January 22, 2016

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Leadership Programs at Medill and Sanderson

Medill at East and Sanderson currently hold the students and staff that will make up the new Medill Elementary family when construction is completed. To get a leg-up on team building and creating a culture of success, the principals have started a leadership initiative that teaches every student how he or she can be a leader! Watch the video below to learn more.

Preschool at Lancaster City Schools 

The LCS Preschool program continues to be a fantastic place to give your children their first taste of school! For more information, watch the video below or click here.

Money Lessons in Ms. Broceus' Class
Medill third grade teacher Jodi Broceus has a fully functional economy going in her classroom! The students work jobs, get paid and pay bills as part of a year-long lesson on money, budgeting, economics and citizenship.

Building State-of-the-Art Schools

At Medill, the roof over the common section of the building (administration, media center, cafeteria and gymnasium) is now dried in. In the administration area, metal studs are complete and internal masonry block wall construction is near complete. In the pre-school and 4-5th grade two-story classroom section, masonry block walls are being prepared for block fill. Overhead electrical conduit and metal stud rough-ins are complete on the first floor and internal masonry block wall and metal stud installation is complete on the second floor. In the kindergarten-3rd grade section, block fill is being applied to the masonry block walls, drywall is being installed and duct work insulation is underway on the first floor. On the second floor, masonry block walls are being prepared for block fill while overhead electrical conduit and metal stud rough-ins are being installed. Fox Mechanical is installing in-wall sanitary piping and HVAC piping throughout the building.  
At Tallmadge, drywall and windows are installed in the kindergarten-1st grade section of the building and Fox Mechanical has completed the duct mains and duct branch. In the administration area and first floor of the two-story classroom section, window installation, duct insulation and masonry wall block fill application is underway. Claypool Electric has installed the cable tray on the second floor of the two-story classroom section while block fill application and window installation continues. The soffit for the moveable wall is being installed in the cafeteria-gymnasium section while Fox Mechanical is installing the kitchen duct and Claypool Electric is installing branch wiring.
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Special Ed Liaison Committee Meeting: Thursday, January 28 at 4:00 p.m.


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