December 2015
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Clear the Smoke:
Protecting Our Kids From Marijuana

While the debate over legalization of recreational marijuana continues to gain momentum here in Michigan, please keep in mind that young people are hearing a lot of conflicting information.  Let's Clear the Smoke about the risks associated with youth marijuana use. 

We've created a campaign, based on scientific and evidence-based information, to educate parents, teachers, community leaders, caregivers - anyone who may face tough questions from teens - about how to encourage young people to steer clear of marijuana.

  • Marijuana interferes with normal brain development, as well as emotional/mental development.
  • Softening perceptions of the risks to body and brain development lead to an increase in teen use.
  • Teen marijuana use is associated with poor academic performance.
  • Athletic performance suffers in teens who smoke marijuana.
  • High schools seniors who smoke marijuana are 65% more likely to get into a car crash than those who don't smoke.
  • One in six teens who use marijuana will become addicted.

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Clear the Smoke about youth marijuana use.


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Ferndale Student Leadership Services Group

The Ferndale High School SLS group, sponsored by the Southeast Oakland Coalition, met in November to give campaign speeches, and to elect their student executive board. The group has already begun putting together plans for community service projects  they will be implementing in the new year. 
Troy Community Coalition Celebrates Volunteers

The Troy Community Coalition held their Volunteer Recognition Dinner on December 8.  The theme for the dinner was "Volunteers Make our Future Bright".  Over fifty volunteers attended the event.  Everyone received a pair of sunglasses because the volunteers help the Troy Community Coalition shine brightly.
Buzzed Driving is Drunk Driving 
If alcohol will be part of your holiday celebrations this year, make a plan to NOT drive.

Some simple ideas to help you avoid a DUI or even a deadly car crash: leave your keys at home or give them to a friend; designate a sober driver who isn't drinking at all; tell others your intentions about driving and stick to the plan; and most importantly-once you've had anything to drink, do not drive.
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