Fall issue of Distiller magazine on newsstands this week! 
Box of seeds including corn_ barley_ rye and wheat_ among others.
The fall 2017 issue of Distiller magazine is online now and headed to newsstands. Above, excerpt from Shots of Knowledge: The Science of Whiskey by Rob Arnold & Eric Simanek. Read more.

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Distiller magazine in the mail and on newsstands this week
Fall 2017 issue of Distiller magazine
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Reserve your space now: Hands-on Distilling Workshops in Nov/Dec.
Hands-on Whiskey Distilling and Basic Distillery Operation
November 12-16, 2017
Location: McMenamin's Edgefield Distillery - Troutsdale, OR
Instructor: James Whelan, Head Distiller at McMenamin's Edgefield Distillery
Instructor James Whelan_ head distiller at McMenamin_s Edgefield Distillery
Instructor James Whelan, Head Distiller at McMenamin's Edgefield Distillery

Blending and Maturation 
December 8-9, 2017 
Location: Ironroot Republic Distillery, Dennison, TX
Instructor: Nancy Fraley

Nancy Fraley_ Blending and Maturation Workshop instructor

Registration open for 2018 ADI Judging of Craft Spirits
Behind the scenes at ADI Judging of Craft Spirits
Enter your spirits in the 12th Annual Judging of Craft Spirits. One of the most prestigious international spirits competitions. Winners to be announced at the 2018 ADI Conference in Portland, OR. 
The Fifth Annual Craft Distilling Expo in London

TODAY & Tomorrow: London Craft Distilling 
Expo & Conference
October 4 - 5  
Julia Nourney
Julia Nourney
Whisky Panel Announced

New Releases
Events & Milestones
Manifest new releases garner gold medals
Manifest Distilling_s award-winning spirits
Manifest Distilling, Florida's first organic craft distillery, recently released their Rye Whiskey and Barreled Gin. The Rye Whiskey uses a unique wheated mash bill, which recently picked up double gold at New York World Wine and Spirit Festival along with their standard Gin.   More info.
Chattanooga Whiskey announces 1816 Native!  
Chattanooga Whiskey Co. 1816 Native Beer Barrel Finished whiskey bottles
Chattanooga Whiskey Co. teams up with 7 breweries on Native, an ongoing series of beer-barrel finished whiskies.  Read more.
Garrison Brothers' new releases and honors
Garrison Brothers new releases
The Handcrafted Experimentals from Garrison Brothers Distillery: Balmorhea and Estacado.  Read more.
Whiskey Summit in Estes Park, CO set for October 7 
Whiskey Summit Estes Park_ CO logo
The Whiskey Summit in Estes Park, CO on Oct. 7, is a joint effort of the Town of Estes Park and the nonprofit, Estes Park Western Heritage Foundation. The organizers announced that several whiskey experts will presenter at the VIP Experience to be held at the Tasting Festival Saturday evening.   Read more.
Paw-signing of new book, Distillery Cats: October 7 
Verbal_ the cat at Tenth Ward Distilling
Tenth Ward Distilling's cat, Verbal, featured in new book, Distillery Cats by Brad Thomas Parsons. Saturday, October 7th from 1-6 at Tenth Ward Distilling: buy a copy signed (paw stamped) by Verbal, one of those hard working mousers from distilleries all over the world. 
Eight Oaks distillers opens stand at farmer's market
eight Oaks distillery booth at PA farmer_s market
More relaxed liquor laws last year in Pennsylvania allowed for the sale of spirits at farmers' markets. At the stand, shoppers can sample the spirits and buy bottles.  Read more.
Relief Efforts
Help us help Puerto Rico
San Juan_ Puerto Rico mayor searching for stranded citizens.

During October, all profits from the sales of Catoctin Creek spirits will go to Puerto Rico relief funds. We call it "Whisky para una causa, nuestra familia!" (Whisky for a cause, our family!)  Read more.

