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Oct ober 27, 2016 Silent Auction   

The Sacramento Chapter is very excited to announce the annual Silent Auction on Thursday, October 27, 2016, from 5:30 - 9 p.m. at McClellan Conference Center.  Enjoy a fun-filled evening including dinner, raffles, silent auction, live auction, and a chance to win $500 cash with a special raffle. The event is open to everyone - so bring your colleagues, neighbors, friends, and family.
This event is our biggest fundraiser of the year with the money raised going toward the chapter's educational and scholarship fund as well as supporting a local Sacramento charity, Women Escaping a Violent Environment (WEAVE).
If you would like to donate to the Silent Auction, please see the pledge letter and pledge form on our website: .
Keep checking the website for additional details and updates. For questions or further information, please contact Kelly Bouchard at or Tasha Wilson at .
We look forward to seeing you there! 


July Program Summary

ABC 101 
During our July chapter meeting, we had the opportunity to learn about California's laws and rules with respect to the use of beer and wine as gifts at meetings conducted by government (aka nonprofit) organizations. Matthew Seck, Supervising Agent in Charge for the Sacramento/Redding Office at the California Alcoholic Beverage Control, provided statutory citations, definitions, and information about permits and licenses required in different scenarios such as Silent Auctions, raffles, and private parties. He also touched on transportation considerations with respect to shipping alcohol across state lines. We became aware of these laws, and Mr. Seck, when he gave a similar presentation at the MPI Sacramento/Sierra Nevada (MPISSN) Chapter's workshop last March.
The bottom line is IF there is "consideration" involved, it cannot be done, without a special permit. "Consideration" means: a transaction whereby, for any consideration, title to alcoholic beverages is transferred from one person to another. For example, our chapter's fundraisers include some sort of participation fee and this would be a "transaction with consideration." Calling something a participation fee, a raffle, or even a donation, does not change the legal definition, Mr. Seck stated.
When one conducts such an event at a venue that already holds a liquor license, it is normal to have that entity "relinquish" their license for THAT particular space where the organization is conducting its raffle. According to Mr. Seck, they process 500-700 relinquish requests a month. WOW!!
While he shared many points based on "hypothetical" situations asked by the audience, here is some key information from his presentation:
*  If one has a no host bar, and are auctioning things that include alcohol, one needs a license and the venue holding a liquor license would need to "surrender" the area where beer/wine are displayed.
* Any event that has an Auction that includes alcohol requires a special daily ABC License.
*  Online bidding solely for alcohol needs a specific auction license. (Public TV stations get this type of permit for 30 days). Otherwise, a general license would only be good for one day.  Transactions (e.g. bidding/awarding) must be completed in one day.
*Only licensees, such as wineries, are allowed to transport beer/wine from California.  
*There is no such thing as a "licensed bartender" at this time, but new legislation is pending.
*Only one auction, per nonprofit organization is allowed per year. This is based on an organization's 501c3 determination letter.
*The penalty for not having the appropriate license could include a citation/fine of up to $1,000 for multiple parties associated with the event including the host organization, contract planners, the venue and the caterer.

Handouts include forms and information sheets that are available on the ABC Website:
*ABC 221 INSTR: Instructions for Obtaining a Daily License
*ABC 221: Daily License Application/Authorization
*ABC 525: Caterer's Permit information
*ABC 532: Information for Special Daily Licenses
*ABC 543: Information for Daily On-Sale General Licensees

Pertinent citations:
*Business and Professions Code, Division 9 Section 23000-25762
*California Code of Regulations, Title 4, Division 1, Article 16 Section106

Resource websites:
As a test to develop methods to deliver education to our newly transferred members from the Southern California Chapter, this program was live streamed via Facebook to a select audience. The stream is still available if you wish to see it. Please contact Kit Gonzales at

Another resource for information is MPISSN'S current (Summer 2016) newsletter that shares a summary article by Cathy Murnighan, MVV Management Group, (Page 18) about their March workshop:  The ABC's of Special One Day Liquor Licenses
SGMP NEC 2017, the next one may be the last one.
The Society of Government Meeting Professionals' 2017 National Education Conference & Expo (NEC) will be held in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on June 6-8, 2017. Fort Lauderdale served as host of SGMP's 17th annual conference in 1999. It is an exceptional destination for the one-stop and non-stop education, resources, and networking that SGMP's national education conferences provide.
The Society plans to change to more regional education offerings starting in 2018. If you want to attend this last national conference, scholarships will be available in early 2017.

Speaking of national education conferences, did you know the presentations from the 2016 NEC in San Diego, including the one from our own Bill Amaral, are available othe national website Go to:  2016 NEC Programs. Below is Bill's personal testimony of his first NEC experience.


SGMP 2016 NEC - A First-Timer's Experience
By Bill Amaral, Presenter
Travel and Meeting Safety in a Changing World
This was my first time presenting and attending a National Education Conference. I would like to thank the Sacramento Chapter for giving me the opportunity and also give a shout out to all of the chapter members who attended my "Travel and Meeting Safety in a Changing World" session.
Before my session started I went through the usual nervous jitters wondering if anyone was going to attend my presentation, but within a few minutes of the start time, I was pleasantly surprised. Within a few minutes the room quickly filled up and several members of the Sacramento Chapter sat down, so I knew things were going to be ok. It was nice to have familiar faces in the room. I had been parked out in front of the room for at least 30 minutes watching the service dog session, staring at my phone hoping they would finish early so I could get set up. With the help of the AV technician it all went like clockwork. Set up and ready to go with time to spare.
For some attendees it was a repeat performance, for others, it was their first time participating in the session. The presentation covered some basic precepts of safe travel that apply to all destinations as well defensive flying techniques for the air travel portion of a trip. We covered pre-trip planning along with a live packing demo, to show you really can pack everything you own into two carry-on bags. There was information on where to sit on the airplane as well as how to select your room/floor in the hotel. Travel tips for the entire trip including what to wear, where to sit, what to expect in an evacuation. Meeting planners were provided safety and security points to consider when selecting a hotel or meeting location.
The interactive portion of the presentation got a boost from members of the audience who volunteered to participate in a quick life vest demo with our very own Roxanne O'Moore assisting! She actually did very well. Must have been all of the studying she did before the event! Attendees were attentive and asked a lot of questions.
As a first time attendee, it was a challenge to decide which education sessions to attend since I had no previous experience and didn't know any of the presenters. I was pleasantly surprised. I had the pleasure of attending quite a few sessions, but two stood out for me-Communication Lessons Wrapped in Laughter with Todd Hunt and Hot Technologies for 2016 by Jim Spellos. The two sessions were popular and very well-attended. They provided great information in an interactive and humorous setting that made the session time fly by and left attendees wanting more.
As a first timer, it was a very fast-paced and memorable week. I made connections with various properties during the event and networked with other meeting planners. The location was perfect, the weather was cool, not the typical Southern California weather, so I was in heaven. The roster of presenters was impressive and the diversity of attendees made it even better. It was time well-spent for me personally and I am sure the members of my team that attended with me feel the same way.   

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CalSAE Seasonal Spectacular

We want to see you at CalSAE Seasonal Spectacular on Thursday, December 1! Exhibitor booth sales are open now for returning exhibitors and will be open for new exhibitors on August 18. The Exhibitor Prospectus tradeshow floor plan, and other information may be found at