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January 2011 

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ePest Solutions: Bed Bug Kit 1
ePest Solutions: Bed Bug Kit 1

To Keep Pests Away Use an

  IPM can be defined as the practice of preventing or suppressing damaging populations of insect pests by application of the comprehensive and coordinated integration of multiple control tactics.


Tactics are the various control methodologies, e.g., chemical, biological, cultural. Strategies are the planned manipulations undertaken to optimize the dynamic integration of control methodologies in the context of their economic, environmental and social consequences.  


The philosophy is holistic, but deeply rooted in applied ecology.*


This concept of a multi-layered approach to pest management will likely result in additional savings of time and resources for the DIY pest controller.  



* from Radcliffe's IPM World Textbook 

IPM Method Highlights for the DIY Pest Controller

Monitor Your Environment: Repeatedly review your home and yard for changes.

    • If you notice changes in your environment, pay attention and take notes.
    • Do you see a new insect, changes in foliage color or texture, odors in your home, etc?
    • Have a base line for normal so that you are aware of variances.  

***Take photos with your mobile phone to assure positive identification of any new pests.***


Control Technique Selection: When you choose a pest control technique, you should make  your decision based on a combination of hazard level to the applicator, environment, cost effectiveness, and it's effect on non target organisms. 


At ePestSolutions.com, our on-staff entomologist can help you choose the appropriate level of control for your specific situation!  



GENERICS Can Save You $$$$!!
Taurus SC: (generic Termidor) Not only do you use it for termite control but Taurus SC will help the consumer control a wide variety of insects including ants, spiders, roaches, centipedes, millipedes, ticks, and many more

D-Fense SC : (generic Suspend SC) a powerful suspended concentrate (SC) deltamethrin that provides excellent control of a wide variety of insect pests including bed bugs, ants, fleas, flies, silverfish, spiders and cockroaches.



Fly Light  Maintenance Best Practices:


*Glueboards should be changed monthly if possible. More frequent replacement is recommended in areas with heavy insect pressure.


* Bulbs should be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Replacement should take place at the beginning of the season when the heaviest flying insect pressure occurs.


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