Marathon News and Updates
APRIL 12, 2018


Welcome to Jack's Marathon Team!

We are very excited to kickoff the 2018 running season with this newsletter.

For the next six months, you'll receive a weekly newsletter containing important team updates, coaching/training tips and fundraising ideas.

You'll hear from Coach Everett and Personal Trainer, Matthew Marston. Together, our goal is to get you to the start line health y and over the finish line happy ! Just send us an email if there is something in-particular you'd like us to focus on.

We post all newsletters and updates on the JF webpage and on the team FACEBOOK page, so you can always refer back to a previous newsletter. The FACEBOOK page is a private group for our marathon team only. Your teammates (and past teammates) will post encouraging comments and training pics. If you haven't joined the page yet, we encourage you to do so. We are also on Instagram and Twitter (links below).

Feel free to contact anyone of us with a question or concerns.

Thank you all for all you do!

Phone: 708-205-5692

Whether this will be your 1 st or 10 th marathon, we hope you will find the experience of training for and then running 26.2 miles for the Jack’s Fund personally rewarding. I certainly have in the past completing both Chicago and New York Marathons four times and the 2017 Marine Corp Marathon last year with Jack’s Team. I am taking a year off from running a marathon and will focus more time on being your personal running coach this year. 

Tip to stay injury free: Dynamic stretch at beginning and end of your run. Tight quads are a big factor in causing runner's knee. Bring your joints in full range of motion (let swings or toe touches).

Check out the Team Facebook page for two videos on dynamic stretching.

Congratulations and welcome to Jack’s Team. We are very excited and honored you decided to run with Jack’s Team. We are committed to making your running experience a great one.

Nutrition and Inspiration
A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research suggests chia seeds in liquid provide the same energy benefit before exercise as sports drinks, with much less sugar.
Good for your soul!
A Mediation to do while running. 1. Focus on your breathing. Tell yourself, " I will do my best ." 2. Before you run, start a rhythmic walk ... read more
Tell Your Story
There’s a scene at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life  when George Bailey, the everyman hero, kisses the old newel post on his staircase that always came loose. It was once a source of frustration to him. But after seeing what life could have been like had he never been born, he becomes grateful for the rickety old post. We root for George to find the beauty in the worn ... to hang onto hope.
As a result, we do too. That's what powerful stories do ... stir emotion and move us to action.

Your stories and personal photos are just as important!

Click below for some additional inspiration from past "Why We Run" stories.

Jack's Team Bibs
Jack's Team has BIBS
If you have friends looking for bibs, we have Chicago, New York and Marine Corps. Details are below. Please share the link.

  • Chicago - Limited bibs until June 15th.
  • New York City - Only one bib remaining.
  • Marine Corps - 40 bibs with low fundraising $250
  • Berlin - Full (accepting applications for 2019).