Spring  2016
Going Deep II
Miami, Florida

The Southeast District Office of Malcolm Drilling recently completed the installation of a pile load test program for the Block G project in Downtown Miami. Block G is part 0f the Miami World-center development which encompasses approximately 30 acres making it one of the largest private master plan projects in the United States. Once completed, Block G consisting of Two 40+ story towers, will bring about 900 apartment units to the downtown Miami area.

Malcolm's scope includes the installation of over 600 Augercast Piles, 18 and 30 inches in diameter and depths of up to 120 feet. Malcolm's Southeast District recently took delivery of a brand new Kobelco 275 ton crawler crane.  A new set of ICE lattice leads along   with a Bauer high torque rotary will be used install the deep piles. The test program consists of three O-cell test piles (two arranged in a two pile tangent group configuration) along with one pile tested in compression, tension and laterally loaded as well. The O-cell piles were tested to a maximum load of 4,200 kips.
For more information, please contact Todd Hooper at thooper@malcolmdrilling.com.

Punching It Out
Sunnyvale, California

A well-known tech company is building a new campus for their expanding workforce just outside of San Jose.  Our Ground Improvement Division was contacted to provide a design/build solution to improve the ground beneath all three office buildings and a multi-story garage.  Malcolm proposed an economical stone column solution that allowed an early design and permitting phase.  When completed, over 7,800 Stone Columns with an average depth of 18' were installed with variations in spacing and depth depending on column loads. The stone columns were installed into highly layered sands, silts, and clays, which varied widely across the site. Predrilling was required to advance through the upper stiff clays. Our work plan incorporated three bottom feed, crane mounted vibro-floats, paired with two predrilling units to accommodate schedule acceleration. Quality assurance and acceptance was provided by 20 post-treatment cone penetration tests (CPTs), along with liquefaction analysis, and a total of 8 load tests. Malcolm's schedule acceleration included extended work shifts and constant equipment maintenance.  The work was completed in only 8 weeks - well ahead of the schedule and on budget.
For more information, please contact Andy Majewski at amajewski@malcolmdrilling.com.

Loose Gravel
Tacoma, Washington

 The M-Street project widens northbound and southbound of I-5 through Tacoma by adding a new northbound I-5 bridge over the I-705 interchange. Malcolm was awarded both the large diameter drilled shafts for the bridge pier foundation, as well as the required soil nail and shotcrete shoring walls. The three bridges required 53 fully cased drilled shafts between 7 and 11 feet in diameter. Depending on the location, the permanent casing consisted of either slip in casing, oversized permanent driven casing, or oscillated permanent casing. Shaft integrity testing consisted of both CSL and Thermal Integrity testing. The shoring walls consisted of 3,500 permanent soil nails, and 58,000 square feet of 6 inch thick shotcrete. Geological conditions were difficult requiring much of the walls to be constructed in gravels with fine contents at or below 8 %. Vertical elements were installed for the full height of the wall on 4 foot centers to help ensure face stability.  An unexpectedly high water table was encountered around 15 feet above bottom of wall which required that 12 deep wells be installed in order to lower the water table below the bottom of the wall.
For more information, please contact Tait McCutchan at tmccutchan@malcolmdrilling.com.

Creativity Wins
Santa Monica, California

This sustainable, adaptive reuse project will transform a long-abandoned assembly line manufacturing facility (a former Paper Mate pen factory) into a multi-tenant creative workplace. Inspired by the spirit of Southern California and the site's location - in the middle of Santa Monica's most creative office community - the renovation will promote an open, casual, and flexible work environment for innovative companies.

Our Southern California district is currently finishing the temporary earth retention system consisting of 345 steel soldier piles and 60,000 sf of timber lagging. The system is supported by 195 temporary tieback anchors and 100 raker braces.  This project posed several challenges such as but not limited to low overhead drilling beneath the existing Edison power lines, tiebacks drilled into an abandoned clay mine, and tight access with very difficult logistics. Additionally Malcolm installed 232 low overhead drilled shafts inside the existing factory building.  This work was performed with headroom restrictions as low as 10 feet, all while protecting the existing concrete slab and timber roof truss system.
For more information, please contact Brock Nieuwkoop at brockn@malcolmdrilling.com.

All In One
San Francisco, California

Malcolm was selected by Swinerton Builders to provide a shoring, dewatering and ground improvement package for the 505 Brannan project site located just 3 blocks from the Giants Baseball Park. The single point, deep soil mixed shoring wall was installed to depths up to 42 feet, tipping out into the Franciscan Rock formation. Currently, tiebacks are being installed around the perimeter to allow the site to be excavated to final subgrade 24 feet below street level. At the bottom of the excavation, 7 foot diameter deep soil mixed columns will be installed on a 9 x 9 feet grid to mitigate settlement of the mat slab. The tight project site, loose dune sand, adjacent building protection, and buried wooden piles are just a few of the challenges our Northern California crews are working through as the project remains on schedule.

For more information, please contact Rob Small at rsmall@malcolmdrilling.com.