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10 Ministry Fair and Potluck
     Catechesis Resumes
17 Bluegrass Concert
23 Bridge Bash


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At the June meeting, the Daughters of the King elected officers for the year which will begin in September; April Baily as president, Sharon Ward as vice president, and Jerre Plunkett as secretary/treasurer. The next meeting in September will be on September 2, in Keller Hall. The Daughters also welcomed Janet Mayo and Barbara Suttles into the discernment process. These women will be meeting with Nell Engeler over the summer to explore what it means to be a Daughter of the King, and to live a life of prayer, evangelism, and service.  Anyone with questions is welcome to call April Baily at  870-421-5395 .
Book Discussion Group

2ND Tuesday of the month, Noon, Keller Hall
AUGUST     Andres, Marie 
SEPTEMBER   Miller, Martha Abbey
 August 2017
 Anniversaries and Birthdays

17 Bill and Margaret Weeks 
18 James and Mary Waldeck 
25 Rock and Nell Engeler 
29 Marilyn and Norman Woods

1   Claudette Conine
4   Martha Willetts
10  Marilyn Woods
12  Chris Jackson-Lockyer
      Donna Jones
14  Bonnie Novotny
15  Marie Kelley
18  Clifford Cook III
21  Robert Patrick
23  Lynn Phelps
24  Donna Burnett
     Joyce Polacek
25  Billy Williams
30  Kathy Meinecke
31  Helen Loop
Did we miss (or mess up) your special day? Call the church office at 870-425-3560 to update our records.

News and Notes
in Mountain Home
August 2017
Editor - Kathy Johnson

Greetings all and "welcome back" to St. Andrew's NEWSLINE.  Blessings to Kathy Johnson for her persistence in getting this published.
Here is a (probably incomplete) overview of the worship, caring for each other, participation and action that has and is occurring.

Caring for our members
Members of St. Martha's Guild, Daughters of the King and our Eucharistic visitors continue to call, visit and pray for members as requested. Watch for notices regarding where you can participate.  Church family care these summer months have included a birthday party for Bill Harrington and good byes to Ellen Pugh and Mike Moore, both now living near family. Gary McDermott and Margie Braden have both left current addresses you can find in the directory. Margie wants us to know she thinks of us and has decided to transfer her membership to St. Andrew's in Emporia, KS - and their Rector's last name is "McDonald."! Eucharistic visitors offer communion in home settings to 6 - 8 members throughout the weeks of a month.  Attendance is strong - no slump as yet...and outreach events on behalf of others in the community continue.
Inquire and Renew
Thank you!  Leaders, Kathy McClellan, April Baily, Nell Engeler and Deanna Van Eps who facilitated the Inquire and Renew class for five (5) Sundays ...and Welcome! New confirmands, Richard Hester and Janet Mayo. Nancy Hester, Jane Darr and Chuck Orvis renewed their baptismal vows during the Bishop's visit on July 9. That Sunday Bishop Benfield expressed his appreciation to us all for the warm "open door" welcome and commented on St. Andrew's members' care for the church and each other.  During Forum using the "Word Clouds," he described the transition process, the search, and answered many questions.
The Search for a New Rector
July 1 - Supper and Stories with Canon Jason Alexander took place with over 45 folks attending.  Using a tool called, "Appreciative Inquiry", folks used sticky notes to answer questions, share with each other at table and then with the entire group.  By July 9, graphics called "Word Clouds" created from our own words were provided and sent by Canon Alexander and posted outside Keller Hall.  Next step, the  Vestry is to complete "12 questions" by August 30.  Building the job description, base salary and marketing St. Andrew's, life in the Twin Lakes and more will be launched on a revamped website, simultaneously listing the position. The reality is that we may be enjoying the personalities of several wonderful supply priests for some time.
Memorials, Remembering and Maintaining
Most of you know that the stained glass window was at risk.  On July 10 ,  it was removed for repair under the supervision of specialist David Soos from Little Rock.  Building and Grounds chair and Vestry member, Art Williams, involved the experience and expertise of members, not the least of which is Treasurer John Van Eps in orchestrating this repair. While a necessity, the cost of this was an unplanned for expense. A "Window of Opportunity" has been announced inviting folks who want to contribute to the expense to do so by sending a gift marked for this repair.

