - Vince Montague.                                      
ACGA ceramic artist, Linda Fahey, lives in Pacifica, and her studio, much like her slab-built pottery, has an overlap, a seam where one space leads to another. In Linda's case, her studio also overlaps with her retail store, "Yonder" inside a 500 square foot open store-front along Highway 1. It's hard to know where her studio ends and the store begins, all the items artfully arranged to pull the customer back to her work table where they can observe Linda building her functional tableware and sculpture.

The ACGA welcomes new exhibiting member Ellen Sachtschale, best known for the natural forms of her Garden Vessels and Blessing Bowls (left). She shares her original ceramic techniques in workshops and in courses she teaches at Civic Arts Education in Walnut Creek, CA and at workshops throughout the U.S.. She lives in Clayton, CA. Follow this link to visit her website: http://www.gardenvessels.com

Check out the work of new ACGA Exhibiting Artist Robert Kahl (right). http://robertkahl.com/
Glassblower Robert Kahl is passionate about combining color, texture, and form into each piece while also concentrating on the importance of quality, technique, and originality. He looks for elements found in nature to inspire him and incorporates them into his work.  "Each and every piece consumes me throughout the making process. From finding a creative path to the skillful use of technique, manipulating the glass is like playing a game of chess. Each move must be thought out well in advance in order to achieve masterful execution."  

"Compelling Art Within the Columns"  - Exhibit of small Fused Slumped Glass and Gouache Artworks by Tomyé Neal-Madison: Wed. Feb. 1 - Sat. March 4, 2017. Reception: Fri. February 3, 5 - 8pm, Laurel Bookstore; Oakland City Center Plaza. 1423 Broadway,
(off 14th st.) Oakland 94612. (510) 452-9232.  Hours: Mon. - Thu. 10-6;  Fri. &  Sat. 10-7. Closed Sunday. laurel bookstore@att.net
Artist Contact: (510) 452-0403  tomyegouache@sbcglobal.net
End Date: Sat. March 4, 2017 - Oakland CA 

Julia Feld will be showing sculptural figurative work (left)  at James Kaneko Art Gallery, American River College, Sacramento. Show -"Figurative Introductions" - will be on display through February 16. Artist reception, Tuesday, February 14, 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm. James Kaneko Gallery: American River College: Gallery: (916) 484-8399 - Office: (916)484-8290 - 4700 College Oak Drive - Sacramento, CA 95841

Peggy Snider is in: A FIGURATIVE AFFAIR, at R.BLITZER GALLERY, 2801 Mission St. Santa Cruz.  The Felix Kulpa Gallery,  Santa Cruz, will host "3 Women Wedded to WOW!"  "I will be showing my new series of sculptures: THE FURIES (or how I've really been feeling about the recent election.)
R.BLITZER GALLERY, 2801 Mission St. Santa Cruz, 5 - 9 pm

Kala Stein
at Petaluma Art Center.


 Workshop with Steven Hill - San Jose

MARCH 4-10, 2017  HANDS

Higher Fire presents a week-long participation workshop with Steven Hill.
Steven demonstrates his signature forms - teapots, pitchers, platters, mugs, vases & jars. Participants watch and make slip-decorated forms (Days 1-4). Steven teaches how to spray glazes and layer colors from his palette of ash & matte crystalline glazes. Students glaze their own work (Days 5-6), and we finish the workshop with a firing.

OPENING RECEPTION (open to public) with slide show retrospective & exhibit of Steven's work will be held on Friday, March 3rd, 7pm - 11pm at Higher Fire Clayspace & Gallery.

COST: $849 Sat. Mar 4 thru Fri. Mar 10, 10am - 5pm daily. Includes 50 lbs porcelain, daily demos, hands-on support (everyone has their own wheel), use of Steven's glazes, spray equipment, glazes & group kiln firing. Participants enjoy daily studio access (early to late evening), FREE parking, PLUS a FREE month of membership if you're new to our studio.     

499 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113
Akio Takamori Dies at 66 - From Garth Clark on cfile

SEATTLE - The passing of Akio Takamori has resulted in an outpouring of sadness and loss. All the ceramic blogs have posted tributes.

In some ways when I wrote of Akio in mid-December it was the beginning of a farewell. He had stopped chemotherapy. My partner Mark Del Vecchio and I had been following his progress closely.

Mark's post on Facebook over the weekend said all that I could say for the moment and better: "Beloved Seattle ceramic artist Akio Takamori, 'a very gentle soul, dies at 66."  Originally published January 15, 2017...

Akio Takamori's work drew heavily from his Japanese heritage, and from images from art history and culture..."

