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Bed Bug, BAD Bug!

October 1, 2011 

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Bed Bug, Bad, Bad Bug!
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Bed Bug Alert Monitors

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How to kill bed bugs by ePestSolutions
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Bed Bug, BAD, BAD Bug!

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In this article we focus on the epidemic of bed bugs and how to prevent them from entering your home. And, to tell you the truth, I can hardly even write this article. The research alone is causing me to itch in places that I had forgotten could itch. I can no longer accurately assess if my itchy spots are real or completely imaginary. To top it all off, I recently bought a chair from a second hand store and am near torching it in the back yard just to be safe. Now that I have that out of the way, perhaps I can share useful information with you.




Bedbugs  are experiencing resurgence. After fifty some odd years of being quietly off the charts, the little terrors are fighting their way back to the top as the ickiest, grossest, nastiest of household pests. I mean, if the Rolling Stones can do it, why can't Bedbugs?


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 Bed Bug Kits!



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Bed Bug Alert Monitors


Bed Bugs in all stages of their development feed exclusively on the blood of warm blooded animals (usually people), and they use a number of  clues to help locate their meals.


BB ALERT� ACTIVE monitor simulates the warmth from respiration that Bed Bugs use as indicators to find their hosts.


The BB ALERT� activator pads arrive in a sealed package. When opened and exposed to the air it starts to generate heat, which mimics the signs of animal respiration that trigger a feeding response in Bed Bugs.

The activator is placed inside the BB ALERT� ACTIVE monitor' s base and enclosed by the insulated top cover. When in place, the insulated top cover leaves a specifically designed gap around the unit' s base. This restricts the flow of air, creating a micro-climate within the device and a controlled flow of heat to the outside.This temperature gradient leads the Bed Bug into the monitor.


Around the base of the BB ALERT® ACTIVE monitor are rows of small spikes. These mimic the hairs typically found on mammals, and provide discretion for the unit's contents.

Inside the base of the unit is the insect detection surface.


Years of field trials with live Bed Bug infestations have demonstrated that BB ALERT� ACTIVE will attract large numbers of adolescent as well as adult Bed Bugs.


BB ALERT� ACTIVE monitor provides a revolutionary, new attractant unit that can be used as a stand-alone monitor or to support early detection and control programs.

Daily use during control treatments will provide an effective monitor of treatment progress, and provide confirmation when control is achieved.

BB ALERT® ACTIVE is small, discreet, inexpensive, and contains no pesticides.


Q: What's the difference between the BB Alert Active Monitor and the Bedbug Beacon Active Monitor?

A: The BB Alert Active Monitor uses heat and moisture to attract bed bugs whereas the Bedbug Beacon Monitor uses carbon dioxide (CO2). Both methods can be effective at attracting bedbugs as long as they do not have easy access to humans, which they will almost always prefer over the monitors. The BB Alert Active Monitor is more compact and discreet than the Bedbug Beacon, however, it does need a new activator pad daily. The Bedbug Beacon can produce CO2 for at least 5 days at a time before needing a refill.

Q: Can I use BB Alert Active Monitor to test if bed bugs are inside my books, cds or luggage?

A: Yes, either the BB Alert Active Monitor or the Bedbug Beacon will work, although BB Alert Active's compact design may make it more practical. Make sure you fully enclose the suspected items inside a sealed container while running your test such as a BugZip Encasement or Contractor Garbage Bag. If bed bugs are found, we recommend placing infested items in the PackTite Heater to make sure all bed bugs and eggs are eliminated.


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