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Fall - Vol 2, Issue  2

Welcome to the official newsletter of the Institute for Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies at Rhode Island College. Here you will find information about recent and upcoming projects and events.


Silvia Oliveira
S�lvia Oliveira, Ph.D.
We are pleased to welcome Dr. S�lvia Oliveira as Assistant Professor of Portuguese in the Department of Modern Languages and as Faculty Liaison to the Institute. Dr. Oliveira joined us in August, 2011 from Purdue University where she was Assistant Professor of Portuguese and Spanish.

S�lvia Oliveira is a native of Portugal and holds a Licenciatura from the University of Porto, Portugal in Modern Languages and Literatures; and a PhD from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Hispanic Languages and Literatures with a Dissertation on neo- and post-neorealist short story in Portugal in the 1960s.  She has published articles and presented on the Portuguese short story in the 1960s, Aesthetics and Politics of Portuguese and Brazilian Modernisms, Republicanism in Portuguese Literature, and contemporary trends in Portuguese Film and Literature. Further, she has an interest in Galician Studies, and has published and presented on contemporary Galician women poets.


To learn more about studying Portuguese at Rhode Island College, contact Dr. Oliveira at soliveira@ric.edu or call 401-456-8748 in Craig-Lee Hall or 401-456-8476 at the Institute office.

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Meredith Vieira at RIC
Generations Conference
Peace Radio Conference in Lisbon
Embassy Meeting of Elected Officials
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 Discovering My Azorean Roots:
 A Conversation with Meredith Vieira
Meredith Vieira interview by MFraley

Meredith Vieira, granddaughter of Azorean immigrants, was the featured guest in the keynote presentation of the Conference: "Generations: Current Findings on the Integration and Acculturation of Portuguese Immigrants and Their Descendents". 
Ms. Vieira's presentation was introduced by a showing of the segment of the NBC "TODAY" show that followed her visit to the island of Faial in the Azores in 2008.  On her first visit to the birthplace of three of her grandparents, she was able to trace her family tree, visit family homes and relatives and touch base with Azorean culture.
This introduction was followed by an interview as part of the oral history project conducted by the Institute.  Ms. Vieira further discussed her experience growing up in East Providence and her attitude about being more American than Portuguese. She stated that now she sees the beauty of her heritage and would identify herself as Portuguese-American.
Meredith Vieira's experience is typical of many grandchildren of Portuguese immigrants during that period and illustrates the point of the conference that many 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Luso-descendents are looking to reconnect with their heritage.


Conference: "Generations: Current Findings on the Integration and Acculturation of Portuguese Immigrants and Their Descendents in the United States and Canada"

October 14 & 15, 2011


Over thirty scholars from Portugal, Canada and the United States convened at Rhode Island College to present and discuss current findings on the integration of Portuguese immigrants and their descendents on topics such as socioeconomic advancement, civic engagement, and political participation while considering their interplay with the maintenance of the Portuguese language and ethnic boundaries.


The inter-disciplinary conference was an outcome of the vision and the work of Dulce Maria Soares Scott, Ph.D., professor of Sociology, Anderson University, Indiana and affiliated researcher of the Institute for Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies. The first day of the conference was devoted to "Socioeconomic, Spatial and Political Integration" while the second day explored "Acculturation and the Maintenance of Ethnic Boundaries and the Portuguese Language".


The basis of the study is the recent on-line survey of more than 1600 respondents and interviewees who shared their information and perspectives with Dr. Scott. The interplay between both aspects of the study, integration on the one hand and cultural maintenance on the other, became the central theme to be examined in the many presentations that followed over the course of the two days.


Some of the scholars who participated included: On�simo T. Almeida, Ph.D., Brown Univ., Elmano Costa, Ph.D., California State University- Stanislaus and Portuguese-American Citizenship Project; Fernando Nunes, Ph.D., Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, Nova Scotia; Jo�o Sardinha, Ph.D., Universidade Aberta, Lisbon Portugal; Jos� Carlos Teixeira, Ph.D., Univ. of British Columbia; Frank Sousa, Ph.D. and M. Gl�ria de S�, Ph.D., UMass-Dartmouth.     Read more......


Political Panel Oct14,2011


A special panel on the Political Participation of Portuguese-Americans in the State of Rhode Island followed Dr. Scott's presentation on the topic. Participating were (L to R) MA Senator Marc Pacheco, MA State Senator Michael Rodrigues, MA State Rep. Ant�nio Cabral, Dr. Valerie Endress (Moderator), former General Treasurer Paul J. Tavares, RI Senate President M. Teresa Paiva Weed, and RI Senate Finance Chairman Daniel DaPonte.  


