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May  2011
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Channel 27, AT&T Channel 99



45 New Members Since January 1st.


Welcome New Members

Victor H. Ojeih

Prayer TV


Anthony Guizzetti


James A. Smith III



Clarrisa Aveytia

Genesis House


Sandra Moore

Mindful Eating & Moore


Jerome "Triple J" Widman

Jazz Fussion


Dwayne Parish

Life Enhancement Services


Cherubim Speaks

Fruits of the Spirit


Henry T. Sevens (Even Stevens)


Cherubim Speaks


Marquest Malone

Hiram Ibarra

Bianca Ibarra

Cherita Dilley

Fayette Foster

Felix Foster

Anthony Guizzetti

Wilfred Nacion

Jeremiah Taaca

David Medina

St. Pauls Lutheran Church

Revival Center Ministries

Mel Orpilla

Genisis House

Norma Ochoa

Sandra Moore

Jerome Widman

Jahhbod Ladson

More New Shows at VCAT
Movie Talk! is now airing on VCAT.  Tune into the website under schedule to see the date and time.

WORD UP! Presented by the Writers Resource Center recently launched. It is hosted by Resource Center Founder and President, Janie Bess, and will feature authors, poets, spoken word artists, and more. 

The Solano County Black Chamber of Commerce is now on VCAT.  Tune in to see current President, Peggy Cohen-Thompson, and meet members of the local community.

Highlights from the Solano Community Foundation Ribbon Cutting for their new foundation offices; and the Bay Area Blues Society West Coast Hall of Fame can now be seen on VCAT. Hear from the attendees and watch some excellent performances, including Lenny Williams.

WE ARE ONE, following the Union Solidarity March which took place on April 5th can now be seen on VCAT.  

Union Solidarity
If you haven't tuned in lately, it's time to come back home to VCAT.
Check us Out!






Ursual Awards Film Festival


The Ursula Awards Film Festival to be hosted by VCAT has been scheduled for Sept. 16, 2011. 


Early Bird submissions are now open, and we expect this to become the signature fundraiser for VCAT.  If you have any ideas or suggestions, please forward them to VCAT - Ursula.
Film Festival Committee:  

Rev. Tony Ubalde:
Committee  Chair

Committee Members:
Jacalyn Evone
James Canady
Jeannie Villarreal
Evelyn Abston


Please let us know if you are interested in joining this committee or if you have any ideas or suggestions. We welcome your ideas and suggestions, and please get your projects submitted early.

More information on the Ursula Submission Guidelines is available on our website:


Special Committee Note:

The committee is off and running to a good start, but your help is needed.  We have raised just over $3,000 however donors and sponsors are needed. 


Please share names of people that you think might donate to this fundraising event, your donations and support are also welcomed.



American Pie
American Pie

Labor unions were formed to protect the rights of individuals.  One voice is often not heard, but collective voices can often effect change.  American Pie is an informative show which addresses the issues facing labor unions today.  It discusses the role of labor unions and the history of labor unions in this country.  


American Pie is hosted by James Canady with Jon Riley, Napa-Solano Central Labor Council.

The above photo features (left) Christal Watts, President, Vallejo Education Association; and Cheryl Brown, with the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME).






























Producers at VCAT are Independent Producers and are not paid employees of VCAT.  Their productions do not necessarily reflect the opinion or expressions of Vallejo Community Access Television (VCAT).

Out And About In The Community


When you look up these days, you are likely to see VCAT representatives or producer members in the house.  We have set a goal for ourselves to make VCAT more visible in the community, to spread the word about who we are, and to do everything we can to generate more excitement, more viewers, more programming, and more activity in and out of our studio.


We are accomplishing our goals by regularly attending networking opportunities that give us a chance to speak about VCAT.  We are speaking to organizations, businesses, and taking advantage of opportunities that become available to speak to teachers and students alike. I recently had the opportunity to address the over 200 teachers at Jesse Bethel, and speak to career day students at Hogan High.  Other producers such as James Canady, Sabreen Freeman, Shaaron Fox and Anita are also active in the community.


Our first Meet & Greet hosted at our VCAT studios was a great success.  Visitors were excited to learn about the studio and the opportunities VCAT offers the community. Individuals had the chance to watch a live production hosted by Tom Bartee, and the chance to be on camera in a VCAT PSA.  Others lingered to discuss and learn more about VCAT long after many had gone home. 


