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Hello All,

Happy New Year!! 2014 thus far looks on track to even beat out 2013 with lots of things to cheer about.  Thank goodness we can just go back to our normal, happy lives and not have to worry about silly things like radiation poisoning, no more civil liberties, no more sea creatures or animals or even World War 3!  Whew!!  What a relief! 

We now have a Local EMF Action segment at the end of the EMF section of this news letter.  If you have a local EMF action you want placed in this news letter, please send me a short, 1 sentence blurb with your contact info.

Smart Meters Simply Sinister
Cell Phone Sickness
Wicked WIFI
Cell Towers In Their Final Hours
US Lights Up and Rings in the New Year with Federally Mandated, Poisonous, Mercury Laden Light Bulbs - Incandescent now ILLEGAL

Other EMF Nightmares
Local EMF Actions
Radiation Nation
Outrageous Lawlessness in the US Becomes Legal
The Government is Your Friend!
NSA Not Today!
Food Glorious Food!
Animals and Ocean Critters Irradiated and Poisoned to Death
"Corporment" Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government
Is Oil Giving You Gas?
Chemtrail Sky
Plastic On The Re-Bound!
Miscellaneous Toxic Travesties

Smart Meters Simply Sinister

This video is over a year old but for some reason I never saw it, so I imagine you may never have seen it either. 

Lindsey Williams has had an insider connection for several decades . . . . REMOVE YOUR SMART METER FROM YOUR HOME.
Smart Meters and the Global Currency Reset

Recipient List of Smart Meter and Wireless Networks Letter of Complaint and Appeal and Notice of Liability

Maine Smart Meter Health Effects Legal Briefs Submitted

Utilities Fight Back Against Solar

Your electric bill will go way up, unless you allow the utility to control your energy load at times of peak demand.
Smart Grid Technology Now Spreading Across the US Will Raise Energy Prices to Reduce Demand

Energy Bill Payers Face Hundreds of Millions of Pound Charges for Pointless Smart Meter Displays

Multiple Scientists Confirm the Reality of Free Energy, Here's the Proof

Wearable TVs and "Extremely Smart Watches"

Eric Windheim Radio Interview on Smart Meters

Cell Phones Linked to Health Problems Debated

Health Risks of Cell Phones and Wearable Devices

Mobile Phones, What You Should Know

Cell Phone Radiation, 2013, the Year in Review by Dr. Joel Moskowitz

Apple Says It's Unaware of NSA Back Door Access to iPhone

Huffington Post, 11 Reasons to Bring Back Landlines in 2014

Cell phone #1...
6 Most Toxic Things in Your Purse

Wonderful WIFI

French Woman on Hunger Strike Due to WIFI Antennas  Google Translate

WIFI Removed from New Zealand School Because WIFI Causes Cancer

Video of Parents On WIFI Removal

Washington Press Conference, Obama "WIFI in Every Classroom by 2015"

Citizens only pay with their health and life!  What a DEAL!!!  :)
SF Rolls Out 3 Miles of "Free" WIFIOlive Leaf Extract Helps Protect Rats from Oxidative Stress Damage From WIFI

This is the same WIFI that enables police and others to see through your walls.
WiSee - WIFI Controls Entire House Through Hand Gestures

Cell Towers Final Hours

Vancouver Says No to Cell Towers Due to Citizens Health and Safety Concerns

This article is a little old, but this fellow and his wife contacted me recently.  Evidently 2 of their YOUNG tenants in their 40s died of heart attacks after this cell tower went in and the other 2 also around that age contracted cancer.  The owners EVACUATED and now live temporarily off grid in Canada.
Couple Sues Utility for Health Effects from Cell Tower

Indian Parliament Wants EMF Testing Equipment for Their Cell Tower/Cancer Epidemic (no different than our epidemic except they are talking about it, we are not)

Are Mobile Phone Towers a Heath Hazard?  YES

US Lights Up and Rings in the New Year With Federally Mandated Mercury Exposure

US Lights Up with New Federally Mandated, Mercury Filled, Carcinogenic, Neurotoxic, LEDs. But hey, you can always get a WIFI enabled LED bulb that can spy on you while giving you a headache and cancer!  Why didn't we do this long ago?
Incandescent Light Bulbs Illegal in 2014

Mercury Laden Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Can Cause Cancer

"1 LED light bulb breakage contains enough mercury to contaminate 6,000 gallons of water."
Manufacturer Finds Loophole in Irresponsible Incandescent Light Bulb Ban

Other EMF Nightmares

This wreaks of HAARP or another equally damaging EMF source...
"I think what we are seeing is a mass extinction of the red-winged blackbird. Almost every able bird that could travel across North America came here tonight and died,"
18 Million Blackbirds Dead on New Year Eve

Conflicts of Interest at Royal Society Review Expert Panel - Are Canadians Being Kept In the Dark?

Lithium Sprayed to Help Conduct Electromagnetic Radiation "communications"


New Looming Health Crisis: Wireless Technology and The Toxification of America

Switzerland - Are We Preparing the Way for the Next Disease of Civilization?

