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Welcome to the New Year and best wishes for
success and joy in the days and months ahead!

Many of us start the New Year by taking stock of where we are and where we are headed.  


It might serve us well to do the same for our organizations. Where is your organization right now and where are you headed? 

A terrific tool to help you in this reflection is the Five Life Stages of Nonprofit Organizations by Judith Sharken Simon (Fieldstone Alliance. 2001).

In her piece, Ms. Simon highlights five life stages of nonprofit organizations:

- Imagine and InspireDon Crocker

- Found and Frame

- Ground and Grow

- Produce and Sustain

- Review and Renew


Nonprofit Life Cycles (PDF)

>>> Tips in engaging through the
fifth stage (Review and Renew)


As one of your partners, the  

Support Center is here to help.

Visit our website to see what we are
up to this year and how we can help.


Yours in partnership,
Don Crocker

Don Crocker,
Executive Director/CEO
Board Retreat & Strategic Planning

The FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties, founded in 1984, serves over 270 pantries, soup kitchens and other feeding programs with over five million pounds of food annually.

With a new, state of the art warehouse and office complex completed in 2001, the FoodBank has seen an 84% increase in the number of individuals and families served since 2005.

Over 1,000 volunteers complement staff efforts to provide emergency food, skills training, outreach programs and advocacy for individuals and families in need.

Once the incredibly busy holiday season was over, the Executive Director, Susan M. Kelly, and Board Chairman, Robert Brown, engaged the Support Center to facilitate both a board retreat and a strategic planning process.

Marie Zieger, Senior Affiliated Consultant, and Don Crocker, Chief Executive Officer, are looking forward to working with the FoodBank team over the next six months to draft a blueprint for the future.


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Executive Coaching
Lincoln Square
The vision that drives Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center was born over 100 years ago with the rise of the Settlement House movement.

Rooted in this tradition, Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center was founded over 60 years ago on the west side of Manhattan.

Their mission is to improve the lives and life prospects of the residents within their community: the greater Lincoln Center neighborhood.  Programs and services are provided to over 2,700 individuals and 1,250 families, from pre-schoolers to senior citizens.

Melanie Schmidt, the new Executive Director of the Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center, recently transitioned from interim to permanent Director, and has been benefiting from executive coaching with Dart Westphal, Senior Associate at the Support Center.  Sessions are focusing on developing strategies and activities to achieve strategic objectives, operational targets and measureable outcomes.

Going forward Ms. Schmidt plans to work with her coach focusing on expanding the organization's fundraising efforts, strengthening the staff's commitment to the goals of the Center, solidifying her working relationship with the board of directors and honing her own leadership skills.

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Funding News in New Jersey
Bristol-Myers Squibb, Ortho-McNeil Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and PSEG have once again
recognized the importance of professional development by subsidizing scholarships for their grantees in New Jersey.
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Grantees of Bristol-Myers Squibb, Ortho-McNeil-Janssen and PSEG can attend trainings for $35 per person (regularly priced at $70 - $215)

That's more than 900 nonprofit
organizations in NJ!!
Ortho-McNeil-Janssen logo
"PSEG is one of the best partnerships we have. Your trainings, information sessions and panel sessions are truly appreciated and always helpful." Dawn Schwartz, Junior Achievement of New Jersey

>>> Scholarships
Relationships Between Federal Government and the Nonprofit Sector
Cuidi consulting
Take a couple moments to fill out this survey on government-nonprofit dynamics and your organization will be entered into a raffle to obtain one of two pro-bono awards for consulting services from Cuidiu Consulting valued at $5,000.

Several pro-bono awards valued $1,000
will also be raffled off for organizational coaching and consultating.

The purpose of the survey is to gain an understanding of nonprofit leaders' attitudes and feelings relating to their organization's relationship with the federal government.

Research will be completed in the summer of 2011 and will be available to the public later in the fall. Any names and organizations will only be viewed by Cuidiu Consulting, will not be mentioned in the report and personal information will be discarded just prior to completing the report.

The convener of this survey, Cuidiu Consulting, is proud to be partnering with the Support Center for Nonprofit Management in NYC and the Nonprofit Center in Tacoma, WA.

>>> Survey  -