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Classes are filled with interesting dialogue, class exercises and even laughter. We don't train solely to pass the exam; we focus on learner understanding and retention.

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Introducing... DevOps Campus

We are proud to introduce our newest addition... DevOps Campus.  

DevOps Test Engineering (DTE)
"Because everyone is a tester in a DevOps environment" 

For a limited time, purchase a seat in DevOps Test Engineer (DTE) and receive 50% off DevOps Foundation®!
Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP)
From the.... "ask and ye shall receive" department 

Many Alumni requested we offer BRM training... and we have the first dates now open for registration.   About the Course Live Virtual Class: August 14 - 18, 2017
WEBINAR: DevOps Test Engineering: Putting the ‘Continuous’ in Testing
You’ve heard about Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery but what’s common as code makes its way through those processes? Testing. With DevOps Testing... Read More and Register May 18, 11am ET 
Looking for a great way to kick off a DevOps project?

Is your organization ready to dive into DevOps? Have you already take the plunge and are looking to expand your knowledge? We’re excited to announce a new and improved version of our DevOps Foundation course. Designed to introduce the why, what and how of DevOps, this course has been completely revamped and sports a new flow and tons of new terms and concepts.  
Learn more about DevOps, while building team unity and having fun!

DevOps is a growing movement for shortening development and deployment and integrating Development and Operations. However, this requires a mindset shift, new behaviors and a cultural shift in both Development and Operations. Traditionally suspicious of each other, they must now work closely together. Yet many companies are struggling to adopt and deploy DevOps and how to initiate a cultural change.  Use The Phoenix Project Sim to help overcome these challenges! Contact us to learn more.