Issue No.21


June 12

Kindergarten Recognition 

1:30 pm WES gym 


June 12

School Board Meeting 



June 13

6th Grade Celebration 

1:30pm WES gym 


June 14

Last day of School 

Dismissal at 11:55

(no after school program)


6th Grade Step up at WUMHS

 August 28

Meet Your Teacher Night 


August 30

First Day of School 


6th Grade Play 

Our 6th graders capped off their WES careers with an entertaining performance of The Environmental Show. The show was dedicated to their retiring homeroom teacher, Luke Fisher. 

Tie Up End-of-Year Loose Ends 

Don't forget to: 
  • return library books
  • settle cafĂ© balances
  • reclaim medications from the nurse
  • check the lost and found
(There are over 50 lost and found items that will be donated if not claimed this week.) 

 Well Wishes for Departing Staff

We wish the following staff members well as they pursue new adventures at the end of the school year:

Retiring Staff
Deb Alessi
Luke Fisher 
Cindy Siegler 

Moving on to new adventures
Jane Ertel 
Kate Kardashian 
Kelsey Keith
Amy Martsolf
Tammy Myers 
Codie Palmer

Please take a moment to thank them for their dedication to the students of WES! 

Coming Next Year: New Approaches to WES Climate 

This spring, the WES faculty began exploring the adoption of PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) as a new approach to classroom management and school-wide expectations. The consideration of this approach came from staff, parent, and student feedback about the need for more consistent behavior expectations and consequences. PBIS is a research-based approach used widely in Vermont and the U.S. It works well with the Responsive Classroom approach we currently use. 

The faculty and staff are very enthusiastic about adopting PBIS. We have a PBIS team of eight staff members, coordinated by Cody TanCreti, who will attend trainings this summer and lead the effort to transition to this model. All staff will receive training in August, and parents will have the opportunity to learn more about this approach this fall. 

You can learn more about PBIS by following this link

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We are pleased to announce that Carlos and Linda Galvan, who operate the Camerata Strings Program, have secured funding through generous donors to begin cello and violin lessons for small groups of students at WES and Prosper Valley School in the fall.  They have been running a successful strings program for students in Lebanon, NH since 2009 and are ready to expand cello and violin lessons to students in Vermont. The twenty minute weekly lessons, during the school day, will be for up to twelve students in 2nd through 6th grade. Loaner instruments are provided at no cost. Please let Ms. Mills know if your student may be interested as group size will be limited. 


3rd and 4th grade teacher Kelley Willis is interested in bringing a fall theatre production to our school. Kelley enjoyed participating in shows as a WES student and assisting with Show Your Stuff this year. Please complete this survey to indicate your interest in your child's participation in a fall play AND/OR your interest in volunteering to help with a fall play.