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August 1, 2011 

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ePest Solutions: Mistaway Mosquito Misting System Gen 1.3 Drum System
ePest Solutions: Mistaway Mosquito Misting System Gen 1.3 Drum System
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Mosquitos and Taxes....



Usually, people say that there are two things that every human has to do in a lifetime, pay taxes and die. If you are from south Louisiana, there is one more item that can be added to your list, deal with the mosquito. If you live in any area with high humidity and tropical climate characteristics, then you know what I am talking about. The calm and serene of any outdoor activity is always plagued by this tiny menace. We spend countless hours talking to our neighbors about them. We revel in our short reprieve of them during cold snaps. We carry mosquito repellant with us like life support. We groan and moan at the mixed blessings of warm weather because we know they'll be back in full force. To the outsider who has never fully experienced the plague that is called, mosquito, this may seem like overkill, but if you've been down in the south during July and August, you are most likely raising your hands in an "AMEN!" about now. So sing it sister and tell us what to do about this devil's creation.

Although I may now be sounding like a recording, I'm going to say it anyway, "Prevention is the key." Click to these articles for more useful information

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MISTAWAY Misting System

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Like the popular children's song says, "rain, rain go away, little Tommy wants to play", the same anthem can be used to describe our sentiments towards mosquitoes. Beautiful days of summer fun and outdoor play for our little ones can be squelched by the stinging bite of nature's little blood sucker, the mosquito. As mothers, our heart strings are pulled by seeing those red itchy welts on our little ones, and knowing all of the possible diseases that can be transmitted to our angels by mosquitoes. We've all read about the out breaks of West Nile Virus, encephalitis, and dengue, but sometimes, we are just as concerned about putting possibly harmful chemicals onto their perfectly new skin. So, what are we to do to protect our families from mosquitoes and chemicals alike?


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Easy tips:

1-Avoid playing outside around high mosquito traffic times such as dusk.

2-Dress your babies in light colored clothing and longer sleeves to minimize appeal and available areas for mosquito females to feast.

3-There are green products that are being created in response to concerns just like ours.

4-You can easily research ingredients and effectiveness of today's green mosquito repellants on this EPA site.

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OK you are now my mew BFF!! Thanks so very much for your help with this. I really really appreciate it. Death to ANTS! :)  Heather 
What excellent service - if you have genuinely already despatched the item, thank you very much! Nice to know we won't have to share a flat with these mice much longer ;)
Great service. - chrisbirkett 
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