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Making a Difference
Start A Cowgirls Chapter
Starting a 40 Something Cowgirls Chapter is fast and easy. It only takes five (5) gals to join and you are off and running. Chapters can be set up however the Chapter members would like, and member can participate in the activities that interest them.


Join without a Chapter
Not a Cowgirls Chapter in your area? Not a problem, we have many members that simply join and participate in the many other divisions for points. You could even win a buckle, tack or apparel for you participation.
CowPerson Logic
-Don't worry about biting off more than you can chew, your mouth is likely a whole lot bigger than you think.
-If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with an active mosquito.
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Thank you for joining our 40 Something Cowgirls E-Newsletter. This is where you will find a few of the latest activities our Cowgirls have been involved with. These range from rides and camp-outs, ropings and sortings to wine tastings and movie premiers.
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We hope you enjoy our Newsletter and continue to follow our many adventures.

Kristi Williams,
40 Something Cowgirls
Cowgirls Making A Difference
Paint A Pony Pink, fundraiser

 Not only do our Cowgirls have fun riding and spending time with each other, they also host many fundraisers. This unique event was created and hosted by our Amboy, WA Chapter, "The Wrinkled Wranglers". For a donation of $5 participants could have a pink hand print painted on the pony. Proceeds of the fundraiser were donated to Breast Cancer Prevention and Research.
Contact the Wrinkled Wranglers at wrinkledwranglers@40somethingcowgirls.com
Cali Gals Have Fun at the Movies
Meeting "Buck"
When "Buck" the movie came out our "Dusty Saddlebags" in Agua Dulce, CA decided to make the movie night an Official Cowirls Event.

Little did they know they would have the opportunity to meet the man himself!! And earn Cowgirl Points, just by attending. 

Our Queens are Truly Royal
A Queen's Tiara 
Each of our Cowgirl Chapters selects a gal in the Chapter to be "Queen". Our Queens are essentially the head of the Chapter and the main contact for that Chapter. 
Of course, a Royal position would not be complete without bling so all of our Cowgirl Queens are presented with a fun rhinestone tiara to sport at cowgirl events and adventures. It is part of us not taking things so seriously and It keeps things fun and spirits lite. 
Queens also have a separate division where awards including a Hi Point Saddle, Buckles, Apparel and Tack are earned.
About Us
Thank your for your interest in 40 Something Cowgirls. It is the membership as a whole that makes the Cowgirl experience so enriching. With each member we bring more opportunity and shared experiences.