Summer 2015
Coconut Groove
Park Grove - Miami, Florida

    Malcolm's Southeast District completed a challenging load test program for a high rise

condominium project in the Coconut Grove neighborhood of Miami.  The test program consisted of conventional axial compression, tension and lateral load tests in addition to high load double level Osterberg cell tests. In all a total of 7 compression, tension and lateral pile load test were successfully performed.

    The CFA pile diameter ranged between 18 and 36 inches with pile lengths up to 85 ft. Production work will start in September.


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Thermal Integrity Testing - The Better Way?

Portland Avenue - Tacoma, Washington



    Expansion of I-5 through Tacoma will improve safety and add capacity to one of the busiest highways in the region.  The project includes replacement of bridges, overpasses, ramps and embankments, as well as improvements to associated utilities and local roads. 

    We are currently under contract with Hamilton Construction to install the oscillated drilled shafts for this new portion of the Puyallup River Bridge as well as the adjacent on and off ramps. In total there are 50 drilled shafts on the project ranging from 8 to 10 feet in diameter and up to 165 feet in depth. 8 out of the 50 shafts are installed from an elevated work bridge over the Puyallup River. After an initial comparison between cross-hole sonic logging (CSL) and thermal integrity profiling (TIP), WSDOT decided to only continue using TIP as the sole shaft integrity test on site. Will this also be the trend outside of the state of Washington? Time will tell.


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Deep under your skin

Portland Avenue - Tacoma, Washington

        Malcolm was also selected by Hamilton Construction to perform the necessary deep ground improvement work on this major WSDOT project.  The scope of ground improvement work includes deep soil mixing, jet grouting, stone columns and permeation grouting and is a direct result of increased seismic design requirements.  The first phase of deep soil mixing on the project was recently completed after installing 349 each 7 foot in diameter columns to depths up to 90 feet supporting several abutment structures.  Some of the drilled shafts our Seattle group installed, will be surrounded by cellular grids of soil mix columns to improve the seismic lateral response.  Other locations required jet grouting up to 90 feet depth or installation under limited headroom with only 15 feet clearance underneath an active highway bridge. We believe, we will see more and more of this type of application in the North West in   years to come and are poised with a recently modified equipment fleet to  tackle the most challenging ground improvement jobs.

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Holding Back

Market Street Place, San Francisco - California

    The Market Street Place development - a multi-use retail and office project - is located in downtown San Francisco. The site is 275 x 170 feet in plan dimension and required a shored excavation depth of 40 feet. The subsurface materials at the site consisted of fill, fine dune sand, marsh deposit, and dense sands to a depth of 80 feet. Ground water was approximately 30 feet below street level.

    The project delivery was a design-build for the entire shoring system using deep soil mixing shoring walls, slant drilled underpinning piles with jet grout infills and tiebacks for 3 sides of the project. The Market Street side required a large, 2 level internal bracing scheme since tiebacks would have conflicted with the public transport tunnels running under Market Street. We prefabricated the up to 70 feet long raker pipes off-site, so that installation was as fast and efficient as possible. In addition to the shoring work, we also installed a crane trestle that was heavy utilized for deliveries, equipment staging, and material laydown. Last but not least, the site was dewatered by unitizing 10 dewatering wells inside the excavation and 5 recharge wells along Market Street as part of our design-build shoring & dewatering scope.


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Trenching Along

Alameda Corridor East, San Gabriel, California 

    The San Gabriel trench project is a 2.2 mile grade separation project that will lower a 1.4 mile section of railroad track into an open trench that will run through the City of San Gabriel.  The project includes the construction of four bridges on large diameter drilled shafts, almost 3 miles of retaining wall made of over 7,400 secant piles with more than 2,600 permanent tiebacks - all in close proximity to life rail road traffic.

    The project also runs along the historic San Gabriel Mission, a historic landmark dating back to 1771 and often referred as the "Godmother of the Pueblo of Los Angeles". During the frequent findings of various artifacts, archeologist and Native American monitors are present during all drilling operations.


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DFI 40th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations

Malcolm will be exhibiting at the Deep Foundation Institute's 39th Annual Conference on Deep Foundations next week in Atlanta, Georgia.


If you will be attending the conference please stop by and say hello.


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New Family Members
    Andrew Morog joined Malcolm as the new District Manager of the Southeast Region earlier this year. He will be leading our Miami team as they imprint Malcolm into the soils of this region. Andrew brings over 30 years of experience in specialty foundations to the Malcolm family. He has held leadership positions working on many nationally recognized projects.  Andrew was raised in Boston and educated at University of Florida. His local contacts and comprehension of the South East landscape will be an asset to our endeavors. Please welcome Andrew and wife Lynn, along with their two children Victoria and Joseph, into our team.


    Leif McAfee joint Malcolm recently as new Operations Manager. Leif has twenty nine years' experience in a senior leadership role within the specialized construction industry. He was raised primarily in California and educated at Chabot/Cal State College in Hayward. He will bring his wife Karolyn and his 10 year old son Gavin into the Malcolm family.


    This is another step to increase the company's regional coverage and expertise as full service provider in the foundation industry.