Buy a beautiful book and help support CERF+

Craftspeople In their Own Words, a beautiful volume describing the lives of craftspeople in their studios, on the road, and at American craft shows from the 1960s to the present will be released in February 2017.

Edited and produced by our dear friends David Bacharach, Valerie Hector, Ken Girardini and Susan Levi-Goerlich, the stories in Craftpeople In their Own Words range from deeply personal to comic; historical to forward thinking. They recollect career changes, life, love, births, deaths, community, and the role of CERF+. There are more than 350 full-color photos in this 228-page hardcover book.
All profits from the sale of this book will benefit CERF+.


TRAX gallery  

Trax Reopening with Speak Dirt, Wine and Cookie tasting.

Trax reopens Thursday, February 9th with
Speak Dirt - Dan Anderson, Karl Borgeson, Jason Dunn, Craig Petey

Reception Sat, February 11 from 5 - 7p
2017 Updated Hours:  Thursday - Saturday    12 - 5:30pm  
 *Our e-commerce website is open 24/7
1812 5th St.  -     510.540.8729          traxgallery.com    info@traxgallery.com    

Bullseye Bay Area Gallery
Surface and Atmosphere through April 29, 2017
Bullseye Resource Center Bay Area is pleased to present Surface and Atmosphere, a group exhibition of kiln-glass paintings by artists Susan Harlan, Kari Minnick, and Catharine Newell.
Twenty years ago, while in residence at Bullseye Glass Company, renowned artist Narcissus Quagliata was essential in developing the techniques for kiln-glass as a medium for painting. Since then, kiln-glass "painting" has been adopted by many artists. The technique has matured into its own material language that uses meticulously layered and heated glass sheets, stringers, enamels, and powders - applied with sifters and brushes - that may be completely fused into seamless surfaces or only slightly joined, maintaining a textural, sculptural surface. It is this aspect of kiln-glass painting that allows for subtle transitions in color, intricate surfaces, and the creation of atmospheric spaces.
Image above: (left to right) Susan Harlan (Wave Architecture: Song of Achilles), Kari Minnick (Door), Catharine Newell (Oistres V).

4514 Hollis St.  Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday Noon-5pm              
510.595.1318     bayarea@bullseyeglass.com           www.bullseyeglass.com/bayarea             


Craft in America Center
The Craft School Experience: Outcomes and Revelations
January 21 - March 11, 2017
Five of the most historically important American craft schools have joined together to celebrate the craft school experience and to broadcast this transformative experience to a nation of creators. To this end, Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Penland School of Crafts, Peters Valley School of Craft, and Pilchuck Glass School offer immersive workshops and residencies in all fields of craft, designed to ignite the spirit of experimentation, investigation and mastery. The Craft in America Center will present a group exhibition of objects demonstrating the creative vitality of individual artists impacted by these stimulating environments.
Artists: Nancy Callan, Arline Fisch, Michael Good, Dante Marioni, Marc Maiorana, Christy Matson, Rowland Ricketts, Chris Staley, Lino Tagliapietra, and others.

For more information on The Craft School Experience: www.craftschools.us.
open Tuesday - Saturday from 12 - 6 pm. Parking is available at the West Third Street valet service, at the Beverly Connection, and at meters in the surrounding neighborhood.
For more information: info@craftinamerica.org or (323) 951-0610. www.craftinamerica.org    

The Craft in America Center is located at 8415 West Third Street, 2 blocks east of La Cienega Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90048     

Beatrice Wood, Marcel Duchamp, and ?? 

The Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts

Dada: The Eternal Return
An Exhibition of Collaborative Works Celebrating Community - Inclusive of All Media: Paintings, Sculpture, Video, and Sound
March 4 - April 22, 2017 - Beato Gallery
Opening Reception Saturday, March 4, 2017 / 2 - 5 pm

Marcel Duchamp
  Fountain -1917
Dada: The Eternal Return is an exercise in collaboration, with individuals contributing their gifts, while relinquishing control of the results, in the interest of creating something that connects us all in the name of creation, invention, recreation and reinvention.
http://beatricewood.com/dada.html - This is a Centennial Celebration, as Beatrice Wood, Marcel Duchamp, and other artists in New York, as well as Zurich, were creating important works as part of the Dada Movement in 1917, ultimately having a major impact on art history. We are asking our friends - both artists and non-artists - to contribute to this exhibition in the following way: Drop off or send us physical materials that can be included in a collage or assemblage. These can be works in progress, abandoned artworks, or simply elements that can be utilized. Please note that these works will not be returned to the artists, as they will likely be glued, tied, nailed, sewn, stapled or otherwise affixed to the work of others. Send physical items to:     For USPS, please use this address:
    Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts -     P.O. Box 804 -     Ojai, CA 93024