Thank you from Maggie's Farm Rum for relief aid
Maggie_s Farm Rum relief effort for Virgin Islands

Thanks to all who supported the "Cane and Grog" pop-up event where [ Maggie's Farm Rum] donated 100% of profits from the event. They were able to donate $2,098 directly to 21 Virgin Island Relief Fund.
If you weren't able to attend but would like to help, you can find more info here.

All in the family: craft distillers
This list could be over 1,200, with all of the craft distillers who rely on the support and partnership of their families (+ friends), but here is a start (partial list):

Call Family Distillers: Brian Call, (7th generation master distiller, son of Willie Clay Call, a legendary moonshiner) 
Chicago Distilling : DiPrizio Family
The Ewing Young Distillery: owned by Husband, wife, nephew, brother, sister-in law (in the same order: Doug, Bev, Tucker Mortensen, Jack and Cookie Root)
Desert Diamond Distillery: John Patt, the Patt Family
Fairbanks Distilling Company: Patrick Levy, Lori Neufeld, Rachel Levy, Sarah Levy
Falls Church Distillers: Michael Paluzzi and son Lorenzo Paluzzi
Far North Spirits: Michael Swanson and Cheri Reese (fourth-generation family farm)
Hamilton Distillers: Stephen Paul and daughter Amanda
Home Base Spirits: twin sisters Alexandra and Samantha Blatteis
Jeptha Creed Distillery: Autumn Nethery and Autumn's mom, Joyce, CEO and master distiller
Kooper Family Whiskey Co: Troy and Michelle Kooper
Lazy Eye Distillery: Carol and Nick Kafkalas and sons Nicholas and Anthony
Liberty Pole Spirits: Jim and Ellen Hough plus sons, Rob and Kevin (100% family owned and operated distillery)
Luminary Distilling: Joel Normand, wife Maria DiSanza and brother-in-law Steve Dvorachik (own, operate/sole distillers)
Neeley Family Distillery: Royce Neeley (11th generation)  and family
Nelson's Green Brier Distillery: Andy and Charlie Nelson
New Columbia Distillers: Michael Lowe (Father/Husband), Melissa Kroning (Mother/Wife), John Uselton (Son-in-law), Elizabeth Lowe (Daughter)
New England Distilling: Ned Wight (continuing on from great-great-great-grandfather, John Jacob Wight> John Hyatt Wight> Frank L. Wight)
Paradise Distilling Co.: Dr. Joe Berger and the eldest three of his five children, Alex, Zack and Nick)
Pine Bluffs Distilling: Chad Brown, Kathy Brown, Gene Purdy, Erica Unruh (Brother, Aunt, and cousin are owners, Erica, the distiller)
RockFilter Distillery: Christian Myrah and father Leonard Myrah
Short Mountain Distillery: The Kaufman Brothers (Billy, David, Ben, Darian), Master Distiller Josh Smotherman, and his younger brother, Distiller, Ryan Smotherman
Silverback Distillery: Christine Riggleman, husband Denver Riggleman, and eldest daughter distilling along side, Lauren Riggleman
Virginia Distillery Company: Gareth and Maggie Moore
Werner Distilling: Greg & Karen Brunelle

Contact: eNews Editor 
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Bill's Corner

Miscellany from
ADI President Bill Owens 

Bill's Our Kind of People book on original Twin Peaks series
Bill Owens photo - from _Our Kind of People_ book.
18 minutes into the original Twin Peaks Season 1 episode 6, "Cooper's Dream," they show this picture inside the cabinet. It is from Bill's Our Kind of People book. [when the characters are searching Jacques Renault's apartment, they open a cabinet and see the photo]. More Bill Owens photos.

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Handmade Hooch: Grain-to-glass takes 
root in [San Francisco] North Bay 
by James Knight, The Bohemian

When the Bohemian reached out to North Bay spirits producers for samples of their whiskey, we were pleasantly surprised at the brown booze bounty that showed up at the door-happy, too, that they sent no more than 13 bottles of the stuff. It was more than enough for a stimulating Friday-afternoon tasting.