A special thanks to the staff, producers, and board members in attendance and to those who contributed in helping to make our first Meet & Greet a successful event. 


Jacalyn Evone, Board Chair





Jacalyn Evone, Chair

Vallejo Community Access Television (VCAT)


The 123 Target Marketing Show


Do you want to learn how to market your business, gain widespread exposure, or how to manuever the social networks?  If you are a business owner, organization, or someone that wants to market your own personal talents, then you need to watch this show. 


The 123 Target Marketing Show hosted by             K. Patrice Williams, and directed by Linda Thomas, will offer the viewers various tips on how to promote your business and brand yourself in order to increase your sales or customer base.


Featured on right K. Patrice Williams, with her special guest, Dr. Monique E. Hunt, with the Soul Alighment Group.  Dr. Nique for short, is a Business Intuitive Spiritual Coach. Tune in to find out what that means!

VCAT Producers, Sabreen Freeman, Shaaron Fox, and Anita Linker capture the networking taking place at the Solano County Black Chamber of Commerce Mixer.

 (photos by James Canady)
Black Chamber mixer
 Black Chamber Mixer Anita at camera
Special Thanks to the Filipino - American Chamber of Commerce
Filam mixer


We enjoyed the opportunity to host the Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce mixer at VCAT on April 21st.  This was another opportunity to network, share, show off our studio, and gain a bunch of new fans of VCAT.  We had a blast!


Spotlight  PRODUCER - Patricia Avant
Tribal Glen Cove

Over the course of the weekend of April 30-May 1st, VCAT Producer Patricia Avant, spent time with the Indian Tribal Leaders at Glen Cove, the site of the spiritual burial grounds.


"The hospitality and kindness provided me was," per Patricia, "the most spiritual blessing I have ever received.


There are very few significant moments in life that really touch your soul.  I ate with them, prayed with them, and learned about their history, as well as my own; having the chance to speak deeply about the history of both cultures.


They are the true story tellers about this country, and I have been touched to the very root of myself. I support them in holding onto something so sacred to them.


I spent the night with my Indian brothers and sisters.  I would encourage everyone to go by and visit and learn."


(Pictured above, Wounded Knee, Cheyenne River, Corinna.


Below, a tee-pee constructed at Glen Cove.)


Tribal Tee Pee 


Do You Have A Clear Understanding of
Fair Use of Copyright Material?

Copyrighted material includes images, film, authored work and music.  Many people have heard of fair use, however many do not really understand it.  A big mistake is to believe that this term gives you the right to use someone else's work.


One of the biggest misconceptions floating around is the premise that, as long as you are not charging or making any money, you can use someone else's work.  This is just not true.  When you look at copyright, it gives the owner of the work, and only the owner, the exclusive right to perform, display, copy, make derivative works, etc.  Copyright is an exclusive right, that means that no one else can use the work without the owner's permission.  The owner is the only one that can decide to sell it, give it away, let someone use all of it, or just a part of it, regardless of the fact that your use of it is not for sale or profit.

Another big area of confusion is the belief that only using 30 seconds of it, or a very brief part of it is okay.  Big mistake!  This again is not true.  In Sheldon v. Metro-Goldwyn Pictures Corp., 81 F.2d 49 (2nd Cir. 1936), the judge indicated in a ruling that no copyright infringer "can excuse the wrong by showing how much of his work he did not pirate." By doing so, using only a small piece of someone's work without permission can land you in court.  

Addionally, just because you give the author credit for his work, does not give you permission to use it.  The confusion may be between plagiarism and copyright.  Plagiarism is the passing off of someone else's work as your own work.  In a classroom you are told not to do this and instead credit the author for the use of his work.  Scholarly use is one of the criteria for fair use, however if you have infringed someone's copyright, proper attribution will not protect you, and you will only know it when you are contacted by the rightful owner's attorney.  

The internet offers a lot of opinions.  The problem is that everyone on the internet is not an expert in copyright law.  

By using someone else's work without permission, you are using it at your own risk, and you can believe those individuals giving out incorrect information will not be in the courtroom with you,   to support your claims.

We heard your request for editing training.

It's here!


VCAT Producer Deon Cooper provides instruction in editing on Thursdays from 4:30-6:30 PM.  The fee based classes are only $25. If you are struggling with editing your projects, these classes will help you to develop your skills.   Contact the office for more information and sign up for the next session.

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