8585 Ojai-Santa Paula Road, Ojai, CA 93023
Tel: (805) 646-3381 /   Email: BeatriceWoodCenter@gmail.com 
 Petaluma Art Center 
Discovered:  Emerging Visual Artists of Sonoma County 
through March 18

Produced by Creative Sonoma and the Petaluma Arts Center, five Sonoma County artists are being recognized through the fourth annual "Discovered:  Emerging Artists from Sonoma County" program. The five winners reflect the tremendous diversity of the county's visual arts community in genre, style and philosophy.  Yet, they share several common themes.  These works explore a culture that has less to do with the intrinsic value of things, and more to do with providing a felt experience. ACGA's Kala Stein is one of the five.

"Discovered"  Artists & Jurors Panel - February 9, 7pm, doors 6:30pm - Tickets:  $10 General,  $8 PAC 
 230 Lakeville Street,  Petaluma, CA, 94952. In the Historic Railroad Station 
AMOCA - The American Museum of Ceramic Art       
Current Exhibitions

 Cheyenne Chapman Rudolph, Personal Pea Eater, Still from video. Image courtesy of the artist. 
Recorded Matter:
Ceramics in Motion 
 through February 26, 2017,  
features twelve, internationally based ceramic artists integrating video into their studio practice. Organized and curated by Garth Johnson, Arizona State University Art Museum Ceramics Research Center Curator.

With the dawn of social media comes a new generation of artists who grasp the power of video not just as a tool to document process, but as an inextricable element of their work. Recorded Matter is an exploration of the range of expression that video offers - from viral videos showing artworks being used (or more often, abused) to mysterious inquiries into material and philosophical properties of clay.   
 Lohengrin's Arrival, plaque, handpainted 
    Mettlach: Folklore & Fairy Tales   Through July 31, 2018 
         Folktales have been found in cultures throughout the world. Many folktales emerged simultaneously and independently of one another, suggesting that cultures shared parallel narratives.
         Bob and his wife Colette Wilson amassed one of the most comprehensive collections of Mettlach ceramics in the world. They acquired over 3,200 objects ranging from steins, beakers (cups), dinnerware, tiles, plaques (plates), planters, and sculptures which they gifted to AMOCA in 2011. The vast majority of the work in their collection was produced by Villeroy & Boch prior to 1915. The Folklore and Fairy Tales exhibition includes 140 objects from this collection.

Ceramics A to Z: AMOCA's Permanent Collection
Through April 23, 2017  
Keisuke Mizuno, Forbidden Fruit, 1998, Gift of Gail M. & Robert A. Brown.  
Clay has been part of human culture for millennia, but it was not until the 8th century that the first alphabet was introduced. Just as the letters are the building blocks of the alphabet, letters also symbolize the foundation of AMOCA's collection. Each of the 26 letters of the alphabet will be used to highlight topics in AMOCA's permanent collection with a focus on geography, techniques, and artistic styles. While the vocabulary of ceramics cannot be limited to just 26 topics, this exhibition shares the rich and diverse range of ceramics works in AMOCA's collection.

Joan Takayama-Ogawa: Climate Change -  through- April 2, 2017

Joan Takayama-Ogawa: Climate Change exhibition exhibition includes abstract figurative white coral reef sculptures and white lighting installations calling for the reversal of global warming.
Warmer ocean temperatures prompted bleaching events of the world's coral reef communities, turning healthy colorful coral into weakened ghostly white coral, which is susceptible to disease and death. These coral bleaching events are visual warnings of thermal stress caused by global climate change and are referred to as the "canary in the coal mine."  Takayama-Ogawa's exhibition includes abstract figurative white coral reef sculptures and white lighting installations calling for the reversal of global warming.
Joan Takayama-Ogawa is a sixth generation potter and ceramic artist. She pays tribute to her Japanese heritage by utilizing their ancient ceramic forms as a guide. She contemporizes them by applying imagery from her American life.

Don Reitz & Ben Roti: tran*si*tions
Through April 2, 2017
This exhibition showcases the ceramics work of the late, legendary Don Reitz and his apprentice/assistant Ben Roti. Few artists of the twentieth-century rival Don Reitz' versatility and desire to experiment. He was best known for reviving the centuries-old technique of salt firing, in which salt added to a hot kiln yields textured surfaces far different from those made with conventional glazes. His work is in collections across the country including the Smithsonian, Museum of Arts and Design, NY; Museum of Fine Arts, MA; and AMOCA. Don Reitz died in 2014.

