November 2016 - Adult Basic Literacy
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Fall Literacy Conference

"That is part of the beauty of all literature. You discover that your longings are universal longings, that you're not lonely and isolated from anyone. You belong."  -- 
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Have you ever read something that just completely explained you? It's a rather freaky experience, I must admit. I remember the first time that I read  Drive by Daniel Pink. Suddenly, it explained why I've chosen to be in (or leave) the jobs that I've had over the years. I felt like I wasn't so odd, that someone really "got me," and, even better, that I was in the right place for the right reasons. I belonged.

Books can do this for people. But we also need someone to connect us to those books. The other day, a friend of mine wrote this on Facebook: "Independence and self-reliance have their place and all, but ... we are at core beings who assume connection and community and when we lack that, we become stressed and less resilient to even the smallest challenges." We need these connections to other people -- through relationships, through books, through shared experiences.

You do this every time you meet with your students. You offer community to our learners through your time and attention. You know them well. You spend time, our most valuable commodity these days. You praise efforts and accomplishments of all sizes. You bring books on topics and by authors that you know they will like. You explore books and stories and ideas together.

Reading and writing can defeat isolation. You provide the books and the assistance. They learn to read. They discover they aren't alone. There are others like them ... like us ... and we aren't isolated. We're connected.

Our staff has the privilege of reading these in your logs and reports frequently, but you should see them, too. Here's what you're doing.
It is good to find people who believe in you. I found just what I needed at the right time! My tutors and classmates made me feel like part of a family, and they motivated me to achieve my goals. My new family believed in me and focused on what I needed to study. With their support, my fears and insecurities were declining . (adult student)

In my first session with my 3rd grader, he was so withdrawn he couldn't even tell me his favorite color ... so I did most of the talking and reading. The second session, I hardly recognized him! As soon as we left the classroom he was telling me how his little sister liked the book I sent home with him. Also how much his Mom was enjoying looking at the science book I had sent home. He was so engaged and even willing to read aloud to me. It made my heart soar. (Reading Seed coach)

Thank you for providing community and combating isolation and loneliness ... one learner, one book at a time. 

~ Edie

Basic Literacy Program Director

Fall Literacy Conference!

Saturday, November 5
8:00 am - 3:00 pm
El Rio Neighborhood Center
1390 W. Speedway Blvd.

Great sessions for tutors !
  • Thinking Aloud: From Comprehension to Confidence, Violet Kennedy and Katie Cooper, Literacy Connects
  • Miscue and More: Revisiting Miscues and Language Cuing Systems, Dr. Yetta Goodman, Professor Emerita, and Kelly Allen, U of A
  • Using Wordless Books for Reading & Writing, Nancy Siner and Susan Friese, Literacy Connects
  • Reading and Writing are not School Subjects, Dr. Ken Goodman, Professor Emeritus, U of A
  • Developing and Using Miscue Ears to Support Readers, Debra Jacobson, Educational Consultant
  • What is Comprehension?: Conceptualizing Comprehension in Silent and Oral Reading, Dr. Yetta Goodman, Professor Emerita, U of A
  • Engaging Reluctant Writers, Cyra Sadowl, La Cima Middle School librarian
  • Memoir, Exaggeration, and Seeking TruthDr. Rick Meyer, University of NM
See more details and register online!

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newsProgram News

Professional Development
We are phasing out strategy sessions and a minimum professional development time commitment in favor of "just in time" coaching and support. Cydne and Nancy will be contacting tutors periodically to suggest meeting times. You can also request support when you need it! Please contact a team member if you have any questions.

Student Reassessments
We successfully implemented our first year of annual reassessments of our ABL students in the 2015-2016 fiscal year. We're continuing the important check in and data collection process this year. We are now able to measure progress in reading and writing in increments that respect the pace of our learners. Each tutor will be contacted a few weeks before the one-year mark of the previous assessment. 

Please know that this is not an assessment of you, but it is a great opportunity for some new ideas and suggestions related to what we observe! E mail Nancy with any questions.

Office Closures
The Literacy Connects offices will be closed on  Friday, November 11 for Veterans' Day and on  Thursday and Friday, November 24-25 for Thanksgiving.

helpHelp Wanted! 


We will soon begin a pilot program working with refugee students who have few or no literacy skills and emerging English language fluency. These students need a blend of English language acquisition and basic reading and writing help. 

Tutoring will be one-to-one or in small groups. Special training and support will be provided. There is potential for working with youth (ages 14-19) in this project, as well. Fingerprint cards will be required to work with youth.

Please email Nancy or Kate if you are intersted in learning more about these exciting new opportunities!


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