Ron Silberstein_ Admiral Maltings co-founder_ looks up as he stands in the kiln at Admiral Maltings.
Admiral Maltings germinates California alt malt in Alameda, by Lou Bustamante, San Francisco Chronicle. Above, Ron Silberstein,
co-founder, looks up as he stands in the kiln at Admiral Maltings. Read story.

News from ADI
ADI events at:
Tales of the Cocktail logo

Taste of Gold
Featuring medalists from this year's ADI Judging of Craft Spirits.
Thursday, July 20th
Hotel Monteleone Riverview Room
New Orleans, Louisiana

Cream of the [Craft] Crop
Saturday, July 22nd 3-5pm
Hotel Monteleone Royal A&B Room. 
More info./tickets

ADI Hands-on Distilling Workshop: Apple Brandy 
workshop at Tuthilltown
October 15-20, 2017
with Hubert Germain-Robin

at Tuthilltown Spirits, Gardiner, NY.
This week-long advanced class offers a rare opportunity to study with Master Distiller & Master Blender Hubert Germain-Robin.   More info./register

Catskill Distilling Co. and its Curious Gin wins Gold Medal from The Fifty Best
Curious Gin by Catskill Distilling Co.

Catskill Distilling Company, one of the first farm distilleries in the State of New York to be legally licensed, won a gold medal for its production of Curious Gin as recognized today by The Fifty Best, the international authority and unbiased guide to fine wine & spirits.   More.
Cinpatrazzo Wins Gold Medal at LA International Spirits Competition
LA Int Spirits Comp

Amaro Cinpatrazzo won a gold medal with 92 points in the Liqueurs category of the 2017 Los Angeles International Spirits Competition (LAISC).  Read more
Long Road Distillers gets top honors at SIP Awards and Seattle Int'l Competition
Aquavit _Long Road Distillers _ SIP Award

Long Road Distillers announced four new honors last week from two different international competitions.
New Releases
Events & Milestones
XO Alambic logo
XO Alambic Grand Opening: Bastille Day, 
14 July, 2017

XO Alambic, a newly licensed craft distillery in Dayton, Washington, announces its formal opening on Bastille Day, 14 July, with the release of its Cognac-style brandy, Clos Sainte-Rose XO.  Read more.
Wilderness Trail Distillery plans Summer Jams
Summer Jam at Wilderness Trail Distillery

The first Summer Jam features Jason Sinkhorn 5 to 8 p.m. Friday, July 14
Bring a lawn chair and listen to this Americana folk singer and songwriter from Junction City, KY.   More info.
Whiskey Del Bac cocktail event July 15th
Hamilton Distillers and Scott _ Co. event

Hamilton Distillers
is partnering with Scott & Co. for the distillery's first-ever hosted cocktail competition. Bartenders from across the city will create cocktails for guests to sample at the "Whiskey Del Bac Showdown 2017"    More info.
Kimo Sabe Mezcal's Cinco de Noviembre premiere set for Tales of the Cocktail
Kimo Sabe Mezcal logo

Kimo Sabe Mezcal will launch its luxury line - Colección de las Maravillas - with the world premiere of the first expression Cinco de Noviembre at two American Distilling Institute (ADI) events at the spirits industry annual meet-up, Tales Of The Cocktail 2017 
in New Orleans, LA.   More info.
2bar Spirits releases 2bar Corn Whiskey
2Bar Spirits Corn Whiskey

2bar Spirits has released a three year aged Corn Whiskey that is our oldest whiskey yet. Bottled at 100 proof, it has wonderful toffee and tropical fruit notes, and finishes with smoked oak.  More info.
Seattle Bloody Mary month
Floating Hot Tub brunch
Floating hot tub brunch? Yep. More info.
Three-day advanced distilling workshop in Utah
New World Distilling workshop attendees_Spring 2017
New World Distillery, in Eden, UT, will be hosting a second hands-on, interactive course with Craft Distillers Chris and Ashley Cross, and Odin of iStill.  Sept 22 - 24, 2017  More info.

Distillery News
New home and owners for Ugly Dog craft distillery
Ugly Dog Distillery logo

CHELSEA, MICHIGAN - One of Michigan's first craft distillers and innovators of Michigan-made vodka and gin has new owners and will relocate to an historic downtown Chelsea location in early 2018 Read more.
Liberation Distribution celebrates first 100 days  
LibDib logo
Liberation DistributionTM (LibDibTM), the first alcohol distributor and technology company to offer a three-tier compliant web-based sales platform, is celebrating the first 100 days since launching a new way to think about alcohol distribution.  Read more.
McQueen Gin begins crowd funding campaign for still
Dale _ Vicky McQueen and company in front of their first still.
After just 1 year since the launch of McQueen Gin, Trossachs Distillery needs to expand by purchasing a second still and is seeking investors via crowd funding. 
Read more.

