October 31, 2017  


Volume I Issue 1 

Good evening,

Game 6 tonight. I hope its well played. I would like a Game 7. There is nothing better than a Game 7.

You can now download the 2017 Dodgers and Astros for APBA GO.  See below for more information.  Pre-play the 2017 World Series! Some results were the Dodgers in 4, Astros in 5 and 2 to 2 tie after four games. 

Thank you to Tony Koneheiser for the APBA shout out last week on his podcast.  Mr. Tony pronounced it right.  He did not spell out the letters.

The 2016-17 EPL replacement cards have all been shipped.

Please welcome the following new members to the APBA community. New members are folks who have recently made their first purchase of APBA products. If you know them or live in the same area, please reach out to them.


Several of you have asked for the new members contact info.  In this day and age, we can't do that.  But we will send your contact information to them if you ask us to.

The November 1, 2017 edition will be emailed on Wednesday the first.

 If you want to be included in this directory, fill out the linked excel worksheet. Submit this worksheet to the apbadirectory@gmail.com.   You have to be listed in the directory to get a copy of it.

We created a separate newsletter for those who sign up for the directory and email you the directory.  We will be sending monthly updates.

Two new sets this week:
2002 Ryder Cup set, and
The 2004 Ryder Cup set.

We have released the following sets recently:

1976 Pro Football season
Coach the 1976 Pro Football season. Raiders win their first Super Bowl. Can you coach the Vikings to their first Super Bowl Championship? Are you a better coach than John McKay can you coach Tampa Bay to at least one victory? Buy this set and get the answers to these questions.

This is a complete re-do of this set for the current football game boards.

1977-78 NHL Hockey 477 players bring it to your home ice here,  and
2016-17 Bundesliga soccer


To download the 2017 World Series teams,
 (1) go to APBA GO Store
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(4) these two teams are free. 

Now you have the teams, you can manage both teams or challenge your long time APBA buddy cross country. 

What are you waiting for?  APBA BASIC BASEBALL "APBO GO" is online!  PLAY BALL!

The 1907, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912, 1917, 1920, 1923, 1928, 1943, 1946, 1956, 1963, 1970, 1972, 1993 and 1999 seasons were added to APBA GO this week. You can order any of these seasons  here for $20 a season. The baseball game is free.

Check  the APBA Go store for new seasons.  More seasons are being added weekly.  Please visit the APBA GO website and Facebook page for more information.   

Join John Asalon and his guests every Thursday night at 8:00 pm (Eastern) for This WEEK IN APBA show.  This week's guest is
Warren Brown, former Reds batboy and clubhouse worker during the Big Red Machine era. He's also an avid APBA baseball guy.

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Listen to the Thursday November 2nd show here.

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The lists of current card sets available for each sport APBA offers can be found here.

