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October 4, 2013
Company News
Linda and Michael Steven Gregory
Linda Sits on the Literary Agents Panel at the Southern Writers Conference

Linda flew to Newport Beach, California, where she was invited by the Executive Director, Michael Steven Gregory, to sit on the Literary Agents Panel at the Southern Writers Conference. Sixty aspiring authors attended the conference, and she met with a number of talented writers who pitched their books to her. She is looking forward to working further with these authors. 

Panel of Literary Agents


Bryan Caldwell and Linda


Spotlight On Our Authors 

Book Launch for Invisible Killer

Linda traveled to Daytona Beach, Florida last Friday for the book launch of True Crime thriller, Invisible Killer (TitleTown, September 2013) at the pub, Tir Na Nog, where the idea of the book first came from. 
Linda celebrated the launch of the book with long-time client and the author, Diana Montane, client and co-author, Sean Robbins, and publisher, Tracy Ertl. Several members of the victims' families were also there. 
Invisible Killer explores the mind of a deviant serial killer who hides his murderous desires under a mask of complete normalcy over a period of twenty years. Find your copy of the book here.
"Charlie Brandt walked among us. He had friends, family and a lust for brutal murder. Diana Montane and Sean Robbins dismantle the carefully constructed facade concealing a sadistic killer in this compelling read." -- Diane Fanning, author of bestseller, Mommy's Little Girl (St. Martin's, November 2009).    



 Top, L-R, Diana Montane, Linda, Tracy Ertl, Sean Robbins and victims' families.


Praise From Our Authors

Thank you, Amir Ahmad Nasr, author of My Isl@m (St. Martin's Press, June 2013) for your kind words! 

"Huge thanks to my wonderful agent, Linda Langton, for taking me as her client and securing my publishing deal with St. Martin's Press, which is exactly what I wished for and had in my top choices." 

To find your copy of Amir's incredible memoir and to watch a video about his journey, click here. 

Guidelines for New Authors

For new authors, breaking into the publishing industry can be a very daunting task. We are here to help. Below you can find some guidelines that will take you from being a writer to a published author. 

  1. Have a plan. If you're writing a non-fiction book, you need a book proposal plus three chapters, and if you're writing fiction, start off with an outline, for which you will need to do a lot of thinking and answering tough questions about your plot.
  2. Hire an editor. Once completed, every new writer needs an editor, no exceptions! It might take several edits before the book is ready to send to agents, but put in the effort and research the different types of editors available.
  3. Know your elevator pitch. This will be the foundation for which you market your book to agents, publishers, and most importantly, readers. 
  4. Understand your publishing options. Commercial publishing isn't for everybody. Self-publishing might be a better option. Whatever you decide, remember, "content is king." 
  5. Start marketing now. The marketing process should start at the beginning, not at the end. Build your platform with a website, blog, and other social media tools.
Industry News 

Publishing Industry Falls Victim to Syria's Civil War

With the price of paper for printing becoming incredibly expensive to the danger in the neighborhoods of the print shops and publishers, Syria's publishing industry is joining the over two million Syrian's who have left the country. More Information.  

Percentage of Adults Reading Literature Continues to Decline 

The National Endowment for the Arts did a new study and found that the percentage of adults who have read at least one work of literature in 2012 fell to 46.9%, but people over 65 read more than other age groups. View more findings here.
We are very sad to learn this week of the death of author, Tom Clancy, who passed at the age of 66 years. Tom Clancy, whose novel, The Hunt for Red October, propelled him to fame and fortune as the storyteller of the American military. He published twenty-eight novels, several of which were made into Hollywood blockbusters. Seventeen of his books appeared on the New York Times Bestselling list, many of them reaching the number one spot. 
 Upcoming Events 

Creative Writing Workshop on Monday, October 7 at 7:00pm at The Old Stone House in Brooklyn, NY

Using a variety of tools, such as visualizations and accessible physical writing exercises, this workshop will help develop your voice as a writer. More Information.

Memoir Writing: Tell the World Your Story on Wednesday, October 9 at 6:30pm at the African Voices Communications in New York, NY

Wednesday, October 9th starts the eight-week workshop for anyone interested in writing autobiographies to personal memoirs. You will be guided through the process of crafting a well-told story that will resonate with readers. More Information.

Happy Birthday, E.E. Cummings! October 14, 1894

E.E. Cummings would have celebrated is 119th birthday this October! He was an award-winning poet who won devotees with his decidedly unconventional approach to poetry. 

Thank You for Reading!

 Linda Langton, President.
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