St. Augustine Distillery hires new General Manager 

Matt Stevens as General Manager of St. Augustine Distillery

St. Augustine Distillery has announced the appointment of Matt Stevens as General Manager. Drawing on more than a decade of experience in the hospitality industry, Stevens is responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations.   More.
Braden Stranks joins Universal Packaging 

Universal Packaging announced that Braden Stranks has been hired as Account Manager - Canada. Braden has an extensive background in Sales and Marketing, particularly in the wine and beer industries.   Read More.
Summer in full bloom
Gardens at Berkshire Mountain Distillers

The gardens at Berkshire Mountain Distillers are "going crazy." Come visit the brand new production facility to see the process of our craft spirits from grain to glass.  More info.

Vikre Distilling is hiring
Duluth sunset in July
Vikre Distillery is looking for someone who knows the three-tier distribution system well and can maintain and further our relationships with distributors, as well as manage our team of ambassadors and do high priority direct sales work. Are you that person? Do you know that person? Contact:

Check ADI FORUMS for more career info:

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Will Trump kill the Bourbon Boom?
by Fred Minnick, in The New York Times Opinion section

Rolling barrels in Kentucky
If President Trump follows through on his threat to impose tariffs on steel imports, expect to see an immediate response from the European Union - including retaliatory tariffs on, of all things, bourbon. This may seem an oddly disproportionate choice. Everyone needs steel; bourbon, on the other hand, is just a hipster fad and a good-ole-boy mainstay, right?

In fact, a punitive tariff on bourbon and other American whiskeys would be both a symbolic and a substantive body blow - a strike at a unique American product that is enormously popular overseas. Should the tariff dominoes fall, it will be a case study in the shortsightedness of a supposedly "America first" trade policy that, in the end, hurts Americans the most.
 Read more.

How much longer can US whiskey 
maintain its stellar growth?
by Ian Buxton for Just Drinks
Whiskey bottle and glass
It's been one of the success stories of the Century so far. Spirits commentator Ian Buxton looks at US whiskey to see if an end to the category's explosive growth will break anytime soon.

The US whiskey segment is enjoying a remarkable - some would say unprecedented - growth spurt. In 2016, nearly 22m nine-litre cases of Bourbon and Tennessee whiskey were sold in the US, up from a little over 13m cases in 2000. Last year, sales to wholesalers in the country topped $3bn, while US whiskey exports added nearly another $1bn

"We are in the middle of a global whiskey renaissance, and American whiskey is playing a big part, both domestically and internationally," says Frank Coleman, senior VP of the Distilled Spirits Council (DISCUS). "Bourbon and Tennessee whiskey are growing very strongly, particularly at the high end, and rye whiskey is on fire.
 Read more.

Looks like we made it: paths  of four local distillers
Four different paths to success
by Chris Chamberlain, Nashville Scene

Four of Nashville craft distillers_ bottles

By almost any measure, the spirits business is booming in Middle Tennessee. New distilleries continue to open, and more experienced operations are expanding their facilities and product offerings. New releases are winning awards from prestigious competitions around the world, and Nashville products are now available in markets across the country. It would be unwise to paint the local spirits industry with broad strokes. Because the business is an incredibly capital-intensive proposition, and some products require years of maturing before release, there are significant barriers to entry and success. To imagine what it's like to launch a distillery, think about going to your local bank with this proposition: "I need to borrow $5 million to start up what is basically a chemical engineering plant. In five or six years, we'll find out if I'm any good at it, and if anybody likes my product." Pretty daunting, eh? Here's how four local spirits operations have plotted and plodded their way to the top.  More.

Hawaiian distillery saving the Islands' sugarcane
by Natalie B. Compton,
view of cane fields at Manulele Distillers

KōHana Hawaiian Agricole Rum relies on heirloom cane that's on the brink of extinction. By now, everyone's heard of the farm-to-table movement. But grass-to-glass? That's a new one.

"Everything we make, we grow. We're 100-percent vertically integrated. I say 'grass-to-glass.' It goes from our fields to the bottle, and we're involved in every capacity," says Kyle Reutner, brand manager for Manulele Distillers' KōHana Hawaiian Agricole Rum and co-founder of Hawai'i Bitters Company. 
...The bigger flavor differences come into play between the different cane varietals, not where it's from. They have different sugar contents. "Cabernet sauvignon is not pinot...   Read more.