This week I prepared my report from Cooperstown, New York as I attended Game #4 of the World Series last evening at the Hall of Fame World Series Gala. The HOF was a great host to the 200 individuals who attended the event. It was a very exciting game as the Dodgers tied the series at two games apiece.
This week I am glad to report on The Great Florida RollAPBAlooza Baseball Tournament which was held October 28th in Davenport, Florida under the direction of Tony Stevens and the announcement of the Spring 2018 Wisconsin APBA Baseball Tournament. Let's get started.
The second annual Tournament in the Sunshine State just may have had two firsts for regional tournaments. But first of all, everyone in Florida would like to thank the promotion of APBA HOFer Randy Coryer and the APBA Game Company for their promotion of The Great Florida RollAPBAlooza 2017 Baseball Tournament. Almost tripling the participation from last year was directly due to the inclusion of the tournament in the game company's weekly newsletter. Proof positive that the newsletter is being read in its entirety.
This was a day of second chances. With the theme of the day being No Playoff Teams Allowed, everyone had hoped to change their team's history and make the playoffs today. Teams ranged from the 90 year old 1928 Philadelphia Athletics to the modern day 2013 Texas Rangers.
Just as wide were the APBAtites who signed-up and show-up to add to the fun of the day. Driving to the Davenport, Florida were long time APBA players from Jacksonville, Ft Myers, and Port St. Lucie. All hoping for retribution for their team not making the playoffs the first time.
Yet, only four teams would from advance from divisional play. The 1964 Philadelphia Phillies would Phold this time. They won the Andre Dawson Division with a perfect record. The 1950 Cleveland Indians captured the Steve Carlton Division in a very close race that saw 5 teams having a chance to win in their final two games. Finally, having the same 9-3 record as the 1928 Philadelphia Athletics, the 1987 Toronto Blue Jays took home the Ed Charles Division by having swept those same As in a 2 game series. Not to worry though, the Athletics advanced as the Wild Card team.
The playoff series were '87 Blue Jays vs the '28 Athletics and the '64 Phillies vs the '50 Indians. The '28 A's may not have had Connie Mack as their manager today, but, it sure is difficult to beat the same 4 times out of 5 games in a single day. This time, the A's swept the Jays 2-0. In the other series, the Indians dinged the Phillies armour for the first time, but couldn't do it a second time. The Phillies advanced winning the series 2 games to 1 -- creating what is believed to be the very first Subway/Dugout Series in regional tournament history -- the 1928 Philadelphia Athletics (Tony Stevens) vs the 1964 Philadelphia Phillies (Steve Greenberg). Oddly enough, no subway was needed as both teams played in the same ballpark and merely exchanged dugout after games.
This series would go down to the last few out before a winner could be decided. Game #1 had old man Jack "The Mighty" Quinn (BZ) taking the mound for the As and Chris Short (AX) for the Phillies. After 9 innings, the game was tied at 3, because of a pinch-hit solos homerun by Wes Covington. The Phillies eventually pulled it out in the bottom of the 12th inning with a Johnny Callison walk off RBI double.
After exchanging dugouts, Game #2 matched Phillies #3 starter, Dennis Bennett (CY) against The A's #4 starter, Edwin "Not the Desert Fox" Rommel (BZ). Unlike the more well-known Rommel, this foxy MLBer won. Rommell advanced a grade by throwing a much needed shut-out, winning 3-0. Bennett pitched well himself after a shaky 4th inning where he allowed a Joe Hauser solo blast and then 4 singles to the next 5 batters accounted for only one run. C pitchers were the downfall of the '28 A's all day. During divisional play, Dave Stieb advanced to A beating them to help capture the Ed Charles Division. Another C starter would be ready to face them in the 3rd and final game, after the last change of dugouts. The young Rick Wise (C -- Phillies #4 starter) would face Lefty Grove (AXZ -- Athletics Ace). and as if it was scripted throughout the entire day, it did not look good for Philadelphia after 7 complete innings ... no wait a minute -- it did look good for Philadelphia ... not really ... STOP! It did not look good for the 28 A's, but it did look good for the '64 Phillies. The Phillies came out swinging, scoring 2 in the bottom of the first with the key hit coming off the bat of potential Series MVP, Johnny Callison. With Alex Johnson on first and one out, Johnny Callison legged out a triple, knocking in the first run of the game and finally scoring the second run on a Danny Cater sacrifice fly after Dick Allen was intentionally walked. The Phillies added to their lead in the bottom of the 6th inning when Cater hit a 2-out double just before Big Frank Thomas was intentionally walked and Super Sub, Cookie Rojas was called off the bench to hit for catcher, Gus Triandos. Rojas would wait for his pitch before smacking a Grove offering into right field for an RBI single and a 3-0 lead for the home town Phillies after 6 innings. Wise, having already advancing to a B, pitched another shutout inning for a second advancement to an A. Phillies Phans thought their team was cruising. But, getting Wise out from being a C was all the Athletics needed to turn things around, but would they have enough outs? Seventh