Computerizing People May be Next Step in Tech

PG@E Hit with $14,000,000 Fine

The World's First Text Messaging Via Chemicals

Effective 1/1/14 in CA...
"...It will also enable the DMV to experiment with electronic license plates, as well as facilitate DMV's ability to explore cost-effective alternatives to California's traditional metal license plate, plastic-coated registration stickers, and paper registration cards."
CA DMV Electronic License Plate Registration Pilot Program

Optic Lense to Replace TV Screens

Texas Library Offers Glimpse of Book-less Future
Thieves are Using "mystery Gadgets" to Electronically Unlock Cars

Dogs Poop in Alignment with Earth's Magnetic Field (when not on a leash)

Study Backs Dog Poop Theory Up

Ex-Congressman Now Lives Off Grid Due to EMP Threat of Grid Instability

Trailer to Film, Urban Danger

This article is from 2009 but extremely relevant today:  "RF/microwave radiation has the same effect on health as gamma rays"
How to Fight Radiation Poisoning

While competing with the US program on mind control...
Soviet Union Spent 1 Billion On Mind Control
I wonder how much we spent?

Local EMF Actions

Cindy Franklin is gathering people to protest FCC chief Tom Wheeler on Jan. 9th. in Northern CA.  If you live up there and would like to attend, please email her at...


I received this and it scared me.  However, there are conflicting reports on what is actually coming out of Reactor 3 and other Fukushima reactors, so there may be no meltdown occurring.  Am sending both reports to raise awareness as to what MIGHT happen soon or may even be happening now.
Tepco Quietly Admits Reactor 3 Could be Melting Now

"Put simply, another "meltdown" may be taking place."
Fukushima Urgent Report - West Coast of North America Should Begin Preparations - Steam Coming from Reactor 3

According to this report, there is NO meltdown taking place

Dangerously High levels of Radiation on San Francisco Beach - Presumed to be From Fukushima

Chomsky Warns About Growing Threat of Nuclear War

This article reveals astounding atrocities to environmental and human health by the US Navy.  It is a MUST READ article...
Just when you thought the Atlantic Ocean was safer than the Pacific...
USS Calhoun County Sailors Dumped THOUSANDS OF TONS of RADIO ACTIVE WASTE Into the Ocean
This practice went on for 15 years, every day. The ship used for this was later sank by the Navy due to radioactivity.
"Albernaz began a battle for his life in 1988 when part of his brain began to die, mystifying doctors who eventually concluded the rare ailment might be linked to radiation."

More on the USS Crew members sickened with Cancer After Helping Fukushima

Japans Homeless Recruited for Fukushima Clean Up

10 Symptoms of Radiation Sickness

New Fukushima Site from Nina Beety

Outrageous Lawlessness in the US Becomes Legal

Evidently this bill was signed a month ago.  Wow, this was accomplished rather quietly.  I did not know about this until now...
Against US Constitution, Obama Signs Felony Charge Anti Free Speech Bill

Drone Analyst Reveals Failures of Targeted Killings

US The Biggest Threat to World Peace in 2013

Amazingly Revealing Article...
The Dark Side of Google

Snowden would be tried for treason, yet federal government agencies are allowed to break the law.  To update Shakespeare, "Something's rotten in DC"
NY Times and Guardian Urge President for Snowden Pardon

Judge Napolitano - Lies Your Government Told You

Not brand new but interesting vid, FBI Whistle Blower on US Government and Other Forces

The Government is Your Friend!

Vid FEMA Camp Round Up of Homeless

US Army Secretly Spraying Toxic Chemicals on Civilian Populations For "Experimental" Purposes...
Please Watch the VERY IMPORTANT Video Contained in This Link

SOLA 1.1 Controlling the Masses

Did you know that America has been trying to ban books?  I didn't!
US Schools attempted to ban 49 books in 2013


5 Tips For Living in a Surveillance State

NSA's capabilities "are even worse than your worst nightmares."
NSA Can Spy On Offline Computers Wirelessly

In contrast to last weeks federal judge ruling of illegality with NSA dragnet spying...
Federal Judge Rules NSA Data Collection Legal

NSA Intercepts Computer Deliveries

Apple Says It's Unaware of NSA Back Door Access to iPhone

5 Tips For Living in a Surveillance State

Army of Geeks, TSO - A Division of NSA, Wage Cyber War

NSA Seeks to Build Quantum Computer to Crack Most Encryption

Classifying NSA Quantum Computing Efforts

NSA Description of Hard Target Penatration

The Most Important Surveillance Order We Know Nothing About

NSA Whistle Blower Interviewed on Info Wars

NSA Whistle Blower Reveals Planned Police State

America - A Government Out of Control (part 1)
America - A Government Out of Control (part 2)

After the first 6 or 7 minutes, this interview with a reporter gets really interesting.  I had no idea Glenn Greenwald was selling the Snowden NSA leaks and meeting with government officials to possibly keep some of them hidden.
Who's Controlling the Snowden Documents and For What Purpose?