AUGUST 2017 
1 Wood Carvers  9 -11:30 AM
2 Stitchers  9-11:30 AM
Healing Service 12 Noon
Pub Theology  5:30 PM
3 Mobile Mammography  9 AM-2PM
PEO Meeting  11:30-3 PM
4 Prayer Group  12:30 PM
5 DOK  9:00 AM
6 Sunday 
8 Wood Carvers  9-11:30 AM
Literacy Council Pizza Party 10 AM - 2 PM
Book Discussion Group  12:00 Noon
9 Stitchers  9-11:30 AM
11 Taste of St. Andrew's  6-8 PM
Prayer Group  12:30 PM
12 Men's Breakfast  7:30 AM
Building/Grounds Comm  9:15 AM
13 Sunday
15 Wood Carvers  9-11:30 AM
16 Stitchers  9-11:30 AM
Pub Theology  5:30 PM
18 Prayer Group  12:30 PM
20 Sunday 
Vestry Meeting  12 Noon
22 Wood Carvers  9-11:30 AM
23 Stitchers  9-11:30 AM
28 Prayer Group  12:30 PM
27 Sunday 
Food Ingathering
Discretionary Fund Collection
29 Wood Carvers  9-11:30 AM
30 Stitchers  9-11:30 AM

As we head east for several weeks, I hope you've enjoyed the variety in priest/celebrants as much as we have. May our luck in this regard continue. Do know that  there will be a final chance to sing a simple song at the offertory...on 10 September (come run thru it at 10 A.M.). Choir rehearsal will happen at 5 P.M. on Wednesday September 13, as we prepare an anthem for the 17th. We should be back on the usual schedules after that.

Here is a bit different hymn text from Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou, written for a recent singing visit to the Middle East:

     Salaam, Shalom-Salaam, Shalom
     These words mean peace...these words bring hope.

     Brothers raise your voice with mine
     Sisters bring your song
     If the people show the way...then...
     the leaders must come along...singing...

     Everywhere, we pray for peace...
     We work for a new start
     for light the way
     giving broken hearts.

     The time for mourning past...
     the time for peace is come....
     the night it was so long and dark
     Let's welcome...a new dawn.

     Salaam, Shalom--Salaam, Shalom...
     These words mean peace...these words bring hope.

Go forth, finding reasons to explore, inquire, and rejoice. BILL WEEKS

(Note that salaam means Arabic: shalom Hebrew)

BRIDGE BASH, September 23, 2017
The Bridge Bash is the annual fundraiser of the North Central Arkansas Food Bank.  Held in Cotter, Arkansas it is a wonderful event for the whole family - food, entertainment, silent auction,
and an opportunity to help feed families in our area.
Last year a group of sixteen members of St. Andrew's met at the Bridge Bash and spent an hour packing food for the North Central Arkansas Food Bank.  St. Andrew's Food Pantry frequently purchases food from the Food Bank to supplement the donated food we receive each month from our Ingathering Sunday.  We wore bright red tee shirts with St. Andrew's logo on them and had a wonderful time joining with other churches and groups to provide packaged food for people in need.   If you are interested in being part of St. Andrew's team this year, please sign up in the church office.  An application will need to be completed.  Also, if you would like to purchase a tee shirt, please call Gail Alter at  870-405-1647.
If you are unable to attend the Bridge Bash, another way you can help St. Andrew's Food Pantry is by making a $20 donation to the Food Bank which is then credited to our account.  Last year, we raised over $400 which helped pay for many food items over the year.
At the end of July, our senior warden, Jane Darr attended a conference presented by the Food Bank where she received the latest information about the Bridge Bash.  If you have any questions, please ask Jane Darr or Gail Alter.  We look forward to having an even larger team than last year.
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