Semin�rio de Pro Dignitate: "R�dios, Paz e Desenvolvimento"


Peace Radio Project 
Pro Dignitate in Lisbon

Dra. Maria Barroso Soares, Pro Dignitate President (center) with (to right) Marie Fraley, IPLWS Interim Director, Dr. Peter Mendy, Assoc.Professor of History and African Studies and Dr. Valerie Endress, Assoc. Professor of Communication of

Rhode Island College

 The next step of the "Peace Radio Project", a collaboration between the Pro Dignitate Foundation of Lisbon and the IPLWS, took place in the form of a conference on October 28th and 29th, 2011 in Lisbon, Portugal. As part of the three year protocol of cooperation focused on community radio as an instrument of peace in Guinea-Bissau, principals of the project from Rhode Island College, Pro Dignitate Foundation, R�dio Sol Mansi, and Voz di Paz convened to discuss progress thus far and next steps.


Dra. Maria Barroso Soares, president of the Pro Dignitate Foundation and former First Lady of Portugal, presided over the conference reinforcing her vision for peace efforts through community radio in Guinea-Bissau. A champion of several human rights projects, Dra. Barroso Soares, praised the participants for the progress achieved thus far in the training of young radio journalists in ethical and objective reporting practices. This training sets a professional standard that provides fair reporting of the facts of a situation and the elimination of inflamatory language particularly in times of political upheaval.


At the forefront of the training program is Ant�nio Pacheco, attorney, journalist and trainer. Also instrumental in the effort are Fr. Davide Sciocco of R�dio Sol Mansi, the Imam of Mansoa and Dr.Fafali Koudawo of Voz di Paz.


Dr. Peter Mendy (Dept. of History and African Studies) and Dr. Valerie Endress (Dept. of Communication) attended the conference and will be working with the Institute to develop next steps in distance learning for training Lusophone journalists both in Guinea-Bissau and in the United States.



 IPLWS on Political Participation of Luso-Americans in Rhode Island

at Embassy Meeting of Elected Officials, November 12,  2011



Dulce at Embassy
Dulce Maria Soares Scott, Ph.D.
    Dulce Maria Soares Scott, Ph.D., Affiliated Researcher, and Marie R. Fraley, Interim Director, represented IPLWS at the "2nd Meeting of Elected Officials of Portuguese Descent" organized by the Embassy of Portugal to the US and the Portuguese American Leadership Council of the US (PALCUS). The meeting focused on topics of civic engagement and voting, politicial participation, leadership in entrepreneurship and education.



Dr. Scott presented current findings of the political participation of Luso-Americans in the Rhode Island General Assembly since 1937 and the conditions that have contributed to the uniquely strong participation in the state. The study is part of the Luso-American Elected Officials Project that was begun in 2008 with the tribute, "Legacy of Service: 50 Years of Public Service to the Luso-American Community and the State of Rhode Island" recognizing 50 years of continuous service by a Portuguese-American in District 42/14 in East Providence, RI.  Former RI State Treasurer Paul J. Tavares initiated the project by compiling the first list of  Luso-American Senators and Representatives serving in the RI General Assembly. Read more....


The meeting was held at the Gaylord Hotel at National Harbor, Maryland as part of the visit of H.E. An�bal Cavaco Silva, President of the Republic of Portugal to the U.S. as well as the PALCUS 20th Anniversary Leadership Awards Gala.

2012 Lima Scholarship Application Opened


The application process for the 2012 John A, and Mary V. Lima Scholarship in Portuguese Studies is now open! 


The merit scholarship of $3300 will be awarded to one individual in the spring of 2012.  Candidates must be matriculated students at Rhode Island College who are enrolled in Portuguese Studies courses and who show a commitment to continuing in the study of Portuguese at the College. 


The John A. and Mary V. Lima Scholarship is made possible by the generosity of Mr. John A. Lema, Jr. who opened the endowment fund in memory of his parents to support students studying Portuguese at Rhode Island College.


Click here to learn more or contact Marie Fraley at mfraley1@ric.edu or Dr. Silvia Oliveria at soliveira@ric.edu


RIC Foundation and IPLWS Open Portuguese Study Abroad Fund
J. B. Fernandes Memorial Trust Contributes $20,000


 The J.B. Fernandes Memorial Trust has announced that it will contribute $20,000 to the Portuguese Study Abroad Fund.  Opened with a leadership gift of $5,000 in 2011, the fund has been established to give financial support to students who wish to study Portuguese abroad. 


The fund was initiated because of the successful experience of RIC students who attended the Summer Course (Curso de Ver�o) at the University of the Azores in 2009 and 2010.  Students were unable to attend in 2011 because of a lack of funds to support them.


Students who attended the Summer Course in the Azores not only have earned credits towards their major or minor in Portuguese but have returned with a heightened awareness of the culture, a sense of self-confidence and new relationships with international friends. One student remarked that the experience was "life-changing". 


The fund is has been established with an initial goal of $100,000 and is set up as a "split fund" to allow cash disbursements initially while the balance remains in endowment to grow and provide an income stream for financial support to students in the future.


Please consider contributing to the Portuguese Study Abroad Fund in your year-end giving plans to make a difference in our students' educational experience.


For more information on how to give,  contact Marie Fraley, IPLWS Interim Director at mfraley1@ric.edu  or (401) 456-8496 or 


James Salmo, Vice-President of Advancement and Executive Director of RIC Foundation at jsalmo@ric.edu or (401) 456-8105 / (401) 456-8440


Click here to read more about Study Abroad in the Azores




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