place hitter, Bing Miller hit a second column 11 to lead off the 8th inning standing on 2nd base. Wise buckled down to strike out both 3rd baseman, Jimmy Dykes and pinch hitter Ossie Orwoll. Jimmy Foxx, in the unfamiliar spot of lead-off was having a horrible day, but not this time ... this time he smacked a triple, scoring the A's first run of the game and placing himself in prime scoring position for DH Joe Hauser. Hauser tied the game with a deep blast to center field -- actually, I can't recall where it was hit, but in my world it was a 1,750 ft HR. With the A's now relaxed, the bats came out. Yes, Wise advanced 2 letter grades to an A, but couldn't get out of the inning as an A. he was subsequently reduced to a B with 5 more hits (Bishop singled, Cobb tripled, Cochrane singled, Simmons singled and Miller hit his second single of the inning for 7 consecutive 2 out hits in the inning). The A's ended up scoring 6 runs in the inning -- all earned. Pinch hitter Ossie Orwoll? Struck out twice in the inning. I have never had a pinch hitter bat twice in the same inning -- especially after being the 2nd out of the inning with his first at bat. Was the Phillie Phold back in Phorm??? if it was, you could have Phooled the A's. The bottom of the 8th saw Callison single and being driven home by a Allen double, who was then knocked in with a Rojas triple for 2 runs. So entering the 9th inning, the A's were up by 1 run, leading 6-5. But Rick Wise was shaken and he just couldn't Phocus after that horrible 8th inning. Batters #1, #3, and #4 were all walked. A wild pitch, a ground out and a single saw the A's push across 3 more runs in the top of the 9th and Lefty Grove did the rest to Phinish off the infamous 1964 Philadelphia Phillies Phold team.
Congratulations to Tony Stevens and his 1928 Athletics on their Florida RollAPBAlooza Tournament championship. Also a special thanks to Tony for his leadership in organizing and conducting this Florida-based tournament which continues to grow exponentially under his leadership. The Chicagoland Fall APBA Baseball Tournament to be held at the Comfort Inn O'Hara in Des Plains, Illinois is next up on November 11th.
The Wisconsin Spring 2018 Tournament will be held on Saturday February 3, 2018 at the Wauwatosa Public Library.  The theme will be the 1950s. Contact Kurt Bergland at  Bergland.kurt@yahoo.com.
The APBA Regional Tournament schedule through July 2018 now stands as follows:
Saturday November 11, 2017 - Chicagoland Fall APBA Baseball Tournament, Comfort Inn O'Hara in Des Plains, Illinois.  Contact Rob Spatz at  robspatz@gmail.com. The tournament theme is 2000 through 2016. 
Saturday and Sunday January 27-28, 2018 - APBA Master Game Baseball Tournament,  Fairlawn Heights, Ohio a superb of Akron, Ohio.  Contact Bill Lilley at  Caseybillymickey@gmail.com or call 330-801-3613.
Saturday February 3, 2018 - The Wisconsin Spring 2018 Tournament, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin Public Library.  The theme will be the 1950s. Contact Kurt Bergland at  Bergland.kurt@yahoo.com.
Saturday March 3, 2018 - The 4th Annual Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament (GMABT), Jackson, Michigan.  Contact Rich Zawadzki at  pastorichz@gmail.com.
Saturday March 10, 2018 -The1st Annual Apba Heartland Tournament in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Contact Earle Shamblin at Stillvill44@gmail.com.
Saturday April 7, 2018 - The Twin Cities APBA Baseball Tournament, Maple Grove, Minnesota.  Contact Jim Fraasch at jwfraasch@mchsi.com.
Saturday July 7, 2018 - The 4th Annual Linda B. Schulz Memorial APBA Baseball Tournament, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.  Contact Ken Schulz at  schulzka02@gmail.com.
Saturday, July 21, 2018. The Second Annual Lancaster World Series , Landisville , Pennsylvania.  Contact Dale Shreiner dashreiner@gmail.com
If your tournament is not mentioned above and you are planning a Regional APBA Tournament please forward me your tournament and contact information at  apba66nyslp@yahoo.com and I will be sure to promote your event in APBA's company electronic newsletter.  Remember all APBA game tournaments are welcome.
I am pleased to report that this column has assisted leagues in finding new managers to fill open vacancies in their leagues.  I hope this continues to be a valuable service to the APBA community.  Openings or individuals looking for leagues are as follows this week:
Looking for a League - Chester from Philadelphia is looking for a Face-to-Face League in the Philadelphia area. Contact Chester Davis at superdawg17@hotmail.com.
Looking for a League - Gregg from Northwest New Jersey just started playing APBA and would like to meet some people and join a local league.  Contact Gregg Wiseburn at greggwiseburn@hotmail.com.
BoxCar Baseball Association League Opening - The BXCR is an 8 team "winter DH league" entering its 4th year this Fall that plays 154 games based this winter on the 2016 season.  The Philadelphia Phillies need an owner-manager.  Each franchise gets all of the players on the APBA Baseball disk for 2016 (aka Franchise Players.)  In addition, each team can choose or refuse to accept "Transaction Players" that their team dropped or acquired via trade or free agent signing from the trade deadline until December 31, 2016.  There is also a limited draft from all unowned players to fill out the winter roster, and these drafted players are returned to the league at the end of the season.  Limited trading is allowed.  For more information, contact Ben Zuhl at benz7@aol.com.
