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Opening to Life
is committed to supporting the NW community members offering events, professional trainings and workshops that promote healing and spiritual transformation in our studio on weekdays, nights and weekends. 

Information about our studio:

Red carpets with attached padding make it easy to use carpeting when needed. The wood floors remain as beautiful as ever and are great for movement. There are plenty of comfortable chairs, pillows and backjacks to accommodate up to 50 participants. Tea, water and kitchenette facilities, breakout rooms, four restrooms and spacious lobby areas are available for registration and breaks.

Indo-windows have been installed for soundproofing and for energy efficiency.  It has dramatically decreased the level of outside noise in the studio
workshop space and eliminated cool drafts. 
 You are welcome to forward our newsletter to your clientele for the event you may be offering and/or to inform colleagues and others of what is offered here at
Opening to Life. 
We are here to assist you in hosting your event at Opening to Life during weekdays, evenings and weekends.  

Opening to Life Center Studio


The studio is approximately
700 sq. ft. There is an excellent four channel stereo with a CD and tape player. You can also use the receiver to play your audio from an iPod or laptop computer. A small TV and VCR can also be made available. The closet contains 30 chairs. Ambiance can be created with three lighting options that can be controlled by three different dimmer switches.

For renting information contact:
Dr. Raymond Diaz at 503-231-0424.

Studio Fees & Policies
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 For information please contact Ken Goldberg MD 503-280-0880


The Feldenkrais® Method is about learning-learning to improve human functioning regardless of our age or physical condition.  Awareness Through Movement®  classes use gentle, verbally-led movement sequences as the means to help us discover how we move and to expand the possibilities for how we can act more optimally in our ever-changing environment. It is about 
quality of movment rather than quantity of movement, and using skill rather than will.
  The application of these principles is limitless! We can use them to enhance the ease and pleasure in daily activities such as walking, bicycling, standing in line at the store, preparing food, practicing yoga, working out at the gym or working at the computer, and also for more highly specialized skills such as riding a horse, dancing, playing a musical instrument or playing golf or other sports that we might wish to do more efficiently. The Feldenkrais® Method may also be helpful for people who are recovering from injury or who are coping with neurological issues.
  Awareness Through Movement® lessons are designed to enhance awareness, expand patterns of action and minimize overall effort to create movements that are easy, graceful and more pleasurable with core ability rather than core stability

 The learning is playful and most people notice an improved sense of vitality and well-being. Other benefits may include easier breathing, increased range of motion, fewer aches and pains, more curiosity and a brain that is more flexible!

Awareness Through Movement® classes are done in a non-judgmental atmosphere with emphasis on comfort and safety at all times. No previous experience is necessary. Come and learn how to improve the quality of your movement and therefore, the quality of your life!

Diane Farrell is a Guild Certified Feldenkrais® Practitioner
who has been working with people from all walks of life since 1999 to improve how they move. Formerly the Assistant Principal Cellist of the San Francisco Symphony, Diane has special insight into the challenges faced by performing artists and those who simply wish to enhance their quality of life.

Diane Ferrell
(973) 646-4368


If you've been in a car accident and have a claim number you qualify for free massage.  Please call 503-806-9680 to schedule an appointment.  More details  
Peter Gold, L.M.T., 503-806-9680

marc gadoua
Marc brings to his acupuncture and Chinese herbal practice 14 years of medical experience as a licensed respiratory care practitioner, and a deep personal commitment to the healing arts.
Marc has his masters degree in acupuncture and oriental medicine, and has been in full time practice since 1993 and is licensed by the State of Oregon.
"As I have matured as a healer, my spiritual path has led me to more holistic forms of healing and being.
In my private practice I keep an open mind and stay abreast with the modern applications of this ancient healing art. Having a strong background in western medicine, I am naturally curious concerning the relationship between Eastern and Western medicine, and seek to understand how they can complement each other."
Marc is in general private practice and has had acupuncture privileges at Emanuel Hospital and Oregon Health Sciences University Hospital in Portland, Oregon. He maintains an extensive herbal pharmacy, and specializes in the Western application of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Marc's many interests include yoga, conga rhythms, motor cycle riding, scuba diving and the natural world. In resent years he has been obsessed and most passionate about the Argentine Tango. He has a 20 year history as a performance artist that has also included teaching and holding a dance space.  
(503) 872-9861

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