January 2017 - Adult Basic Literacy
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Super Saturday
"The most significant gifts are the ones most easily overlooked. Small, everyday blessings: woods, health, laughter, memories, books, family, friends, second chances, warm fireplaces, and all the footprints scattered throughout our days." -- Sue Monk Kidd

This holiday time of year can get expensive. There always seems to be one more gift that I really want to give, especially with my kids and the friends I'm closest to. I know that no one needs more stuff, but it's how I say 'thanks' or 'good work' or 'you're

And yet, I realize how many gifts I've received recently that shared the same messages without the accumulation.
  • A candy cane reindeer one day and a bar of chocolate with a sparkly card another day waiting for me on my desk.
  • All the times a tutor comes up to me with any story that starts out, "I have to tell you about the neatest thing that just happened with my student!"
  • Time spent catching up with a colleague.
  • A patient, non-judgmental ear and the feeling of being heard.
  • An email thanking us for our work (wait ... isn't that backwards?!?) that we send around and share with each other and that makes us all feel warm.
  • A new coach coming back from a coaching session saying, "That was so FUN!"
  • A new-to-me book from our Literacy Connects book exchange that is now high up on my "to read" pile because I know it was my colleague's favorite that she shared.
We give and receive these gifts all year. Sometimes I'm fortunate enough to recognize them in the moment. Other times, people have to remind me to notice. We give and receive these gifts from each other ... volunteers and staff, kids and coaches, tutors and adult learners, donors and board members.

I was reminded of these powerful gifts again as I watched our volunteers and staff come together to support a friend and fellow tutor. We knew there was no way to fill his loss, but we had to find some way to say 'thanks' and 'good work' and 'you're special.' Being part of this outpouring of love and generosity was a gift for me, too. His response came in today.

The greatest gift for me this holiday season is the love, support and generosity given by our Literacy family over the loss of my wife. Thank you. Steve Windsor

Thank you for the gifts you give to all of us in being part of this great work.
~ Edie

Basic Literacy Program Director

Super Saturday 2017
A morning of...
...learning and new ideas.
...practicing new techniques.
...socializing with other Literacy Connects volunteers.

Click here for  Information and Registration  
and a  downloadable flyer to post or share!

newsProgram News

Professional Development
Edie will host another short book club on reading comprehension. We will use the book 7 Keys to Comprehension and meet for 4 consecutive weeks. Books are available in the Literacy Connects library. Our sessions will be Friday mornings from 9:30 - 11:30 am at Literacy Connects and will run from January 27 - February 17, 2017. Click here to register!

Book discussion group!
Other People's Words by Victoria Purcell-Gates
Join Edie for a book discussion of  Other People's Words: The Cycle of Low Literacy  by Victoria Purcell-Gates. This book is a case study of Purcell-Gates's work with a mother and son in urban Appalachia, their struggles to learn in a traditional educational system, and the relationship between culture and literacy. Some books will be available in the Literacy Connects library. Feb 21 (through chap. 4) and Feb 28 (through end) from 2:30 - 4:30 pm at Literacy Connects. 

Refresher Trainings
If it has been over two years since you took our Foundations training, you might consider taking it again! Now that you have some experience and knowledge, come and join us for a refresher training -- What did you miss the first time? What makes sense now that you have been tutoring? What did you forget that might help you out?

Our next training cohort meets on Tuesday nights and Saturdays in February. Come for as many sessions as you'd like! See the PD page for days and times and registration.

Refresher trainings are great opportunities for some new ideas! E mail Nancy with any questions.

Office Closures
The Literacy Connects offices will be closed on  Monday, January 16 in observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday.

helpHelp Wanted! 
Tucson Festival of Books


Tucson Festival of Books

March 11-12, 2017


Almost 2,000 volunteer positions are available! No experience required, just a willingness to help make the Festival of Books the amazing event it is every year. Tucson Festival of Books is a major supporter of Literacy Connects.

Get on the list now. Volunteer registration opens mid-January. You will be able to register on behalf of Literacy Connects. 


Stories Needed!

February is Love of Reading Month. We're looking for stories we can share about  falling  n love with reading. Talk to your adult learners. What books or authors or experiences caused them to fall in love with reading and learning? Send stories to Edie ! And then watch our communications and social media to see them shared.

passitonPass it On!   

We need to hear from YOU! How and why are you connected to us? What's your story? Click here to share your story and help us to
pass it on!

Another way to pass it on is through our year-end giving campaign. Learners of all ages need help in order to thrive. It takes courage to ask for it, and we need your continued investment in order to provide it. Use this link to join our campaign. Share this link  with others http://bit.ly/2gh0uhN
 ... Pass it On!

taxTax Credits

Literacy Connects is a qualifying charitable organization that can benefit from your tax dollars! The maximum credit for the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit was recently  doubled! The amount for school donations has  also been doubled, meaning that more of your money can go to the causes and schools you hold dear. You can donate through April 15 for 2016 tax credits!
Talk to your tax professional today!

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