January 19, 2017

Good morning,

Where have the Ys, KYs and Rs gone? 

The list of corrections follows for the baseball cards as
well as a link to the PDF here.

At the bottom of this section is a list of errors to the 2016 file and CD with instructions to edit the file or CD.  Most of you have gotten the corrected files.

 Because of the number of errors, we have stopped printing the base set until the corrected printer file is approved.  That should be today or Friday.  We will then begin shipping cards again.

These pitchers need a (Y) on their card:
ARI: Grienke, Bradley, Delgado, Hudson, Barrett, Buschmann, Hathaway
ATL: Teheran, Foltynewicz, Cabrera, Ogando, Cunniff, Gant, Whalen
CHC: Hendricks, Hammel, Montgomery, Patton
CIN: Finnegan, Straily, DeSclafani, Diaz, Sampson
COL: Motte, T.Anderson, Rusin, Carasiti
LA: Kazmir, Norris, Howell, Coleman, Chavez, Bolsinger, Frias, Fien, Stewart
MIA: Conley, Dunn, Wittgren, Ellington, Hall
MIL: Davies, Guerra
NYM: Salas, Goeddel. Montero, Gsellman,
PHI: Eickhoff, Hellickson, Araujo, Gonzalez, Murray, Klein, Herrmann
PIT: Cole, Taillon, Watson, Schugel, Glasnow, Hutchinson, LeBlanc, Phillips, Rondon
STL: Martinez, Garcia, Broxton
SD: Erlin, Torres
SF: Cueto, Samardzija, Moore, Peavy, Strickland, Gearrin
WAS: Roark, Gonzalez, Ross, Rzepczynski, Papelbon, Glover, Gott, Lopez

BAL: Miley, Tillman, Jimenez, Bundy, Bridwell, Tolliver
BOS: Ziegler, Abad, Porcello, Wright, Rodriguez, Hembree, Owens, Scott
CWS: Quintana, Kahnle, Ynoa
CLE: Bauer, Clevinger, C.Anderson, Otero, Adams, Colon, Chamberlain
DET: F.Rodriguez, A.Sanchez, Fullmer, Boyd, Lowe, Farmer, Saupold
HOU: Keuchel, McHugh, Musgrove, Sipp, Peacock
KC: Kennedy, Flynn, Mills, Pounders
LAA: Shoemaker, Alvarez, Morin, Bailey, Valdez, Ege
MIN: Santana, Pressley, Wimmers
NYY: Tanaka, Sabathia, Severino, Layne
OAK: Manaea, Mengden, Axford, Rodriguez, Cotton
SEA: Storen, Nuno, (Walker, Johnson, Altavilla
TB: Odorizzi, Smyly, Andriese, Garton, Boxberger, Geltz, Floro, Gamboa
TEX: Dyson, Griffin, Barnette
TOR: Happ, Stroman, Sanchez, Biagini, Tepera

These cards need a (KY).
BOS : Craig Kimbrel
SEA : Edwin Diaz
CHC : Carl Edwards
CHC : Felix Pena
LAD : Grant Dayton
LAD : Josh Ravin
MIA : Kyle Barraclough
NYM : Josh Smoker
WAS : Shawn Kelley
WAS: Matt Grace

These pitchers need a (R) on their card:
ARZ: Marshall, Loewen
ATL: Perez, Jenkins, Marksberry, Bradley, C. Kelly, Simmons, Younginer.
CHIN: Matusz
CIN: Moscot, de los Santos, D. Diaz, Magill, Peralta
COL: Lyles, Flande
LAN: Y. Garcia, Anderson
MIA: Nicolino, Flores, Breslow, Despaigne, Ogando.
MIL: Boyer, Magnifico, Rowen
NYN: none
PHI: Eflin, Asher, Stumpf
PIT: Boscan, Coke, K. Marte.
STL: Maness, J.Williams, Mayers
SD: Dominguez, Morrow, Hessler,Thornton
SF: Lopez, Reynolds, Heston
WSH: Giolito

BLT: McFarland
BOS: Cuevas, Elias
CHIA: Ranaudo, Albers, Minaya, B. Smith
CLE: Gimenez
DET: Pelfrey, Ver Hagen, Kensing
HOU: Paulino, Rodgers
KC: none
LAA: Achter, Huff, Wright
MIN: none
NYA: Mitchell
OAK: Hahn, Surkamp, Neal, Detwiler
SEA: Roach, Sampson
TB: none
TEX: Perez, Jackson, Faulkner, A. Gonzalez, Lohse, Ramos, N. Martinez, Mendez
TOR: Morales, Girodo

These pitchers need their Q ratings changed:
ARZ: Koch Q1*
ATL: da la Cruz Q1*, Weber Q1*, Collmenter Q1*, Gant Q1*, Kelly Q1*
CHIN: Cahill Q3*, Montgomery Q1*, Zastryzny Q1*
CIN: Iglesias Q1*, J. Smith Q2*, Sampson Q1*
COL: Lyles Q3*, Rusin Q1*
LAN: none
MIA: Phelps Q3*, Urena Q1*
MIL: Cravy Q3*, Suter Q2*
NYN: Lugo Q1*, Verrett Q1*, Ynoa Q2*
PHIN: none
PIT: Nicasio Q1*, Boscan Q1*, Hutchinson Q1*, LeBlanc Q1*
STLN: Reyes Q1*
SD: Richard Q2*
SF: none
WSH: Petit Q2*

