June 17, 2013
 600-Mile Crude Oil Pipeline... 


As most have heard, Enbridge Energy Company, Inc. (Enbridge)is building the Flanagan South Pipeline  - a nearly 600-mile, 36-inch diameter interstate crude oil pipeline. The pipeline will originate in Flanagan, Illinois and end in Cushing, Oklahoma, crossing through Illinois, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. A majority of the pipeline will run parallel to Enbridge's existing Spearhead crude oil pipeline right-of-way. The Flanagan South Pipeline Project will provide the additional capacity needed to bring increased North American crude oil production to refinery hubs in the U.S. Gulf Coast. Initial capacity will be 600,000 barrels per day (bpd).


During this project, Enbridge will install seven pump stations along the pipeline route including three in Illinois; Flanagan terminal, Forest City and Quincy, along with two field offices in Pekin and Industry.  Communities located along the pipeline route will benefit from property taxes over the life of the pipeline, as well as from the creation of high-paying construction jobs, along with expenditures for food and lodging for construction crews, equipment and supplies.


Enbridge has more than 60 years experience committed to safe and reliable operations of their pipelines. This same commitment will be inherent in the design, installation, and operation of the Flanagan South Pipeline Project.


To learn more about the Flanagan South Pipeline Project visit their website, call the project hotline at 877-797-2650, or email


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