Ben Roti received a BFA in ceramics from University of Iowa in Iowa City in 2010. After graduation, Ben accepted a position as a studio assistant to ceramic artist, Don Reitz. Ben had the opportunity to work with Reitz in the studio, assist at workshops, and with installations of gallery exhibitions. At the Reitz Ranch, Ben furthered his knowledge in atmospheric firing with wood, salt, and soda firings. Since leaving the Reitz Ranch, Ben has returned to creating functional works using low-fire earthenware. Click here for more infomation.

Free and open to the public. Gallery Hours:  Wednesday - Sunday, Noon - 5:00pm
Admission: General $7, Student/Senior $5, Members & under 12 Free -   www.amoca.org  
AMOCA - 399 North Garey Ave.  Pomona, CA  (909) 865-3146 -          frontdesk@amoca.org  

Alpha Fine Arts
"Evolution" by Robyn Brakel until Febuary 25.  

Robyn Brakel received her Bachelors of Arts degree from University of Texas San Antonio in 2011 and worked full-time as a potter and ceramic artist after graduation. In 2014, after a recent move to northern California, she began concentrating on ceramic sculpture and applied to Graduate school to continue her exploration. Robyn is now in her final semester for a MA in Studio Art at California State University Sacramento. Her current show, "Evolution" highlights Robyn's technical skills in her abstract, ethereal sculptures.
Alpha Fired Arts, 4675 Aldona Lane, Sacramento, CA 95841
Katsumata Chieko_Akoda

Crocker Art Museum

Sacramento Into the Fold: Contemporary Japanese Ceramics from the Horvitz Collection 
through May 7, 2017 
Exhibition to Feature Works by Female Artists Who Conquered Cultural Barriers.  An exhibition highlighting the technical virtuosity of more than 40 artists, including many of Japan's greatest living ceramists.

Japan has an exceptionally long and distinguished history of ceramic-making, dating back to the Neolithic period, around 10,000 BCE. Japan's ceramists have honed their craft while adhering strictly to standards involving quality and creativity. Into the Fold features works produced in 20th- and 21st-century Japan, some of which are inspired by traditional themes and methods, while others break new ground as part of the avant-garde. Tensions between form and functionality, traditional and modern, national and international, are often evident across works in the exhibition and individual pieces. Groupings suggest particular elements associated with the medium's development, including tea vessels, geometric design, and sculptural forms.

Some of Japan's greatest ceramics artists, past and present, are represented, including pioneers Hamada Shoji (1894-1978), one of the founders of the Japanese Folk Art (Mingei) Movement, and Kitaoji Rosanjin (1883-1959), an enormously influential artist and restaurateur who created extraordinary tableware for use in his Tokyo restaurant. Other featured ceramists have been designated by the Japanese government as living national treasures for their contribution to reinventing and perpetuating Japanese ceramic traditions.

Of particular note in this exhibition are works by female ceramists, many of whom have achieved international acclaim. The traditional manner of becoming a ceramic artist in Japan involved apprenticing to a master - a process traditionally not open to women. After World War II, many women instead attended universities in Japan and abroad to learn ceramic arts, resulting in the opening of the field to diverse and important contributions by women. Ono Hakuko (1915-1996) is known for mastering yuri-kinsai, a difficult decorative technique involving gold foil underglaze. Katsumata Chieko (born 1950), an artist who pursued her ceramics career while studying in the West, covers her biomorphic vessels in cloth, through which she applies layers of vivid color between repeated firings. Tokuda Yasokichi IV (born 1961) is a fourth-generation head of a traditional potter's family. Tokuda produces richly decorated vessels of Kutani porcelain, an historic art form that has flourished in her hands. Tokuda's works are richly decorated with arrangements and gradations of glaze colors, using a technique unique to her family and passed down by her father, its inventor.

Says Kit-Yiu Chau, "This exhibition gives us a rare opportunity to appreciate the extraordinary work of many female ceramicists who have, in turn, mentored and inspired a new generation of potters, both female and male."
216 O St Sacramento - 95814 P: (916) 808-7000 F: (916) 808-7372

Mingei International Museum
The Erik Gronborg Experience through March 12, 2017

The first major retrospective devoted to Erik Gronborg, this exhibition presents a full picture of this Danish-born American artist's creative life over fifty-five years. Guest-curated by Dave Hampton, this project brings together examples of Gronborg's sculpture in cast bronze, carved wood, and other media, as well as studio furniture and a comprehensive survey of his ceramics. Images of the remarkable house and garden that Erik and his wife Irina have carefully modified over the years in Solana Beach will add environmental context for the objects in the exhibition. Gronborg's writing, another aspect of his rich creative life, is also featured.

