Long Road Distillers
Named Aquavit
Long Road Distillers Aquavit
Distillery of the Year at International Spirits  Competition      
Grand Rapids distillery awarded Gold Medal, Top Honors for Long Road Old Aquavit in Berlin, Germany. The distillery's limited-release spirit beat a range of other spirits entered from around the world.  More info.
One Eight Distilling's Untitled series brings home Gold     
Untitled whiskey by One Eight Distilling

On the heels of winning multiple gold medals at the 2017 American Craft Spirit Association Awards and the American Distilling Institute's
(ADI) 2017 Spirits Competition, One Eight Distilling brought home gold again from the 17th annual San Francisco World Spirits Competition. 
More info.
Independent Barrel Aged Rum
Independent Distilling Barrel Aged Rum Release 
Finally, the release of the Independent Barrel Aged Rum is upon us. Be one of the first people in Atlanta to have our newest spirit. Join us from 2 pm to 5 pm on Saturday, May 13th for this momentous occasion.  Read more.

Great Northern Wisconsin Whiskey
Great Northern Distilling to release Wisconsin Whiskey 

Great Northern Distilling in Plover, Wisconsin turns three in 2017. In celebration, they have released a very limited batch of their very first three-year aged whiskey.   Read more.

Selkirk by Glass Vodka
Glass Vodka release of its first barrel aged product, "Selkirk" 

Link to a great piece that aired Friday the April 28th on the Seattle NBC affiliate King5.  More info.
Glass Vodka release of Selkirk barrel aged vodka
Black Button Distilling_s Lilac Gin
Black Button Distilling to release Lilac Gin 

Black Button Distilling will launch their hand crafted, limited edition Lilac Gin on May 12, 2017, to commemorate the first day of Rochester's annual Lilac Festival and mark the start of the spring season.   Read more.

WildJune Western Style Gin and Backroom Rye from District Distilling
Two new additions to District Distilling line of spirits 

Washingtonians now have two new spirits to sip. On April 28th, we are launching WildJune, a western-style gin made with wildcrafted junipers, and Backroom Rye, a blend of straight rye whiskeys.  Read more

Cane Land Distilling Co. mountain of sugar
Cane Land Grand Opening 
Saturday, May 20 at 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM Cane Land Distilling Company
760 St. Philip St., Baton Rouge, LA 70802
More info.

A Fundraising Party with the Captains of the Deadliest Catch & Mischief Distillery   
Deadliest Catch captains team up with Fremont Mischief distillery

Saturday, May 20th from Noon to 3pm 
Help the Captains fill their barrels as we launch Storm Tossed 2 with barreling, barbecue, live auction, live music and of course whiskey. More info.
SF Craft Spirits Carnival
Discounts for ADI members 
SF Craft Spirits Carnival logo
June 17th & 18th
Fort Mason Festival Pavilion, SF
Discounts for ADI members: Producers can purchase booths to pour their spirits at a 15% discount* and consumers can obtain tickets at a 40% discount.
* this applies only to the general registration options, for sponsorship opportunities, contact Tamara Costa.

Distillation Basics Workshop

Mt. Grove still at MO State U

WhereMissouri State Winery and Distillery, MSU - Mountain Grove, MO
DatesMay 16 - 17, 2017More info.
Workshop: Starting Your Own Distillery - Part One

Rob Rubens Distilling stills

WhereRob Rubens Distilling & Brewing, 909 E. El Segundo Blvd., El Segundo, CA
DateMay 20-21, 2017Register/info.
Gin Workshop at the
East London Distillery with David T Smith and Tom Hills

East London Distillery

The Craft Distilling Expo are once again running their one-day workshop exploring designing and distilling your own gin.
Wed, June 7, 2017.  More info.
Use code 
ELLC17 for 20% savings.
Ginposium in London
Thursday, 8 June 2017

tasting pallets at Ginposium

The Gin Guild is once again delighted to present its one-day advanced seminar on gin - by the trade, for the trade.
RSA House 8, John Adam Street
WC2N 6EZ London
More info.
Noted Master Distiller
Justin King joins MGP

Justin King of MGP
MGP , a leading U.S. supplier of premium distilled spirits and specialty wheat proteins and starches, has announced the appointment of Justin King to the position of craft alcohol sales manager.   Read more.
Perros joins Wilderness Trail Distillery marketing team

Haley Perros of Wilderness Trail Distillery
 Danville, KY. - Haley Perros has joined Wilderness Trail Distillery as a Brand Marketer. She previously was director of Lexington's Night Market, a monthly popup street festival that helps businesses, artists and nonprofits in Lexington's North Limestone corridor reach new markets.   Read more.
Copper Fox distillery's new Riverside Cocktail Garden 

Copper Fox distillery_s new Riverside Cocktail Garden
Let the soothing sound of the Thornton River and the beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains enhance the enjoyment of your cocktail experience. Read more.
Still for sale 
Never used, new 7 50 gal Vendome Pot Still . Contact Vendome here for info.

See more equipment on  ADI Forums
  Bill's Corner
   ADI President/Founder
   Bill Owens 
ADI's Certification Program now has 2,207 spirits listed!

View the stats here.
Apply today  and join the 443 micro-distilleries who are truly  craft.
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The chemistry of whiskey:
Video reveals how everything from grain to
wood combine to create the perfect tipple
by Cheyenne MacDonald for

How whiskey is made video
This video by the American Chemical Society, filmed at District Distilling Co. in Washington, DC, gives an overview of the distillation process.

When it comes to whiskey, it seems there's a variety to suit just about anyone's preferences. The flavor of whiskey depends on a slew of factors, including the type of grains used, the distillation technique, and above all else, the aging process, according to a new video from the American Chemical Society. Read more/watch video.

