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Training our Future Leaders - How Philanthropy is Helping


The nonprofit sector is fortunate to be able to attract many smart and idealistic young people into its ranks each year. But how do we make sure they stay and prosper to handle the leadership and governance challenges of

Don Crocker

the future?


While University and college-based programs have clearly made great strides in preparing young leaders to enter the sector, many potential leaders are faced with learning critical skills on the job. For example, a well-functioning executive director needs to have good instincts and skills in fundraising, financial management, board relations, and staffing. Most leaders have one or two of these strengths, but do not know where they can turn to get support or skills training in the other areas. Some are even reluctant to ask because they know there is little funding in their organization for it, and they also do not want to be perceived as weak...(read more


Don Crocker

Don Crocker,

Executive Director/CEO

Q&A with Certificate Program Participant Aimee Covo

Our certificate programs are a great way to enhance your skills in the areas of Fundraising, Management & Supervision, and Executive Leadership. In a recent interview, one of our Fundraising Certificate Program Participants,Aimee Covo of the Council for Living Music, told us why she took the program, and how it has helped her professionally.


1. Why did you decide to take our Fundraising Certificate Program?

After much research, I chose to attend the Fundraising Certificate program because it offers a diverse and well rounded series of studies/ workshops in the field of Fund Raising, including exposure to active professionals in the field with tremendous insight and expertise, and provides a certification upon completion.

To read more of Aimee's answers, please check out our blog here.

Trajectory Leadership Group


Have you heard about our Trajectory Leadership Group?  

Formed in March 2011, this is a group of 10 nonprofit leaders from organizations of various sizes and missions who have come together for one year to make significant change in their agencies. The group is facilitated by four nonprofit consultants and coaches who specialize in organization change and leadership development.  


What is happening in the group?

Guided by the individual challenges and goals of the group members, monthly meetings combine peer-to-peer brainstorming and problem solving discussions with skill-building and strategy sessions focusing on organization development, fundraising, board development and the current economic environment.


What are the expected outcomes?

We expect to see significant change in each leader's organization in line with their spoken goals. These include:


         An increase in diversified funding

         A transition plan to meet the needs of the organization in the next 18 months

         A board that can fundraise

         A mission that reflects current purpose and passion

         Improved leadership and management skills, including time management

         Adaption and restructuring to fit new funding realities


This program is partially funded by the American Express Foundation.


Applications Being Accepted for Best Buy National and Community Grants!  

Best Buy @15


Best Buy is strengthening communities by supporting programs that empower teens through their National Grants and @15 Community Grants programs.   


The programs fund initiatives that help teens excel in school, engage in their communities, and develop life and leadership skills. The National Grants program is available to nonprofit organizations with a national audience, while @15 Community Grants are available to organizations   

                           located within 50 miles of a Best Buy store.   


                           For eligibility requirements and more information, please click here

Public Allies Emerging Leaders Summit  


The Emerging Leaders Summit, taking place on Thursday, June 16, will feature stories of Public Allies participants' personal growth, their lessons learned about communities, social change, and their ideas to improve, enhance and expand leadership services in New York City.


A Conference for Emerging Leaders, by Emerging Leaders

Thursday, June 16th

9:00 am - 5:00 pm


At University Settlement House - Houston St. Center

273 Bowery (corner of Bowery and Houston)


For more information visit www.publicallies.org/newyork or call 646-237-7790.  

Staff Update: Dart Westphal 

   The Support Center is excited to welcome Dart Westphal  as a Senior Consultant. An organizational development consultant, Dart has 30 years of Dart Westphalexperience in both the Government and Not-for-Profit sectors. He has been instrumental in developing the Bronx River Alliance, developed new funding methods for supportive housing, created a Business Improvement District and started a nonprofit newspaper. He has wide experience in real estate development, community collaborations, environmental and faith-based organizations.

As part of the Support Center's team, Dart is collaborating on the development of the Trajectory Leadership Project and is part of a multi-disciplinary team developing a new corporate structure for a national nonprofit.