American and European Folk Art ----- through June 25, 2017
An exhibition dedicated to three centuries of American and European folk art from the Museum's permanent collection. This exhibition is dedicated to three centuries of American and European folk art from the Museum's permanent collection, with many artworks on view for the very first time. Featured items include quilts, whirligigs and weather vanes, as well baskets and ceramic vessels. Figurative sculptural objects will also be on view, including works by Felipe Archuleta, Gerard Cambon and Beatrice Wood, in addition to anniversary tin gifts, a carnival knockdown figure, a carved and painted wood barber pole and needlepoint samplers.




Hedge Gallery

Tony Marsh

501 Pacific - 415-433-2233 - tu-fri 11-6 - sat 11-5   info@hedgegallery.com


From Print to Plate  
Views of the East on Transferware  

San Francisco International Airport - International Terminal Main Hall -  through March 19, 2017  http://www.flysfo.com/museum/exhibitions/print-plate-views-east-transferware   
Blue-and-white transferware reached its peak in production and popularity in the first half of the 1800s. Staffordshire potters in central England first developed a successful method for transferring designs onto wares using hand-engraved copperplates as early as the mid-1700s. Designs on wares often featured distant lands such as India, the Middle East, and China. A number of superbly illustrated publications made around the first three decades of the 1800s helped fuel the British public's fascination with foreign locales.
In an era before photography, over-sized tomes, such as Oriental Scenery (1795-1807), depicted the stunning landscapes and historic architecture of India. Such volumes featured outstanding examples of aquatints, produced using a printmaking technique that resembled ink or watercolor washes. As early as 1810, potters began using images from these scenic publications on ceramics.

This exhibition features blue-and-white wares made by Spode and a number of other British potters. Scenes featured on wares include famous architectural view  s of India, such as the Taj Mahal, drawn from A Picturesque Tour along the Rivers Ganges and Jumna in India (1824).
 FREE Parking: Bring your International Garage parking ticket to event for free parking validation.

International Terminal               Through April 09, 2017
For hundreds of years, master craftsmen made the finest domestic products by hand and added detail and decoration as the hallmarks of luxury. During the Industrial Revolution, countless factory-produced items emulated this handcrafted look. Often clad in ornate cast-iron housings, they offered little in the way of ingenuity. In a move towards progressive design, twentieth-century European modernists, including those at the Bauhaus school in Germany, emphasized the benefits of mass-production. They promoted a mastery of /mechanization and the latest materials to carry modern design to the masses. - See more at:  http://www.flysfo.com/museum/e xhibitions/modern-approach-mid-century-design#sthash.jt1DnOnc.dpuf
Chemex (left)  Dr. Peter J. Schlumbohm (1896-1962) utilized scientific laboratory materials to produce some of the simplest and most inventive mid-century designs. Inspired by a chemist's funnel and beaker, his Chemex "Coffeemaker" combines a single piece of hourglass-shaped Pyrex® glass, a conical filter of laboratory-grade paper, and a wooden collar fastened with a rawhide tie. A companion to the coffeemaker, the "Gas Kettle" features an ingenious glass-and-cork shuttle valve to control escaping steam. Dr. Schlumbohm held over 300 patents and created an array of inventions, with more than twenty examples in the Museum of Modern Art's collection in New York. 

 See more at: http://www.flysfo.com/museum/exhibitions/21727/detail?num=4#sthash.er7fIpAI.dpuf 

4th Clay & Glass Biennial: Juried and Invitational Exhibition in Brea

4th Clay & Glass Biennial: Juried and Invitational Exhibition

ACGA is proud to co-sponsor with the Brea Art Gallery the 4th Clay & Glass Biennial: Juried and Invitational Exhibition, a national competition for ceramics and glass artists, July 22 - September, 2017, in Orange County, CA.

At the request of the gallery, the exhibition will be composed of artwork selected through a national juried call, as well as hand delivered works by invited artists.

The juror for the 2017 competition is Suzanne Isken, the Executive Director of the Folk and Cart Art Museum, Los Angeles, www.cafam.org.  As Isken states, "In a world that continually clashes over ethnicity and difference, the museum's mission of cultural understanding through art becomes all the more relevant and inspiring".
We hope that you will apply to this national opportunity for ceramics and glass artists which ACGA cosponsors with the City of Brea, CA. All types of work are welcome, from functional to sculptural, as long as they are at least 75% clay, glass or a combination of the two. A link to the application may be found on the www.acga.net  homepage. Up to three pieces can be entered for $25 by ACGA members, $30 for non-members. Share the link and help spread the word about ACGA, thanks!