GCHQ and NSA Targeted EU Chief, Heads of Institutions Who Gave Humanitarian Help to Africa

Silicon Valley Losses Could be as High as 180 Billion for Colluding with NSA

Millions of Frozen Food Packages Recalled Over Pesticide Contamination Fear

8 Million Acres Too Polluted to Grow Food On in China (approx. the size of Belgium)

Federal Gov. Proposes Deregulating Corn and Soy

General Mills Drops GMOs from Cherios!!

Hawaii - Anti GMO "Tsunami" Evict Monsanto

Please sign...
Tell the FDA, GMOs Aren't "Natural"

Social Media as a Megaphone to Pressure the Food Industry

Animals and Ocean Critters Irradiated and Poisoned to Death
Scientists "mystified".  Average citizens aren't.

1000 Dolphins Dead

News Report on Massive Star Fish Die Off in the Pacific

"Wildlife experts have never seen bald eagles suffer like this before in Utah and scientists are unsure of what is making them ill.Dec. 26, 2013: Wildlife experts say they've never seen anything like this before. [...] "Weakness in the legs, weakness in the wings. And then very quickly move into having tremors, and then full blown seizures."
  Within a week or two of Obama allowing for the slaughter of the American Bald Eagle, Bald Eagles are now being found dying a horrible death.

This report just came out about an old issue of Mad Cow disease in US Meat...
Mad Cow Disease Tied to Portland, Oregon Slaughterhouse

Historically, humans mimic animals reactions a few years down the road.
Honey Bees Dying in Record Numbers

Dead, Dyng, Twitching, Bees Were Exposed to Corn Insecticide

Historically, humans mimic animals reactions a few years down the road.
Honey Bees Dying in Record Numbers

Lost Hooves and Dead Cattle Before Merck Halted Zilmax Sales

Dolphin Deaths Soar

Please sign the Petition - Peru is slaughtering 15,000 Dolphins a Year to Use as Bait for Endangered Sharks

Sea Change - Food for Millions at Risk

"Scientists consider frogs to be barometers for the health of wetlands because they absorb liquid and gas through their skin, so they literally breath their environment..."

Read more here:
Scientists Find Abnormal Frogs in Alaska

"We are currently in the midst of what scientists consider the sixth mass extinction in planetary history, with between 150 and 200 species going extinct daily, a pace 1,000 times greater than the "natural" or "background" extinction rate."
The Coming "Instant Planetary Emergency"

"Corporment" Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government

"Dark Money" Geared Towards Climate Change Denial From Koch Industries and Exxon Disappears in Untraceable 3rd Party Donors

State Department Spends $650,000 on Facebook "Likes" to Garner Alleged Support

Canadian Government Cuts $100,000,000 from Water Protection Budget

This is a little old, but totally relevant to today...
Ralph Nader on Democracy Now, American Fascism and Big Businesses Take Over of the Country

Zambia, "Register Your Sim Card or Lose Your Service!"

75 Alberta Regulators Now Paid By Oil Industry

Who Owns Antartctica?

This is from July but Deborah Taveris sent it to me this week and I may have never sent it to you. 
Deborah Taveris on Jeff Rense

Message to Police from Josie Outlaw

This is a really good video!!!
Why You Should NOT Join the Military

Is Oil Giving You Gas? 

Amish Sell Land to Frackers and Flee

Judge Rules Against BP In Oil Settlement

The battle between indigenous people and oil in Ecuador...
After All the Peoples We Killed, We Felt Dizzy

Fracking Causing Earthquakes in Texas Town, Residents Anger Mounts

Russia Drops Charges Against Greenpeace Activists

Chemtrail Sky

Your Congressman or Woman has the Power to Change This If You Make Them..
"What the Sky Looked Like in My Day As Compared with Now"

Los Angeles On Track to Set Record - Driest Year Since 1877

Miscellaneous Toxic Travesties

Child Labor in Gold Extraction Through Mercury Vapor in Southeast Asia

Bike Riding In Air Pollution Could Put Your Heart at Risk

Playground Turf May be Hazardous to Children's Health

Fashion at a High Price - Lead Tainted Color - the Brighter the Riskier

Cancer Linked Flame Retardants Eased Our of Furniture in 2014

Leaky Sewers in CA Cause Toxic Mess in Water Wells and Other Places

In the Rush for Gold, Mercury is Used in Indonesia and Abroad, Poisoning Habitat and People

Spike in Liver Damage Tied to Dietary Aides

Special Thanks for Articles From: Environmental Health News, Common Dreams, Access Now, Smart Meter Awareness Group, Iris Atzmon, Deborah Taveris, Paul Doyon, Laddie Lawdings, Dave Hubert, Judi Hangartner, Robert Reidlinger, Jenny Miller, Jeremy Johnson, Marilynne Martin, Eric Windheim, Kiki Corbin, Leah Spitzer

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