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Happy Fall to all of our Wild Blue friends and  supporters! We wanted to share this wonderful adopter update on Forbes. We hope it warms your hearts as much as it did ours. Forbes is a special needs kitty with CH (cerebellar hypoplasia) a neurological condition in which the cerebellum is smaller than usual or not completely developed. Lauri Cross, Wild Blue executive director, said that "This is one of the best updates I've received from an adopter of one of my foster's.  You all know how much I love my babies, but I always have a special place in my heart for the ones who struggle or have special needs, like CH.  I couldn't be more pleased that Forbes found such an exceptional "daddy" to take him in."

Forbes' new Dad, Todd, shared this story in a recent email update.
"First, I think I'm going to call him Smoky.  I know it's not very original, but I need a name for the vet and my pet sitter.  Smoky matches his coat, but I will continue calling him what I have been since I met him, 'my sweet boy'.

As expected, my one-and-a-half-year-old calico, Linny, was not happy with having a new brother.  There was much hissing and spitting, but no actual physical contact.  I learned pretty quickly that she was just putting on a show and wouldn't hurt him.  He stood his ground, and even hissed back at her, for the first two days.  I was very proud of him.
This morning we had a breakthrough.  He and Linny actually played together! She batting his tail and him trying to chase her down the hallway. Linny definitely understands she has an advantage and that he'll never catch her, but I think she enjoys playing hard to get with him. 

I gave him a bath in the kitchen sink Sunday.  He yowled and struggled the whole time, but after a few minutes with a soft towel and a little time in front of the heater, he was happy as a clam.  His fur is really quite beautiful, a shiny gray but almost blue in the right light.
There are a couple of 'issues' that we're trying to work through though.  He wakes us up with much purring and nuzzling every morning at 5 AM, but this may be solved now that he and Linny are playing well together.  Then, he always manages to pull my glasses off my face when I nuzzle him.  And finally, and most worrisome, he's always untying my shoes when I'm working at my desk.  I hope we can find solutions to these "problems" soon, or I don't know what we'll do!
I wanted to thank you for your patience during the adoption process.  You answered all of my questions and got us started on the right foot.  I don't know what I was ever worried about.  He's no trouble at all. 

I'll close now, but just wanted to let you know that I love this little boy very much.  He's settled into our routine (and our hearts) very nicely and has quickly become the center of attention."

Thank you for helping us put the animals first and Save Precious Lives!

Colorado Gives Day

Your Donation Goes Further Colorado Gives Day! Coming up on Tuesday, December 6th!
We hope you will think of us on Colorado Gives Day! This 24-hour movement, taking place December 6th, is a chance to increase the value of your donation, thanks to the $1 Million Incentive Fund.
Created by Community First Foundation and FirstBank, the fund proportionally boosts every dollar
donated. For example, if we receive 10 percent of the total donations made on Colorado Gives Day, we will receive 10 percent of the $1 Million Incentive Fund.
Colorado Gives Day is powered by, a year-round website featuring more than 1,900
nonprofits. encourages charitable giving by providing comprehensive, objective and
up-to- date information about Colorado nonprofits. It is an easy way to support us online!

Schedule your donations STARTING ON Tuesday, NOV 1st, for Colorado Gives Day 2016!
How to Schedule Your Donation in Advance
1. Go to Search for nonprofits or fundraising pages by name, keyword,
city, zip code or type of cause.
2. Press the nonprofit's orange "Donate" button. Add your donation amount and press the
"CO Gives Day" button to schedule it to process on Dec. 6. Complete the other fields
and click "add to cart."
3. Want to donate to more than one organization? Click "add more nonprofits to cart" on
the next page and keep going!
4. When all your scheduled donations are in the cart, continue checking out by logging in
or creating a donor account, entering your payment information, and then submit. 
You can also sign up at for an emailed reminder & instructions on November 1st to help you to schedule you donation to support Wild Blue kitties! 

Thank You to Our Donors and Volunteers

Thanks to The Grainger Foundation and special thanks also to our Wild Blue donors, Ann Nichols and Dr. Erin DeTurck for the new garden windows at the Sanctuary! As you can imagine, the kitties absolutely adore them, and they really light up the whole room!

Leadership team member and volunteer, Michelle Burkhart and her daughter Kat, also a Wild Blue volunteer, were the ones who did that amazing kitten room repainting and wall mural! See the photos for the 'after' view.
In addition to their painting donation, Michelle and Kat are donating the kitten room's new window in honor of Kat's namesake, Michelle's Godmother, who recently passed away. Thank you so much for your support! We hope to have this done before the Winter for better insulation!