Reminder to apply for the Glass Currents show at Richmond Art Center

Deadline: March 10.
sponsored by the
Glass Alliance of Northern California and ACGA. 
This juried national exhibition will be a contemporary survey of glass art.  Juror:  JoAnn Edwards, Executive Director of the San Francisco Museum of Craft+Design.
Glass Currents http://www.acga.net/member-posts/exhibitions/glass-currents/
As an ACGA member, you receive a discount.  The application is through CAFE and the discount code is GLANCACGA      https://www.callforentry.org/festivals_unique_info.php?ID=4053 

Bay Area Art Grind: Find art listings at this link -   

Ceramic Monthly
magazine's calls-for-entry - find lots more opportunities on the web at: 
Deadline: February 12, 2017.  
hosted by The Artery in Davis in conjunction with the California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art (sponsored by the John Natsoulas Gallery in Davis).
Exhibition dates:  April 28 - May 26, 2017.  The Artery, home of the Artists' Cooperative of Davis, has sponsored the California Clay Competition since 1990 to give California ceramic artists an opportunity to display their work during the California Conference for the Advancement of Ceramic Art. For information about the CCACA, phone John Natsoulas Gallery at 530-756-3938, or visit: www.natsoulas.com.
The Artery is within walking distance of the John Natsoulas Gallery, which serves as conference headquarters. Many area galleries will hold artists' receptions for ceramics exhibits on the evening of April 28, including the Natsoulas Gallery's Thirty Ceramic Sculptors.  For more information please visit http://www.theartery.net
where an Entry Form is available.

Deadline:  February 5, 2017
An Off the Wall Exhibition celebrating Ceramics and the Portrait. 

Verum Ultimum Art Gallery in Portland, Oregon invites artists to explore the theme...and enter work that is any interpretation of the call. We don't seek to drive the work, we only hope to discover your unique vision and showcase it. This exhibit has a  focus on ceramic work and the portrait, but all 2D and 3D mediums are welcome and works can be abstract, symbolic, realistic, representational, minimalist, or contemporary. Whether the term, MUGSHOT means (strictly) the face, or it represents the idea of an actual vessel or mug, or you see it as the physicality of the medium, or the object you employ...we want to discover how this provocative theme describes your vision.   APPLY through Cafe here
Entry Fee (MUGSHOTS: An Off the Wall Exhibition): $35.00.
We plan to have the opening the weekend of the NCECA conference.
 "Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter. The sitter is merely the accident, the occasion. It is not he who is revealed by the painter; it is rather the painter who, on the colored canvas, reveals himself."  - Oscar Wilde  
"The medium is the message,"  philosopher, Marshall McLuhan

Deadline: February 24, 2017  - Nevada, Las Vegas "Images On Clay" (April 6-28, 2017) open to work that explores different imaging techniques on clay, from Sgraffito, silk screens, image transfers, decals to carving. Fee: $35 for up to 2 entries. Juror: Jason Bige Burnett with CAV's Peter Jakubowski. Contact Thomas Bumblauskas, Clay Arts Vegas, 1511 S. Main St., Las Vegas, NV 89104; 4information@clayartsvegas.com;   http://clayartsvegas.com/html/prospectus.html; 702-375-4147.

Deadline: March 10, 2917. Glass Currents - http://www.acga.net/member-posts/calls/calls-for-entry/call-for-entries-glass-currents/. Glass Currents: Richmond Art Center, Richmond CA, June 13 - August 19, 2017.  Juried by JoAnn Edwards, Executive Director of the Museum of Craft +Design. Showcasing artists born in, residing in, or with another CA connection.
Applications are listed through CAFÉ with a link on our home page: WWW.ACGA.net
$20 for 3 entries for ACGA members.
Questions: kimkey@sonic.net


Abrams Claghorn Gallery Shop Looking for Functional Glass and Ceramic Work
Taking cues from contemporary museums, Abrams Claghorn Gallery has two distinct spaces: a curated showroom and an accompanying, museum-style gift shop. The store at Abrams Claghorn sells a selection of functional objects, jewelry, cards, prints and original fine art. All of the work, both in the store and the gallery, is made by San Francisco Bay Area artists and makers. We are actively looking for makers to fill out the selection in the gallery store. If you are a potter, we are looking first for sets of bowls, plates, and cups to sell in the gallery store.  And, then, if you have,  platters, pitchers, teapots, vases, and perhaps other items as well. For this particular call, we are not interested in the latter if you don't have the basic sets of plates bowls, cups.
If you work with glass, the call is similar to the pottery call, with an emphasis on drinking vessels. Cups, steins, tumblers, and even stemware. Vase and pitcher makers are welcome to apply as well.
If you are not familiar with the Abrams Claghorn Gallery, we are located in Albany, Ca  at 1251 Solano Ave.  We are a growing business, just starting our third year. Please send 5 - 10 images with descriptions to gallery@AbramsClaghorn.com. You can also include a resume and bio. Please do not send a website link. If we are interested, we can set up an appointment to meet here or for a studio visit.
Items accepted will be sold on consignment.