Note from Editor: two other craft rum distilleries (to our knowledge) also produce rum from their own cane fields: and

Advocates see a chance to raise MA alcohol tax
by Felice J. Freyer, Boston Globe
Shopping cart at  Total Wine _ More store in Everett_ MA.

As Massachusetts lawmakers debate new taxes on marijuana of anywhere from 8 to 28 percent, public health advocates say there's another drug that needs a tax hike: alcohol. Drinkers in Massachusetts pay just pennies per glass in state taxes, one of the lowest rates in the country, despite reams of research showing that higher alcohol prices lead to fewer car crashes and other harms. Advocates concerned about alcohol's toll see a renewed opportunity to press for tougher regulations and higher taxes, as a task force formed by state Treasurer Deborah B. Goldberg conducts a soup-to-nuts review of alcohol laws and regulations.

...They also want to roll back the ability of small breweries and distilleries to serve drinks on the premises, to the dismay of producers whose taprooms and tasting rooms have become a major source of income. 
Read more.

Tools of the Trade: 10 must-have documents 
to have ready for your distributor
by Beverage Trade Network
shop tools
Every distributor is different and every sales meeting is unique. It doesn't matter if it's your first elevator pitch or a routine sales meeting, before you enter your distributor's board room you should be prepared for anything. Sample contracts, order sheet forms, sales literature cheat sheets - these are all essential documents to have on hand, but what else should you carry with you when you are called in for a meeting?

BTN has put together a list of 10 must-have documents to have with you for your next meeting. Read more.

Idaho's small but growing artisan 
liquor  distillers celebrate their craft
by Betsy Z. Russell, The Spokesman-Review
Idaho-made craft spirits are displayed on an Idaho-shaped shelf at a state liquor store in Boise
Idaho-made craft spirits are displayed on an Idaho-shaped shelf at a state liquor store in Boise.
You might have thought it was just July, but officially, in Idaho, it's also Idaho Spirits Month. That's spirits, as in vodka, rum, gin and brandy.

Gov. Butch Otter issued a proclamation designating the month, and recognizing the "rapidly growing craft spirits industry comprised of small, family owned businesses such as those producing the majority of new private-sector jobs in the United States."
Craft distillers in Idaho last year formed the Idaho Distillers Association to showcase their products and craft. While it's relatively small compared with the craft distilling industry in neighboring states Washington, Oregon and Montana, the new association already has nine members. 
Read more.

More Americans opting for spirits 
 leading to boom in small distilleries
by CBS Miami's Chris Martinez
Sonoma County Distilling barrels

Adam Siegel of Sonoma County Distilling Co
Related story:
Edible  Radio Podcast: The Drink Tank with Adam Spiegel, owner and head distiller of Sonoma County Distilling Co.

Adam has a clear sense of the storied history of the spirits he and his team produce, and the responsibility of staying true to the craft while continuously experimenting with new ingredients and methods.

Hear why he believes his three West of Kentucky Bourbons embody California terroir (think smoked California Cherrywood), and his thoughts on shunning GMO ingredients in his spirits.

New craft distilleries opening
Here are a few new distilleries making news:
Oakhurst Spirits  opens near Yosemite
by Mark Evan Smith,  Sierra Star
Ally and Michael Benbrook, owners of Oakhurst Spirits, the first ever craft distillery in Fresno or Madera County.

As a light aroma of yeast hangs in the air, like that of a loaf of bread freshly pulled from the oven, Michael "Mike" Benbrook looks upon a sort of cauldron inside his Oakhurst laboratory.

Stewing inside that container, and others near it, is an intoxicating hazel liquid, with barley - two row barley, Benbrook notes - bubbling away at the surface. "That's bacillus bacteria it's forming...
New distillery planned for Carnegie, PA
by Sarah Sudar, Trib Live
 Ryan and Sarah Kanto of  Quantum Spirits.

Carnegie is becoming quite the spirits town. Apis Mead & Winery opened its doors almost three years ago and is set to move to a larger space two blocks away from its current location to beef up production, while the town will see a new kid on the block - Quantum Spirits - in 2018.

Quantum Spirits is the brainchild of Ryan and Sarah Kanto. The couple plan to start production this fall and open in February. 

     Bill's Corner 
SF Museum of Modern Art uses Bill Owens photo for "Send Me SFMOMA"  program announcement
Bill Owens photo _World Savings Opening Day_

Send Me SFMOMA is an SMS service that provides an approachable, personal, and creative method of sharing the breadth of SFMOMA's collection (34,678 pieces of artwork in the current SFMOMA collection) with the public . Text 572-51 with the words "send me" followed by a keyword, a color, or even an emoji and you'll receive a related artwork image and caption via text message.  Read more.


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