To save the precious lives of cats and kittens who are abandoned, abused, displaced, neglected or surrendered, and to find them permanent homes
 or  provide them with a lifetime of sanctuary.           

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Greetings Wild Blue supporters! It looks like Spring has come early to our part of Colorado and here at the Sanctuary we have already been busy rescuing cute, cuddly KITTENS! 
We currently have 10 litters of precious baby kittens out in foster care who are almost ready for adoption and we are expecting many more by the end of April! Thanks so much to our amazing foster families and their unending commitment to caring for our littlest furballs.    

The good news is that thanks to the support of our Wild Blue community our adoptions have been going really well. So far this year, we have found the purrfect adoptive families for 40, plus adult cats and nearly 60 kittens.

Even so, we could always benefit from more loving foster homes to assist us in raising healthy, happy, socialized kittens. Does this sound like a good fit for you and your family? If you would like more information please go to our website at

See all of our adoptable cats and kittens at  
Click here.   

Or at Adopt a  
Click here.
We look forward to your continued support during 2017 so that we can make a difference and Save Precious Lives through our cat rescue projects, Sanctuary events, adoption fairs and happy endings.
Lauri Cross, Executive Director
                            -- Lauri Cross, Executive Director

Ruth, Shawn, Jared and Nathan Petersen!

Please join us in congratulating team members - Ruth, Shawn, Jared and Nathan Petersen - as our April volunteers of the month!

Ruth writes - We started at Wild Blue last summer because I wanted Nathan (my 16 year old) to get a summer job. He wanted something that had to do with his future career choice of wanting to be a vet. Vet offices don't hire that young, so I looked around for a shelter that he and his little brother could volunteer with.

It started out the three of us washing out litter boxes and then came the calendar photo contest.....long story short; we weaseled our way into being photographers for Wild Blue and I soon roped my husband and older son into helping out as well!

Nathan and I take most of the pictures while the other three help pose the cats - but they will sometimes pick up the camera too. Wild Blue helps fuel my addictions; photography and cats!!!

PS: Nathan's still looking for a job in a vet office even if it's just cleaning!

Thank you very much for your dedication to the Wild Blue kitties!

One Dollar Equals One Vote!
Animal lovers unite! Wild Blue Animal Rescue & Sanctuary and National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR) have proudly partnered to present the inaugural 'Honorary Mayor of Black Forest, 2017' campaign! The contest voting has begun and will continue through April 30th! 

Wild Blue is endorsing Teddy (beloved dog of Executive Director, Lauri Cross) and Finneus (the miracle kitten who survived a horrible incident of animal abuse).  Which bi-pawtisan candidate best represents the spirit of animal rescue in the Black Forest? You decide!

Peruse all of the wonderful candidates, nominated by the following animal rescue supporters: Monument Veterinary Clinic, Wild Blue Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, Lauri Cross, CatTails Feline Health Center, Ponderosa Veterinary Clinic, and NMDR and VOTE online at

One dollar equals one vote -- so please vote often and for as many candidates as you like.  Wild Blue and NMDR will share all campaign voting profits equally! Please spread the word about the campaign and our Wild Blue candidates with all your friends, family and colleagues so we get max visibility. 

If you prefer to send a check...just please let us know who to cast your votes for.  So far more than $1500 has been raised to support the fantastic cause of animal rescue!

"We are excited to partner with our great friends and animal lovers at the National Mill Dog Rescue to raise much needed funds for our respective organizations.  This is a fun way to engage in friendly competition while calling attention to some of the best pets around...rescued pets!  Despite their difficult lives prior to being rescued, these precious ones have overcome and have wriggled their ways into our hearts.  Let's support them!" 

-- Lauri Cross, Wild Blue Executive Director


Thursday, August 3rd at 6pm

The Pinery at the Hill -- Colorado Springs
(in Old Colorado City on W. Bijou Street)

Tickets are $65 per person

A table of 8 is $500

Join us at Wild Blue's 8th annual fundraiser dinner for a fun evening of music, food, friendship
and fantastic silent and live auction items.


The Saga of Bear
We would like you to meet Bear. 

Almost a year ago, he and his siblings were rescued from a hoarding situation by an animal rescue in Canon City called JJ's Helping Paws. They reached out to Wild Blue to see if we could help with fostering and finding them homes.  

Due to malnutrition caused by his fe r al mom's lack of milk, little Bear suffered a condition  th at caused his legs to be severely deformed.    Since he needed extra special care and supplemental  feeding, both rescues agreed to entrust him to an extraordinary cat foster mom, Paige Humpston.  Paige shared that she named him Bear in hopes that giving him a strong name would help him survive. 

As Eileen Larson, tnr coordinator from JJ's said - "I don't know what miracle Paige worked on his little legs, but they were healed. None of the kittens in his litter would have survived without her." 

And as you can see in the picture above, he has grown into  a healthy, happy adult cat.  He enjoys hanging out with his new dog sibling, Sada.  

What a happy outcome for Little Bear! 


A Lifesaving Procedure for Ash  
Recently, the most exciting and rewarding thing happened for Ash and all of us at Wild Blue-- he was adopted!! Ash was born with a condition that made it a problem for him to urinate and defecate and keep everything eliminating properly. 

Wild Blue took him to the School of Veterinary Medicine at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, for a special soft tissue surgery. The surgery was a success and his surgeon, Dr. Lauren Hamil ended up falling in love with him and adopted him at his post op follow up appointment. 
She recently reported that - "Ash is doing well. We've been calling him Munch! He's very active and playful and fitting in great with our other kitty. We will likely wait another 1-2 months to neuter him to ensure his rectal incisions are completely healed." Dr. Lauren reported that Ash is totally continent now with both his urine and his feces.

Thank you so much to everyone who donated funds to help us pay for the surgery that made Ash healthy and hearty and adoptable. We couldn't have done it without you and of course, Dr. Lauren!

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Wild Blue's Feral Colony

These are just a few of the faces of kitties who live at Wild Blue's feral cat enclosure called Maya's Wildheart Village. 

These cats have a good life of comfort and care now. They all came from situations where they were not safe.... disliked in a neighborhood or out in the countryside by people who might prefer to harm them versus care for them. 

They are happy now - thanks to Wild Blue.

Inez is looking at you.

This is M&M.
Lacy up high.
Best Friends Animal Society's JUNE 
Special Adoption Campaign

Wild Blue will be participating in "Summertime Special on Cats"
Get everyone worked up into a feline frenzy with $10 adoptions for cats throughout the month of June. All kitties 6 months old or older will have a special adoption fee of only $10.


Great News! Wild Blue has partnered with 
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Amazon Smile provides supporters with a way to give back 
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Looking for the purrfect gift for Mother's Day? When you shop for your gifts at   Wild Blue gets to share in the love! 

Amazon has a large variety of gifts that are perfect for Mother's Day including electronics, jewelry, clothing, and more. 

Take a look today and share the love with our Wild Blue kitties. 

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Just Pet our Kitty!
Check out the new Wild Blue t-shirt (and hoodie) logo created by Colorado Caliber (

T-shirts are $20. 
Sizes Small to 2XL. Colors available Charcoal, Grey or Kelly Green

Hoodies are $38.
Sizes Small to 2XL.  Charcoal only

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Please put Wild Blue Apparel in the subject line.

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