City of Gilroy (Recreation Department) is expanding cultural arts offerings, especially for adult participants, and hoping to entice regional artists to propose classes and/or workshops for our next Activity Guide.  We would like to issue the attached Call for Instructors to members of the ACGA, and to any and all other parties that might be interested.  I welcome your questions or comments, and thank you for helping Gilroy get its art on!  Lori VanMeter, Recreation Specialist, Cultural Arts, City of Gilroy Recreation Department
7351 Rosanna Street, Gilroy, CA  95020                      lori.vanmeter@ci.gilroy.ca.us

Registration is Now OPEN for SVOS 2017 - download an application from www.svos.org. This is our 31st year holding this event and we are looking forward to another fun and successful event for all participating artists.    Download your application at www.svos.org  - Info for Artists:  350+ artists from Burlingame to Gilroy open their studios and invite the public to view their work "up close and personal" the first three weekends in May.    35,000 four color Artist Directories are printed and distributed to 100+ locations throughout the Peninsula and to the Pacific Coast.  Participate one weekend or all three for the same price!  SVOS volunteers will connect you with artists who can host you at their sites.  Ads are placed in key newspapers and media to promote the event.    A Public Relations professional works with editorial staffs to publicize the event. Silicon Valley Open Studios | info@svos.org | www.svos.org  P.O. Box 111000, Campbell, CA 95011-1000

ART PARTY - Berkeley Art Party -
Hope to see you at an Art Party some day!  I'd love to have non-functional ACGAers contact me to show at one of them. ( www.berkeleyartparty.com ) - Barbara Stevens Strauss - bstevens.strauss@gmail.com

Encounter the World in Residencies. Explore the listings here:

The application deadline is February 15 - Clay Opportunities at Watershed (Maine)
Residency registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Work exchange positions and scholarships are available, including The Zenobia Award - a new full scholarship for an artist of color with exceptional talent. Learn more about residencies at Watershed or register for one of our sessions.
Check out the website for details:  www.watershedceramics.org
Artist Simone Leigh has generously partnered with Watershed to offer a new summer residency scholarship. The Zenobia Award will be given to an artist of color with exceptional talent and promise. The artist need not primarily work in clay but must have experience with the medium.
Residency sessions are filling, so sign up soon to reserve your spot in the studio!  Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
Also: Apply to be a summer staff member or our next Salad Days Artist. Application deadline is February 15.

Reflections from the Edge: Glass, Art, and Performance
Norfolk, VA * June 1-3, 2017.
Click here to view the brochure, which includes a list of conference presenters, concurrent glass exhibitions, pre- and post-conference events, travel info, accommodations, and much more. For additional information, visit the GAS website. http://www.glassart.org/2017norfolk.html
Online registration is open. Printed copies of the brochure were mailed to current members and additional GAS contacts. If you do not receive a brochure within the next few weeks and would like one, please contact the GAS office at 206.382.1305 or info@glassart.org. Please allow additional time for international mail.

We hope you will join us in Norfolk for yet another spectacular event!



The Pacific Art League, Palo Alto CA, needs an instructor

to teach hand-built ceramics to kids (ages 9-13) and Teens (12-16) this summer as part of our summer camps program. Each camp runs for 3 hours either in the morning (9 AM - 12PM) or in the afternoon (1 PM - 4 PM) for 1 to 3 weeks. Instructors can choose preferred weeks. Camps run from June 19th to August 25th. Instructor pay starts at $28/ but may be higher for someone with substantial experience. The ideal teacher would have an enthusiasm for working with kids and knowledge of hand-building techniques and kiln operation. Our kiln is a high-fire analog with a kiln sitter. Contact Anna Speaker, Education Programs Director, The Pacific Art League 
(650) 321-3891

Bay Area Glass Institute looking for Studio Coordinator/Instructor
The Bay Area Glass Institute (BAGI) is seeking a glass artist to be a full-time Studio Coordinator/Hotshop Instructor for our San Jose, CA studio. We are looking for someone to join the BAGI family and who will be an important contributor to BAGI's mission in sharing glass arts with more than 20,0000

students, artists, and glass lovers each year. The ideal candidate will have experience in multiple aspects of glassblowing, as well as some fundamental experience and/or knowledge of flameworking, fusing, and coldworking. The ideal candidate will also have experience instructing young people and adults as well as training and developing other instructorApplication Process: To apply, submit cover letter, resume and salary requirements to Damon Gustafson, Executive Director via email at damon@bagi.org 

No phone calls please. BAGI is an equal opportunity employer.

