Fall 2015
Hanging Out At The Beach
California Incline - Santa Monica, California

    This reconstruction project combines CIDH foundations for a new roadway deck with soil nails for bluff stabilization. Both work scopes involved challenging access conditions. The eroding bluff extends 100-ft. above the incline roadway grade and is stabilized by 1,000 soils nails up to 75-ft in length, installed using high reach drill rigs and a crane-suspended work platform. The platform is custom fabricated with an Atlas Copco ECM590 air-track drilling mast equipped with a rotary and rod system specifically designed for this project and includes unique features for load distribution and spoil management controls. Each nail head is cut-off behind the slope face and patched with colored grout to minimize visual impact. The new roadway deck is supported on 19 bents, with a total of 89 each CIDH piles. Many of the 30-in. dia. piles were drilled through cut-outs in the original bridge deck, however piles at the down slope edge frequently required the LoDrill to reach out beyond the platform. Our Los Angeles team developed custom solutions to safely and efficiently tackle this challenging project.

For more information, please contact Steven Lapsley at slapsley@malcolmdrilling.com .  

Top Down In The North-West
Centre 425 - Bellevue, Washington
    We have recently completed shoring and basement wall construction work on this 16-story high-rise building located in downtown Bellevue. The project involved installing temporary earth retention shoring and top-down constructed reinforced basement walls with an average excavation depth of 83-ft. Due to a lack of soil nail easements on the North and West walls Malcolm installed interior columns to brace the walls during construction. The North and West walls were supported by a soldier beam lagging system, the East and South walls received 58 vertical elements, 744 soil nails and shotcrete. As part of the building's foundation and for lateral support of the North and West walls, 4-ft diameter interior steel-cased concrete columns were installed to an average depth of 177-ft.

    The very wet and soft soil ground conditions posed challenges during the installation of the soldier piles, vertical elements and interior columns. Twelve interior dewatering wells were installed and able to draw down the 50-ft deep water table. Malcolm's team self-performed the majority of the work and participated in constructability reviews and support scheme refinement by working closely with the General Contractor. Foundation and parking garage construction was just completed, with the building tower expected to be completed in 2019.

For more information, please contact John Schneider at jschneider@malcolmdrilling.com .

High Up In The Sky
Spanish Peaks Lodge - Big Sky, Montana
    For the second time, Malcolm is performing drilling work in high altitude. We are currently constructing a permanent shoring wall for an extension of a skiing lodge. The lodge will receive a two level underground parking garage and needs to blend in the beautiful landscape of Montana. Large wide flange double soldier beams will be placed in 3ft diameter holes drilled into hard sand and siltstone with occasional volcanic tuff layers. Despite the small hole size, rock hardness requires the use of one of our Bauer BG40 top drive drilling machines. Lateral restraint is accomplished by 14in shotcrete lagging and 250kip capacity ground anchors. These anchors are double corrosion protected and are drilled through the center hole pocket on the soldier beams. We are currently in full production and preparing for the incoming winter by dispatching our most 'weather-proofed' personnel.

For more information, please contact Rob Small at rsmall@malcolmdrilling.com .

World Premier
CCWRD - Las Vegas, Nevada

     For the first time in the world, Malcolm Drilling performed one Bi-directional load test on one 48 inches in diameter auger cast pile. The test was part of our Value Engineering proposal saving about 30% foundation cost and substantial construction schedule by replacing the conventional drilled shafts with auger cast piles. All 360 auger cast piles (36 and 48 inches in diameter) will serve as foundation for the newest extension of Clark County's water treatment plant in the Las Vegas Valley. Loadtest, as the responsible testing firm, applied almost 3,000 kip equivalent top down load using the O-Cell load testing method to confirm the design assumptions for this 84 foot long test pile. Pile integrity was tested and confirmed by GRL using the modern thermal integrity profiler. We also performed one traditional static load test on one 36 inches in diameter pile.

For more information, please contact Eleazar Sotelo at esotelo@malcolmdrilling.com .

New Office Location & New Webpage  
    We are proud to announce that we recently opened a new office in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. Our team will cover the MID-WEST region with the entire scope Malcolm has to offer and fill the gap between our Rocky Mountain and South-East office.
    We also re-designed our webpage for convenient access from all mobile devices. Have fun checking us out on your phone and let us know how you like the new design.

DFI 40th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations

  Malcolm will be exhibiting at the Deep Foundation Institute's 40th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations next week in Oakland, California.
If you will be attending the conference please stop by and say hello.
    For more information or to setup a meeting with Malcolm during the conference please contact Peter Faust at pfaust@malcolmdrilling.com  .