BLT:Bundy, Q1*, Worley Q1*
BOS: Kelly Q1*
CHIA: Albers Q3*, Turner Q3*
CLE: Anderson Q1*, McAllister Q3*
DET: Greene Q3*, Farmer Q1*
HOU: Devenski Q1*
KC: Flynn Q2*, Young Q1*, Gee Q1*
LAA: Rasmus Q3*
MIN: Albers Q1*, Dean Q1*
NYA: Warren Q3*
Oak: Neal Q1*, Triggs Q1*, Detwiler Q1*
SEA: Nuno Q3*, Martin Q1*
TB: Ramirez Q2*
TEX: Ramos Q1*
TOR: Feldman Q2*

2016 Data Disk Error Corrections
There are 7 data disk errors that you may need to make on your 2016 Data Disk.

The players that need to be checked and/or corrected are;
Jose Lobaton (12-25, 13-14)
Ichiro Suzuki (44-8)
Ender Inciarte (44-8)
Shawn O'Malley (33-8)
Don Kelly (11-2, 66-2)
Joey Wendle (Games Played should be 28, not 8)
Matt McBride (Primary Position is C-7, PB-3, Th-4 - remove second base position).

Here is the link to instructions for editing the 2016 files and season disks.

The 2016 season is now available for APBA GO!! When you sign up for APBA GO you will have access to the 2015 and 2016 World Series teams.

Have you checked out APBA GO Baseball yet?  What are you waiting for? Now you can play your old friend who has moved to Thailand, Hawaii or 3 blocks away.  Grandfathers can play grandsons or granddaughters. Let us know what you think.  Remember we will continue to add features and improvements to APBA GO Baseball.  

Here is the link to the 2016 Carded Player set.
The XBs are in bold on this list.  This is the last season we will identify the XB players separately.  Please change your league by-laws or use this warning period to develop procedures for your league to identify XBs for future years.

All orders have been shipped.

Several corrections:
Hillman Denver C-2
Kelce Kansas City A-7
Hankerson New England C-1
Jackson Washington B-8

Here is the D. Jackson of New England 2016 card

 Here is a combined 2015 depth chart roster. One page per team.   
I am pleased to report that Percy Ashcraft from Prince George, VA is the first to report conducting an APBA GO Baseball Tournament. The tournament involved eight participants selecting teams at random from the 2013 MLB season. The winning manager was Bill Dansbach from Richmond, VA.  His team was the 2013 Detroit Tigers and he beat the 2013 Atlanta Braves, 3-2, managed by Gil Palladino from Clinton, NY.  Summarized below are the details of the championship game:
Bottom 2nd- Victor Martinez RBI single to put Tigers ahead 1-0.
Bottom 4th- Miguel Cabrera RBI single to extend Tigers lead 2-0.
Top 8th- Andrelton Simmons and Chris Johnson RBI hits to tie game for the Braves at 2-2.
Bottom 8th- Miguel Cabrera hits sacrifice fly to bring in eventual game winning run 3-2
Final Box Score
Braves-  2  4  0
Tigers-   3  6  2
WP: Drew Smyly
LP: David Carpenter
Congratulations goes out to Bill and his 2013 Detroit Tigers and a special thank you goes out to Percy for organizing and conducting the first reported APBA GO Baseball Tournament.
Remember if you are planning a 2017 Spring or Summer Regional APBA Tournament please forward me your tournament and contact information at  apba66nyslp@yahoo.com and I will be sure to promote your event in APBA's company electronic newsletter beginning in January 2017.  I have began to receive information from tournament directors and will begin listing 2017 Spring/Summer tournaments in the next newsletter. Remember all APBA game tournaments are welcome.  Everyone have a good week and enjoy the new baseball cards and disk.

The 1981 (R)  baseball card set and season for APBA Baseball 5.75 are now available.   This is a brand new set.  All 908 players are included in this set.

This is an infamous season because of the strike in the middle of the season. After the strike was settled, a split season format was adopted.  The division leaders at the time of the strike were declared the first half winners.  However, Cincinnati which had the best overall 1981 season record did not make the play-offs.    
This is the year of Fernandomania.
Twenty year old Fernando Valenzuela won his first 8 starts; five were shutouts. I remember waiting for Ray Glandolf's three minute sports update on the CBS Morning news show in 1981 to get an update on Fernandomania before leaving for work. This was pre-Sports Center. 
This is a great  what-if season to manage.  How would a 162 game schedule play out?  Can you manage your
favorite team to the World Series?

Check out the lineup sheet here. 

LUEGRASS is periodically host to one of the majors.  It is noted for its tiered greens and deep greenside bunkers. This course is a par 71 playing at 7,466 yards.
Bring Bluegrass home.

The 2015-16 Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and Serie A seasons are now available. 


  2015-16 NHL Season.  
Now available the recently completed 2015-16 NHL season.  Bring it home to your home rink wherever that is.

This is a competitive season.  None of the number one seeds made the conference finals.  The coaches of the Stanley Cup finalists were in their first year or first half year with their teams.  Washington was the President's Cup winner with 120 points.  Pittsburgh eliminated them in the second round in six games.

Penguin GM, Jim Rutherford rolled the dice big time in the off season and during the season with trades, call ups and hiring a new coach.  Can you coach the Penguins to the Cup?  Or as a die-hard Capital fan do you want to get behind the bench and end Washington's post season heartbreaks? 

San Jose's first year coach, Peter DeBoer led San Jose to the Cup finals.  Can you push San Jose over the edge to claim the Cup?  Would you rather try your hand coaching one of the other playoff teams?  Do you want to coach Conner McDavid or Jack Eichel in their rookie season?  Buy this set. 
2017 APBA Convention (66th Anniversary Family Reunion)
We will be back at the Hilton Gardens again.  Rooms at the APBA rate will be available beginning Thursday June 22nd.  Watch for further information.
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