Statement on safety measures at stormwater ponds
July 25, 2017 

The City of Edmonton sends the deep condolences of its employees to the family, friends and neighbours of Khrystyna Maksymova.

There have been questions from the public about what the City is doing to review safety practices and standards in light of the tragedy. We are providing information in the hope that the grief felt in Miss Maksymova’s death will not visit others in the future.

The City has 183 stormwater ponds which undergo routine inspection and maintenance to ensure they meet all current safety and operating standards. Stormwater ponds on average are inspected 12 times a year. Water levels, quality, bank erosion, operation assets and signage are inspected during these site visits.

On Monday, City crews visited the stormwater pond where the fatality occurred to determine if there were any safety deficiencies related to current standards. Crews visually inspected the water level, the vegetation and water quality, bank erosion, signage and the drainage operations equipment such as outfalls. All were determined to be normal.

The City will be conducting a review of all stormwater ponds to determine if any additional information measures are required. Safety signs will be reviewed for clarity of content and messages, including potentially adding information about the specific dangers of stormwater ponds. The review will also examine the placement and number of signs at each pond. Additional public education opportunities may also be explored.

We are continuing to finalize the scope and timelines of our internal review. In the meantime, we continue to urge Edmontonians to remember that stormwater ponds are functioning drainage infrastructure, and to stay away from the water and marsh areas.