Please submit your adoption story
We hope everything is going spectacularly for you! Do you have time to talk about how your new family member has changed your life? We'd love for you to share your story of love; each new kitty parent who does share their story gives us a chance to win funding through the 'Holiday Wishes' grant by the Petco Foundation.
The Petco Foundation wants to know how the love of your adopted pet has changed your life for the better. Because, as a pet owner, you know: love changes everything. It changes your mornings. It changes your routine. It changes your perspective.
So, how has your new pet changed your life? Tell the Petco Foundation how your pet brings more joy to your life each day, and how their love changed your life, big or small, and made it better.
By submitting your adoption story and giving us the opportunity to participate in this year's campaign, we have the chance to receive up to $100,000 in grants to continue doing what we do best- Saving Precious Lives. If Wild Blue is selected to receive the $100,000 grand prize as a result of your story submission, you'll receive a $1,000 Petco gift card!
Please consider submitting your 500-word story along with photos and/or video of your pet. Be sure to talk about how your pet has changed your life and how we helped you find each other!
The deadline to submit your story and nominate us is October 15th at 10:59 p.m. Only the first 10,000 submissions are guaranteed to be considered, so please visit to get started as soon as possible.
Also, be sure to include the contact information below on your submission form to ensure that we can respond to the Petco Foundation if your story is selected as a finalist!

Wild Blue Animal Rescue & Sanctuary
Lauri Cross
(719) 900 - CATS


A new community warehouse for donated pet food for St Paws Thrift Store  was recently opened at the National Mill Dog Rescue property in Peyton, CO. St. Paws Thrift Store is the distributor of pet food which is generously donated by Rescue Bank & The Greater Good to help feed thousands of rescue animals.  Wild Blue is one of several organizations that benefit from the generosity of free or low-cost pet food.

Kevin Mason, founder of Honey Smoked Fish Company, Aurora, CO, paid for the freight cost to get the food to Colorado. Thank You Kevin and your crew for your animal loving hearts!
Thank You Rescue Bank, The Greater Good, & St. Paws Thrift Store for all your hard work to coordinate and hand out much needed food for the animals! You are all amazing!!


A total of 72 cats were sterilized during a recent project at a large feral cat colony located at three adjacent mobile home parks in Palmer Lake, CO. This was a collaborative effort between Wild Blue Animal Rescue, Happy Cats Haven, PawsCo, & St. Paws Thrift
Store.  Volunteers worked throughout the weekend to trap, sterilize, vaccinate and return these many cats. 

Wild Blue's Allison DuVal and Happy Cats's Barb Jones both caught wind of this situation, went out together and assessed and then reached out to PawsCo, a nonprofit animal rescue in Denver who brought down a mobile surgical unit to perform surgeries. St. Paws Thrift Store generously donated a matching fund of $1,000 to help with the cost.
Thanks to our awesome vets, Dr. Jay Brekke (Brekke Veterinary Clinic) and Dr. Rae Hovanetz (VCA North Academy Animal Hospital) who performed surgeries and stayed long hours to get the job done. Big purrs & meows to our lead tech, Sarah S. Kubacki, and all the vet techs and assistants from PawsCo and PIMA Medical Institute who helped out both all are Rockstars for the kitties!
PawsCo, your mobile surgical unit is well on the way to making a huge difference in the overpopulation in Colorado We are glad to have had your help with this project. Thank You!!

Dr. Rae (center) VCA North Academy Vet Hospital


Thanks to everyone who supported our Catio Tour! And to K &H Manufacturing for spending the day with us at the Sanctuary. 

Five Colorado Springs-area catios were on the tour this year. Thanks to Allison DuVal, Barb Jones, Shannan Longley - Catagonia Cat Hotel, Mike Nelson and Carol Galloway - Colorado Cats for being hosts. Plus, tour attendees were able to visit the Sanctuary and see Maya's Village, Wild Blue's outdoor feral cat enclosure.  PLUS we had two cat adoptions as a result of Wild Blue supporters attending the event!

The motivation behind the tour was to inspire folks to build outdoor cat enclosures so their kitties have a safe place to go for some outdoor time - while keeping backyard wildlife like birds and squirrels safe, too. See you again next year!
Upcoming Adoption Campaign

Best Friends Animal Society's OCTOBER Special Adoption Campaign
Wild Blue will be participating in "Back in Black" throughout the entire month of October!
All Wild Blue cats, black or mostly black in color, will have a special adoption fee of only $50.
Also during October all Wild Blue teenagers (cats 4-10 months old) will have an adoption
fee of only $50.

Kitty Donate
Please donate.  Just Pet our Kitty!
  Great news! Thanks to Dr Elsey's Precious Cat litter - new Wild Blue adopters will now receive a free bag of litter and coupon packs/litter guides. We very much appreciate their support! Find out more about their products at


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