There might have been more, indeed, if not for one stipulation: we asked for their best "grain-to-glass" whiskeys.

...But when I asked Bohemian staffers what "grain to glass" meant to them, the answers I got were hardly warm.

Does it mean the whiskey is better quality? Might be, but it depends. Is it made with local ingredients? Well, some use organic California grains, and Griffo Distillery says they're just now getting locally grown rye from Open Field Farm of Petaluma, but no, that's not it, either. Does it pair better with food? While Alley 6 Craft Distillery recently paired up with Healdsburg's Brass Rabbit restaurant to serve maple-glazed pork sliders with barrel-aged Old Fashioneds, that's far from the mark, as well. 
  Read more.

Bottle rocket: why craft spirits are causing a stir
by Henry Jeffreys, The Guardian
Sacred Gin in north London
DIY distilling... Sacred Gin in north London was set up by a former City worker.

There has been an explosion in bijou new gins and whiskies, with 45 distilleries opening in the UK last year alone. Can they do what craft brewers have done for beer, and take on the big boys?

Today when ordering a G&T, rather than being offered a choice between Gordon's or Beefeater, you might be handed a menu complete with tasting notes. There might even be recommendations for which tonic water to have with your gin. There has been an explosion in new distilleries over the last 10 years - the most noticeable are the gins, but there are also new whiskies, vodkas, rums, brandies and liqueurs appearing on the market every year. According to new figures from HMRC, 45 distilleries opened in 2016 in Britain. Who are they all?  
Read more.

Spirit boom: gin and tonic gets a Scottish twist
by Karin Goodwin, The Herald Scotland
Gin and tonic with citrus

GIN may once have been as synonymous with Georgian London as it was with depressed mothers and 'mothers' ruin'. But now experts claim that Scotland rules the world of gin, which has thrown off it's stiff upper-lip |English image and embraced a new cool, infused with Scottish botanicals and Celtic attitude.

Last week a report from accountancy group UHY Hacker Young showed the number of distilleries in the UK has risen by a fifth in the last year to 131, double to number that existed in 2012, largely due to the popularity of artisan gin. 
Read more.

Pennsylvania launches Keystone Craft Spirits Trail
by Distillery Trail 
checking the gages on the still

Tapping into the craft spirits craze, the York County Convention & Visitors Bureau in Pennsylvania has launched the Keystone Craft Spirits Trail™.

The Keystone Craft Spirits Trail will debut with 12 distilleries and boast a regional footprint that spreads from York to Gettysburg, Lebanon, Baltimore and the Philadelphia suburbs. 
  Read more

Craft Cocktail: Garden Sling at Lawless Distilling  by John Garland, The Growler
Lawless Distilling_s herb garden
The Garden Sling is a DIY cocktail using fresh cut herbs of the patron's choosing from Lawless Distilling's herb garden.
The impending chills of October may have you craving hot drinks. But not so fast--there's still time to eek out a few drams of summer. I mean, just look at your herb garden. It's about to bite the dust. And what can you do with a full bush of thyme and all those sprigs of rosemary? You could dry them, sure, or you could drink them.

That's what they're doing at Lawless Distilling. The entrance of the distillery is surrounded by herbs, and when guests order a Garden Sling, they're given a pair of scissors and a small envelope, then sent outside to do some pruning. They clip off a few sprigs, bring them inside, and the bartenders shake them into a refreshing highball. Fennel-mint-thyme? Sage-rosemary-basil? They'll make any combination work.
 Read more

In Good Spirits: Drams of our dreams
by Joanne Sasvari, Vancouver Sun
The Laird of Fintry single malt whisky from Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery.

Honey. Vanilla. Plum. Caramel. Flowers. Spice. And is that just the slightest whiff of smoke?

Finally we're getting a taste of the whiskies B.C.'s artisan distillers can produce and all signs suggest it's going to be a delicious future. But we're still years away from knowing just what, exactly, that future holds.

