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July Educational Event

July 7, 2016, is our next meeting at the Holiday Inn, Capitol Plaza Hotel.  Our guest speaker, Matthew Seck from the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control agency, will be presenting "ABC 101: Alcohol Regulations Planners Need to Know - The Road to Compliance" and speaking about the laws surrounding the use of alcohol at our events.  A don't miss session.  Please sign up at

Chapter Program Dates

1. July 7: at the Holiday Inn Capitol Plaza, Sacramento.

2. August: No chapter meeting as your Board is working this month to map out education, logistics, and fundraisers, along with defining goals and objectives for the coming chapter year.  Suggestions from members are always welcome. 

3. September 15: at the Julia Morgan House (3731 T Street, Sacramento)

4. October 6: Location and program to be determined.  

5. October 27:  Silent Auction, McClellan Conference Center. 

6. November 3: at Bucca de Beppo restaurant. Program to be determined.

7. November 30: Holiday event Luncheon.
ACTION ITEM: Please stay tuned and watch these e-blast notices, the Chapter's social media sites, and its website for chapter meeting dates/locations announcements.   
Silent Auction

SAVE THE DATE!  October 27 for the chapter's premiere event, to be conducted at the McClellan Conference Center.  Volunteers are needed and encouraged to contact co-chairs Kelly Bouchard ( or Tasha Wilson ( to join the committee.

Membership News

The chapter is pursuing members from the SoCal chapter because that chapter is shutting down June 30th.  While they have a bit of time yet to make a decision to transfer to any other chapter or become a Member at large, we currently enthusiastically welcome the following new members: 

* Robin Wilson, CMP, CGMP, Veterans Affairs, Palo Alto, Menlo Park
* Jodi Langhammer, CMP, CGMP, Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside, San Diego
* Elizabeth Fuller, Bristol Hotel, San Diego
* Kimberley Piras, CGMP, NCO 22, Orange
* Glenda Wina, LA County Office of Protocol, Los Angeles
* Sher Takahasi, retired, Spring Valley

The Board is also looking at options to provide education for these new members from afar.  All ideas are welcome.


Members: Especially during this time of the national office transition to a management firm, please remember to utilize the member portal at to access invoices, pay dues and update contact information.  Members should also be on the lookout for reminder emails sent during their renewal cycle alerting them to go online to find and print/pay their invoice.  If one unsubscribes from receiving emails, one will no longer receive those reminders that are sent through Constant Contact.  Please contact Reba Anderson at if you are not receiving those emails.
Learning About Leadership
By Tasha Wilson, Department of General Services
The education offered at this year's National Education Conference (NEC) in San Diego was extremely enlightening as well as fun and entertaining. The session I enjoyed the most was Dean Savoca's presentation "Leader as Coach: Moving your Team to Winning Results." The session opened with a short clip that put everyone in a good mood and provided a great example of the impact of coaching and encouragement.
The clip features a ten-year-old boy on a baseball diamond by himself. He tosses a ball in the air, says "I'm the best hitter in the world!" and swings his bat determinedly. WHIFFF, the ball falls to the ground. He mumbles "strike one" and picks up the ball. He tosses it in the air again, and says, "I'm the best hitter in the world!" and swings his bat with all his might. WHIFFF, the ball falls to the ground. He mumbles "strike two." The boy, more determined than ever, turns his hat around backwards, spits in his hand, grips the bat and says even louder, "I'm the best hitter in the world" and swings. WHIFFF, for the third time the ball falls to the ground. The look on the boy's face goes from disappointment and discouragement to a huge smile. With his eyes lighting up in excitement, he mumbles "hmmmm, strike three" then yells with glee, "I'M THE BEST PITCHER IN THE WORLD!!!!"

With everyone in the session chuckling and ready to learn about coaching and encouragement, Dean took us through some interesting statistics. He shared that an alarming 70 percent of employees in the U.S. lack engagement in their jobs, 52 percent of those are not engaged and 18 percent are actively disengaged. Engagement requires good leadership, and leadership styles are changing. Leaders now need coaching skills to engage their employees.

I was able to apply so much from this presentation to my daily work, but the thing that stood out the most was learning about the art of a Coaching Conversation. To begin with, Dean suggests asking the employee for permission to coach them. By asking for the employee's permission, you are making them aware that you intend to push them to grow. You are also getting their buy-in and building an important rapport. The following are six parts to a Coaching Conversation and a few examples of questions to ask:

1. Know Them: Learn what your employees goals are, what motivates them, their biggest successes, strategies they used for success, and their limiting behaviors. Also take the time to learn some things about them personally like how many siblings they have, what they do in their free time, and something from their childhood that helped shape them.
2. "What do we have to celebrate?" What's working"?

3. Engage Them: Build a rapport, provide feedback, celebrate their successes, anchor their successes with accountability, meet with them, ask questions and discuss, Focus Them: What is the goal, discuss the actions to take, ask where they are at on your actions, find out what they need from you to assist in achieving their goal. Also, tie what they are doing into your organizations goals. 

4.   Inspire Them: Actively listen, be engaged, ask smart questions. Tap into what motivates them; is it family, influence, travel, etc.? What will this achievement do for you? What is the cost if you don't achieve it? Make sure they understand the why behind achieving their outcome.

 5. Inspire Them: Actively listen, be engaged, ask smart questions. Tap into what motivates them; is it family, influence, travel, etc.? What will this achievement do for you? What is the cost if you don't achieve it? Make sure they understand the why behind achieving their outcome.

 6. Move Them: Get a commitment to action, pre-frame their success, reinforce their value and the value of the goal. What are your next steps? Who else can help you? How will you feel when you achieve this?
The result of coaching and engaging coaching conversations is improved performance, higher productivity, and cohesive teamwork.
If you were unable to attend this year's NEC or you missed this presentation, I strongly suggest looking up Dean Savoca or Savoca Performance Group online. His website is loaded with great information including some clips of his presentations. In addition, if you have an opportunity in the future to attend one Dean's sessions, take it. He is dynamic, entertaining, and full of important insight. The hour session flew by and when it was over, I was energized and inspired to put what I learned into action.