Deadline Extended to Feb. 28: Seeking Street Artists Licensing Advisory Committee Members
We are looking for individuals with experience in a wide variety of arts/crafts disciplines and a background in facilitating arts/crafts markets who care about keeping San Francisco's oldest local arts marketplaces alive to join the Advisory Committee. As an Advisory Committee member, you will play an integral part in upholding the quality of a program that will soon be celebrating its 45th anniversary. Apply here!
How to apply: Interested persons with applicable backgrounds may submit a cover letter, and resume to Arts Commission, Street Artists Licensing, 401 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 325, San Francisco, CA 94102 or alyssa.ventre@sfgov.org. You must also fill out a supplemental questionnaire. Applications and questionnaire must be submitted by February 28, 2017.  http://www.sfartscommission.org/street_artists_program/index.html


Skutt 1027 for Sale. $750. http://www.acga.net/member-posts/for-sale/skutt-1027-for-sale/
Skutt Automatic Kiln in good condition. Bought from a fellow artist who did not use it at all and he bought it used from Clay people in Berkeley. The bricks are in great shape, the elements look good. I bought it a few days ago to use it for my home studio. But it's 3 phase electric and based on the design of the house where I live, it would take a fortune to convert the electric line from single to three phase. That's the only reason am putting it back in the market.  Details:  3 phase, 208Volts, 31.7Amps, 11000Watts, Fires up to Cone 10 2350 degrees F, 7 cubic feet, 23" wide and 27" height. Ideal for someone who already has a three phase connection.
Call or text @ 415.465.3683


Professional Kiln Repair Service
"I'm Joe Kowalczyk (Ko-väl-chick), your Bay Area kiln technician.  I can fix your kiln."   
Evaluations & repair for ceramics or glass kilns (both gas & electric)
Kiln tutorials (basic operation, safety, maintenance, & custom programming)  
Consultations new & used kiln purchases 
Pottery wheels, slab rollers, ventilation, & general studio setup
"6 years experience & I'll beat the prices of any kiln service in the Bay Area."
Questions? e-mail:  StudioJoKo@gmail.com or call: 510-601-5053.  

ACGA's  Website  -  Whitney Smith  
The new www.ACGA.net is live and functional for everyone to use. 

This has been a major investment for the ACGA, paid for with your membership dollars, so please take some time to check out the new site, update your profile, and have a look around!
Some new things of note:

The forum: The forum is a place to post anything and everything related to clay and glass. Calls for entry, items for sale, upcoming shows, tech questions. This feature is only for members, and you need to be logged in to access it. You can also comment on posts, so if you want to get a conversation started about something related to our community, the forum is the place to start it.

Help articles: 
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ACGA Blog:
The blog is being revived! In a recent post Josie Jurczenia wrote a funny and informative article about choosing workshops in a new column called "The Workshop Junkie". We are always looking for new and interesting posts on ANYTHING related to our field, so if you have something you want to write, be sure to let the web admin know.  The website is better with your participation and feedback. Let us know what you think. 
Whitney Smith - Web Admin - ws.pottery@gmail.com

Need a New Website? Do you need a new or updated website?
 If you haven't thought about your website in a few years, chances are that you do.
Things on the web are always changing, and it's important to make sure your website is keeping up. Not just for the sake of keeping up, but for real reasons that can affect your sales and people's ability to find you online.   For example, is your website mobile friendly ? Look at it on a cell phone and see how it's looking and check navigation. If it's not mobile friendly, search engines like Google will not see your site as relevant, and down you go in the rankings. This makes it more difficult for people to find you, as well as making it laborious for people to browse your website from their phones and pads. According to the latest research, mobile digital media time in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop at 42%.

Updating the new ACGA website was a big task and could not have been accomplished without the help of Ken Metheny, otherwise known as the nicest and most patient man in the world. Working with Ken was easy, and he tutored me on our new website platform, WordPress. WordPress is a pretty powerful platform and stays updated with current changes, so it's a good way to go if you are trying to reach new customers and keep an updated website that does not need to be totally re-designed every few years.

Ken is offering a free, no- obligation consultation to ACGA members to talk about their websites, and analyze whether or not a new or updated website is a good idea for you. He has become very familiar with our ACGA community and our particular needs as artists, so he knows that we need websites we can update ourselves with our latest work, keep our event dates current, and have creative control over without having to email a developer for every little update!

If you decide to hire Ken, 10% of the revenue goes back to the ACGA in the form of web support, so you can feel good that your money is circulating in our association.

Interested?   Please check out what Ken has to offer here on the ACGA Blog.

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