Policy brings more predictability to community amenity contributions
July 11, 2018

City Council has approved a new policy that sets out clearer rules and expectations for developers regarding amenity contributions. The policy applies when rezoning land to a direct control zone ( DC1 or DC2 ) results in a larger building than what is permitted under existing zoning.  

“Direct control zonings create many benefits for existing neighbourhoods, but they can also exert pressure on those communities,” says Livia Balone, Director of Planning Coordination. “Amenity contributions help offset the impacts of that growth and encourage high-quality development that adds value to the community in which it is located.”

Community amenity contributions are public benefits, including park and sidewalk upgrades, new park space, public art, family-oriented housing and heritage preservation.

The policy defines amenities and describes the types of developments that require them. The policy also establishes a set rate for the amount that developers must be contribute. Developers and communities can use the City’s contribution calculato r to find out what the contribution amount is for proposed developments.

Developers are responsible for proposing amenities, but communities can share their priorities from the City’s approved list of amenities with developers for consideration through the standard rezoning public engagement process . Communities that experience a high number of direct control rezonings are encouraged to share their amenity priorities with developers before individual rezoning proposals.

The new policy is intended to introduce consistency and stability in the process and does not increase the contribution amount currently required by developers or expand amenity contribution requirements beyond direct control rezonings.

Developers rezoning a property to a direct control provision (DC1 or DC2) that increases floor area by more than five percent than what is permitted under the existing zoning are required to contribute community amenities.
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