Climb aboard as Cutwater Spirits 
raises  anchor on Miramar flagship
by Candice Woo, by Eater San Diego

Cutwater Spirits building exterior

Liquor laws that now enable a distillery to serve and sell its own products will undoubtedly usher in many new local projects that combine distilleries with restaurant and bars, but we might not see one bigger than Cutwater Spirits, which officially opens its 50,000-square-foot empire in the Miramar area this week. Its sleek digs may be new, but the craft distillery and its products have been a staple on local bar and store shelves for some time. Celebrating its ninth anniversary later this summer, the distillery started under the Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits umbrella; rebranded as Cutwater Spirits earlier this year, the experienced management team has brought on a food and beverage powerhouse to run the tasting bar and kitchen for this emerging spirits company.  Read more.  

From Police Officer to Rum Distiller
Maryland's newest spirits distillery was started by two local cops.
by Wayne Curtis for The Daily Beast
Ryan Vierheller and Walker Dunbar of Blue Dyer Distilling.
Ryan Vierheller and Walker Dunbar of Blue Dyer Distilling.
Two cops find a moonshine still... It sounds like the setup for a bad joke but that's the actual backstory of Maryland's latest craft distillery, Blue Dyer.
While at first blush it might seem like an odd pairing, a background in law enforcement turns out to be extremely helpful in setting up a spirits company.
"Our job beforehand was interpreting massive amount of laws and rules and standard operating procedures, and then applying them," says Walker Dunbar, an active cop and one of its two founders. "We're used to reading overly complicated legal writing, and reducing it down. We joke about it regularly-we're just trading one rule book for another."
Dunbar's business partner and-until recently-fellow police officer, Ryan Vierheller, doesn't deny this. "There's such a large amount of information out there that the new talent is being able to look at it en masse, and do sort of metadata analysis. Then you get rid of what you don't need and keep what you do need and move forward."

Exploring the soon-to-open West Valley City distillery
by Gavin Sheehan, Salt Lake City Weekly 
Alan and Julia Scott of Waterpocket Distillery in UT
Alan and Julia Scott of Waterpocket Distillery.
We're going to be getting something really cool in the state [Utah] when Waterpocket Distillery opens soon. The married couple behind the new business is going a little more old-school with their techniques, creating gin, rum and a few other surprises that will taste like nothing else being produced in Utah. Today, we chat with Alan and Julia Scott about founding the distillery and the creations they have in the works as they work their way to opening this summer (with photos I took during my tour of the facility).   Read more.  

Willibald distillery in Ayr
[Ontario, Canada] creates a buzz
by Greg Mercer, Waterloo Region Record

Willibald Farm Distillery founders
Willibald Farm Distillery founders, Cam Formica, left, and brothers Jordan and Nolan van der Heyden hold a bottle of their gin in their distillery in Ayr, Ontario.

It sounds almost like a scene from "Field of Dreams," where Ray Kinsella builds a baseball diamond in the middle of a cornfield and crowds just start showing up.

Instead, in this case the three young founders of Willibald Farm Distillery built a rural distillery on the site of a former dairy barn, and people began flocking in.

"People just kept coming and coming. The entire parking lot was full. We had cars on either side of the laneway, and down the road all the way to the corner," said co-founder Cam Formica, describing last month's busy opening day. "It was craziness."

After more than three years of planning, the Willibald Farm Distillery is in the fledgling steps of building a name for itself on the outskirts of Ayr. Based on the hundreds who came to their soft opening, people have begun to notice.  Read more.

Craft distilling of gin and whisky is booming despite highest taxes in western world
by Sarina Locke, ABC news Australia
Four Pillars distiller

Not since rum was a currency in the young colony of Sydney have Australians had such an interest in distilling their own spirits.
Investment is happening in a rush, and from 10 distilleries a few years ago, there are up to 100 across Australia this year, creating craft gin and whisky.

"The Australian gin industry is more than double the size it was two years ago, and I think more than double the size it was four years before that," Australian Distillers Association president Stu Gregor said. Mr Gregor is co-owner of the popular Four Pillars Gin in Victoria's Yarra Valley.

But the distillers complain that after onerous development regulations and costs, about half of what they make goes in tax, and they want a break. 
Read more.

Whisky awards lift the bar...
and other news from Tasmanian Whisky Academy
BAR sign

It is gratifying to see the results that Australia's distillers continue to achieve on the world stage, as well as peer recognition locally, for what has become a country of hardworking and innovative distillers.  Read more.

Craft Distillery - Tasting Room Ninja 
(Courtenay, [British Columbia])
craigslist posting for tasting room manager

Who wants to get a little Unruly?
If you or anyone you know is looking for a part time, seasonal adventure at the most Unruly craft distillery around, then we've got a deal for you! Wayward Distillation House is looking for someone amazing to join our team this summer, from May to September, Saturdays & Sundays, usually 11:30am to 6pm.
- An undying love of craft spirits!
- A willingness to work; seriously, we make it look easy but it's still work. 
Read more.  See more Career listings on ADI Forums

Mother's Day cocktails
Courtesy of Jileen Bray, KLG Public Relations
Mother_s Day cocktails

This Mother's Day - new moms and high profile bartenders Natasha David, Jade Sotack and Lucinda Sterling have crafted the perfect cocktails for the occasion. They not only know what moms want but they know what moms need, each having a child under 1 year in age.

One drink includes espresso (moms run on caffeine after all), one drink is low ABV and they have edible flowers as a garnish. Bouquets are a gift of the past - this year, it's all about cocktails. 


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