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August 17, 2011 

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Maxforce Fly Spot Fly Insecticide: Great Fly Control
Maxforce Fly Spot Fly Insecticide: Great Fly Control
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No matter what your bug problem -ePestSolutions.com can help you identify the best route to fixing your problem. 


We have an on-staff entomologist that can answer questions, offer direction and suggests products for YOUR specific pest problem. 


Our goal is the help you get what you NEED, not sell you something that you don't. 


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 Maxforce Fly Bait

The MOST effective fly bait you'll ever see!
The only way your customers will know you've sprayed Maxforce Fly Spot Bait is that their fly problems will disappear. And fast. It kills flies in 60 seconds or less. Plus a small spot has up to a 6-week residual indoors to control future intruders. It's labeled for use inside and outside commercial establishments and outside residential ones.


 Good for you. Bad for flies.

  • Long-lasting control
  • Immediate results
    • Flies start to die in 60 seconds or less
  • Long residual
    • Up to 6-weeks indoors
    • Up to 14-days outdoors

The unique power of Maxforce Fly Spot Bait

  • 2 powerful attractants: seductive pheromone and sugar base
  • Active ingredient, imidacloprid, works quickly, even against flies resistant to other insecticides
  • Sprayable formulation
  • Low odor

Fly Trap Professional Ultraviolet Flytrap 80W


The Flytrap Professional Stainless Steel uses a strong attracting fly light bulb along with a pheromone based glue trap to attract and capture flying insects


It is silent, discreet, and the most versatile unit on the market, ensuring suitability for every professional application. It can be mounted on walls, placed on counter tops or even in corners.


The Flytrap Professional is ideal for Fly Control in public areas such as hospitals, restaurants, bars, and other indoor uses.


Fly Trap Professional 80 SS Each trap comes with two light bulbs and one glue pad The Flytrap Professional is silent, discreet, and is the most versatile pest control product on the market, ensuring suitability for every professional application. It is the modern answer to commercial gluepad flying insect control where hygiene is an important consideration. Ideal for public areas such as hospitals, restaurants and bars, and other indoor uses.


The reason? It can be mounted seven different ways including: Suspended, Corner Wall, 45?? Wall, Horizontal, Vertical, Desktop, and Desktop Corner.


The Flytrap Professional incorporates the most insect attractant high powered tubes, proven to be 60% more attractive than standard tubes, and the traps unique open design ensures direct UV light is visible from every angle. This open design also provides easy access to the included pheremone impregnated glue pads, which is a known fly attractant.


Pests Make Us Mad, But Happy Customers Make Us Happy! 


 WOW Thank YOU! Love the SPEEDY shipping! I will be back for all my pest ammo.

I very much appreciate you guys doing this for me as I realized afterward I purchased that you normally do not ship to Canada and I guess I can understand why. If you could show me how to leave the feedback I will most definitely. -   Dave




Thanks Monica. You were very patient and a big help on all this. Excellent customer service on your part and I appreciate that very much !
Regards,    Richard H.
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