O.Z. League Opening - The O.Z. League, an APBA Baseball League founded in 1982, seeks new members.  They are currently a 12 team multi format League utilizing choice of BBW, Master Game Boards, and original Paul Marino Boards (combines Basic Game results with MG pitching and stealing). They were featured in the NY Daily News as an Opening Day story in 1988 and are made up of APBA players from New York, New Jersey, Florida, North Carolina, Sacramento, and Nashville. Their Draft is held in Commack Long Island in February.  If you would like a copy of their Rulebook, a copy of their most recent StatPak, or are interested in getting more info send an e-mail to Dom at NYAPBA@yahoo.com 
Looking for a League - Jody Huneycutt from Ellijay, Georgia is looking to join a Face-to-Face league in Northern Georgia, Southeastern Tennessee, or Western North Carolina.  If your looking for a league member in this region, please contact Jody at 770-312-5995 (cell) or at 706-276-1122 (work).
OOTL League Opening - OOTL has crowned a new first-time champion for the third straight season!  The OOTL currently features 10 teams run by 10 passionate baseball fans in the Harrisburg-York, Pennsylvania region. The OOTL plays a modified Master Game with SAMBO pitching grades, control and power factors. They always seek additional expansion, so feel free to reach out to them to ask questions, sit in on a few series, and determine whether you'd like to join the fun next season. Learn more at  http://ootlapba.com/ or contact Commissioner Brandon at  apbaootl@yahoo.com.
CMBA League Opening - Central Massachusetts Baseball Association is a face-to-face Master Game league in the Central Massachusetts/Worcester area.  Currently a 10-team league, playing a 80-game season, usually every 3rd Saturday afternoon/evening, we've been around since the 1970s, and have made several innovative enhancements to the game (for example pitching grades), and have had many notable APBA managers.  It's a keeper league, using the new card sets.  If interested, please contact Rich Lundin at  spdrcr1987@aol.com.
ABL League Opening - The American Baseball League (ABL) is looking to add one or two managers for their 2018 season. The ABL has been in existence since 1982.  It is a face-to-face basic game (w/ modifications) league. If you live in the Butler County, Ohio area and are interested, send an e-mail togregsch4867@gmail.com.
MDTL League Opening - The MDTL is in it's 45th season. We have one manager that has announced that he is leaving the league at seasons end due to time constraints. We also just had another manager pass away after a long illness. Therefore, we are looking for replacement managers to take over the ownership of these two fine franchises. Players on the teams include Murphy, Odor, Belt, and Lester on one team. The other team includes Bradley Jr., G Sanchez, Donaldson, and Grienke. The league is a 20 team league with 25 man rosters. We use the basic boards with a few modifications. We also use the basic pitching grades. This is a very solid league with a competitive but friendly membership. If you are interested in joining our league please email me at  riggsk@juno.com with your gaming history and any questions you may have.
League Openings - A face-to-face Master Game league in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area is advertising for new managers in a well-established league.  The 12-team league, playing a 99-game season mostly on "League Nights" in one of the manager's homes, has been in existence since the early 1970s and has included notable managers, such as Thatcher Longstreth and David Eisenhower.  Most of the managers live along the "Main Line", though one commutes from Reading and another lives in southern New Jersey.  In addition to the 12 active teams, there are 2 inactive teams that are available to new managers.  It is a keeper league, using the new card sets.  Draft occurs in late January (probably later next year), and the season begins shortly thereafter, winding up in October with playoffs and "World Series".  If interested, please contact Dusty Welsh at  dustywelch119@gmail.com.
Looking for a League - To all MAINE-iacs: Looking to form or play in an existing league. I desire cards & dice face-to-face play. Winter league to pass the time with some baseball.  Contact Dr. Bill in Dresden, Maine 04342 or e-mail  thethrillofthegrass@yahoo.com.
Looking for a League - Timothy Zack (Yes the brother of APBA HOFer Ed Zack) is retired and looking to participate in a F-T-F League in Western New York.  You can contact Timattimothyzack2011@gmail.com or call him at 716-472-9781.
Looking for a League - Mark Dergarabedian looking to find a face to face league to play in; master baseball, master football or master golf.  Mark lives in Sammamish, Washington; a suburb of Seattle.  Mark would even would form a league if there is enough interest.  Mark can be contacted at  dergar66@gmail.com or at 425-891-3354.
Based on the number of league listings and to better manage the listing volume, I plan to post your listing for four consecutive weeks then remove the listing to be sure that the listings are current. You are welcome to continue a listing but you will need to request a continued posting. I hope this column is continuing to bring many APBA players together be it in regional tournaments or league play.  Everyone have a great week.
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