"In the whisky-making world, it's such an exciting time because there's such a massive renaissance in creating really exciting profiles," says Tyler Dyck, CEO of Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillers and president of the Craft Distillers Guild of B.C. "With the renaissance of whisky worldwide, even the big guys are going for small-batch styles and the romance of craft... 
Read more.

Zac Brown teams up with local distiller 
by John Bynum, The Dahlonega [Georgia] Nugget
Zac Brown_ left_ and Jeff Odem_ at right.
Distiller Jeff Odem will be producing the whiskey for the new Z. Brown Distillery, co-owned by his wife Diane Kelly and country music artist Zac Brown.

When a man knocked on the door of Stillhouse Creek Distillery just before Thanksgiving last year, he told master distiller Jeff Odem that he was his neighbor and asked for a tour.

After the man introduced himself as "Zac," Odem realized that he was talking to Grammy-winning country musician Zac Brown of Dahlonega, GA. "I had to pinch myself," said Odem, who had recently opened the business with his wife.

"It was like an angel walking in the door," said Odem. "For it to be Zac Brown, it was a dream come true." A few years before, Odem made the decision to leave his lucrative but travel-heavy job that required him to constantly be away from home.  Read more.

Kentucky Distillers' Association welcomes 
Neeley Family Distillery as 35th member 
Nelly Family Distillery logo

The Kentucky Distillers' Association announced [last week] that the Neeley Family Distillery in Sparta has joined its legendary ranks, as the Northern Kentucky area continues to flourish for craft distilling.

The distillery is owned and operated by Royce Neeley, 25, and opened in July. Neeley's family built the distillery and visitor center on a lot adjacent to the famed Kentucky Speedway to capitalize on race fans during the year.

The distillery showcases 11 generations of Neeley distilling with family photographs, news articles and artifacts, including a 100-year-old family still from the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. It began making moonshine in July and filled its first barrels of Bourbon in August. 
Read more.

Crafting whiskey in South St. Anthony, MN
by Kristal Leebrick, Park Bugle
Shelly Dailey and Brad Rolfs at Studio Distilling

Whiskey fans will be delighted to learn that a new micro-distillery has set up shop in South St. Anthony, Minnesota.

Studio Distilling's lights are on at 2380 Wycliff St., and the copper-domed German-made still is working to produce "modern interpretations of traditional spirits." Founder Brad Rolfs and partner Shelly Dailey say they aren't quite tour-ready. It may be at least six months before their doors open for tastings and a year before an 80-seat cocktail room opens. Now, the craft distillery is busy malting, mashing, fermenting, distilling and then aging it all in small oak barrels. They are starting with rye whiskey, said Dailey, "but we have dreams and recipes for an imperial stout beer whiskey and one distilled with coffee and chocolate."  
Read more.

Longtucky Spirits honors Longmont [Colorado]'s agricultural heritage  by Linnea Covington, Westword
Longtucky Spirits_ Silver bottles

Lately, Longmont has been winning at the booze game, and Longtucky Spirits is the latest player. Owned by John Abbott Young and Howard K. Wallace, this 4,500-square-foot distillery and cocktail bar opened in late June in the former home of the Longmont Times-Call. The owners' idea behind the distillery is to make craft liquors utilizing grains grown along the Front Range, water from Longs Peak snowmelt and as many locally harvested plants as possible.

"Agriculture is such an important part of our town," notes Young. "We want to build on that history by making craft spirits with ingredients local to our community." 
Read more.

La Crosse Distilling Co. craft distillery planned 
by Steve Cahalan for the La Crosse Tribune
Architectural rendering of La Crosse Distilling Co. building

Grain grown by farmers in the region would be turned into spirits at a craft distillery that plans to open by early next summer in downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Nick Weber has applied to the city for a conditional-use permit for La Crosse Distilling Co. at 129 Vine St. "Barring any unforeseen setbacks, we expect to open by early summer - maybe May or June," Weber told the Tribune on Monday. He and a few partners plan to own and operate the distillery, which would produce spirits such as vodka, gin and whiskey. 
Read more.


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