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SCHEDULING CHANGE!  Please note that the June chapter meeting has been cancelled.  Because of scheduling difficulties,The annual awards, the administration of oaths to the incoming board, and NEC reports from scholarship recipients will be conducted at the July 13th chapter meeting at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Please watch the website and social media for more July chapter meeting details. That meeting has been pushed back to the 2nd Thursday because of the July 4th holiday.

HAVE YOU REGISTERED for the May 4th monthly meeting? The new DoubleTree Suites in Rancho Cordova is the place to be to learn new (or refresh your knowledge) about state government meetings, Jeopardy style.

Early bird registration closes May 3rd

see meeting and registration details at

NEC Charity : Ronald M cDonald House  Charities, South Florida is the chosen charity of the 2017 national education conference. The chapter challenge is to bring pop can pull tabs, with a complimentary planner registration for a future National event offered as t he prize for the chapter bringing the highest pounds of tabs.  Because of luggage restrictions and fees, this chapter instead chooses to pass the piggy bank and take a donation to Ft. Lauderdale. Those traveling to NEC are also asked to collect and bring toiletries that can be donated to this wonderful charity.
YOU can also choose to give directly to Ronald McDonald House:   
  If you do donate, please make sure to identify SGMP as your organization!

Kudos to Brad Ross of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Yvonne Magnehim of the DoubleTree Hotel, and Marie Cicogni of the Holiday Inn Sacramento Downtown Arena Hotel for securing funding from the Sacramento Tourism Marketing District to showcase Sacramento at NEC in Ft. Lauderdale.  Attendees will know that "Sacramento is IN the House."  Thank you, Brad, Yvonne, and Marie for the continued support of SGMP! 

DID YOU KNOW - Chapter Supplier Members support our monthly Chapter meetings? You may not be aware that our host properties fund our monthly chapter meetings. This means that the chapter is typically not billed for all of the expenses related to our monthly meetings-food, beverages, meeting room re ntal/setup or audio visual.  Their goal is to provide a pleasant and professional culinary experience. They treat all SGMP meetings with the same value and importance they do with each and every government meeting or event that is held at their property. Suppliers see this as an opportunity to showcase their property. The sales manager works closely with their chef and catering staff to be sure that we receive outstanding examples of their food choices, and excellent customer service .  This chapter is very fortunate to have so many supportive supplier members, and we thank you!
You may be asking "so what happens to the registration fee I pay for the monthly chapter meetings?" Registration fees collected support the various educational components of our chapter. This education is provided for, and available to, all chapter members , even remote members . All registration fees help fund speakers for monthly programs as well as our scholarships for members to attend annual Conferences. 

  T he next time you are filling out your meeting evaluation, please be mindful that our host properties and their sales and catering staff make it their primary goal to ensure that each meeting is a success and that all attendees are provided with a positive quality experience.  Use those evaluations to l et us know what went well, what could be improved, as well as any ideas you might have for monthly program topics. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions, so let your voice be heard!  (in a anonymous manner)
NOTE: this article originated in the Rocky Mountain chapter's newsletter and was composed by Mary Lou Wallace. It has been edited and is reprinted with permission.


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