March 6, 2018   


Volume I Issue 17


Good afternoon,
Bill Lilley had an AIRPORT LAYOVER of 6 hours in China. NO problem!!! He pulled out the APBA Football Game Master Addition and rolled for 1965 Cowboys!!! The stares from the Chinese people were priceless when he whooped it up for a LONG TD pass to Bullet Bob Hayes against the Eagles!!! Check out Bill's Facebook page.

Check out the APBA Baseball Group Facebook page for more information on  the 4th Annual Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament (GMABT) won by Rob Spatz.

New Set
The 2017 Super Bowl card set is now available. Get these two teams here!

The 1992 BBW baseball season file now has every player that played this year. Buy this file here. 

The 1975-76 NHL season is now available. Check out the roster sheet here.

The 1992 season disk will be available later this week.  Check the store.

While cleaning the warehouse, we found a box with a complete run of the 1978 Sporting News, every issue for 1978.  If you are interested in purchasing the entire collection, send your offer to

Thank you for your help.  We got the statistics we needed.
Please welcome the following new members to the APBA community. New members are folks who have recently made their first purchase of APBA products. If you know them or live in the same area, please reach out to them. 


Several of you have asked for the new members contact info.  In this day and age, we can't do that.  But we will send your contact information to them if you ask us to. Please identify the name of the person you want us to send your contact info.

APBA has began to sponsor a weekly broadcast offering insights into the game of APBA and players within the APBA community.  The host is John Asalon who offers a extremely professional broadcast.  Please join John Asalon and his guests every Thursday night at 8:00 pm (Eastern) for THIS WEEK IN APBA radio show.
John's guests this week are: Rob Spatz 4th Annual GMABT tournament and John Cochrane.  John will discuss the upcoming auction of the Don Adams APBA collection.

 Here is the tentative TWIA schedule for March:
March 15th - the 2018 APBA Convention tournament directors discussing the upcoming football, soccer and hockey convention tournaments, and
March 22nd - APBA GO updates including new features.
Check the archives below the large screen on the first page of the above link for earlier broadcasts.

We are exploring podcast options for TWIA.

Check APBA GO out here. Its free!   
Every season from 1931 through 2017, except 1988,  are now available. We are working on a new release of the 1988 baseball season carding every player. More seasons are being added weekly. 

Now you have the teams, you can manage both teams or challenge your long time APBA buddy cross country.  

Check out Lyle and Larry Ball's BATS replay using APBA GO on the APBA Baseball group Facebook page. 

This week, The 4th Annual Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament (GMABT) in Jackson, Michigan directed by Pastor Rich Zawadzki led off our 2018 tournament season. And what a success it was.
The 4th Annual Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament had 53 in attendance, with 48 managers (6 divisions of 8 teams), and a great time was had by all. There were 16 managers who have attended all 4 years of the tournament, many first-time attendees, and many families attending together (Father-Son, Father-Daughter, Father-Mother-Son, and Grandpa-Grandson).
Rob Spatz who hosts the Chicagoland Tournament, and one of the truly "nice guys" in the APBA Baseball world, took home the title with the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays (8-3), joining Aaron Radlinski (1902 Pittsburgh Pirates), Shawn Baier (1993 Atlanta Braves) and John Roels (1937 New York Yankees) as GMABT champions whose names are on the trophy.
With 6 Division winners and 2 wild card entries, one from each side of the tournament bracket, the Elite Eight were established. The left-side of the bracket had the #1 seed 1995 Indians (Bob McCurdy), #2 seed 2006 Tigers (Robert Mosher), #3 seed 1987 Tigers (Brandon Robetoy), and #4 seed 1977 Yankees (Kevin Weber). The right-side of the bracket had the #1 seed 1977 Royals (Greg "This ain't football" Wells), #2 seed 1990 Athletics (Norman Zavela), #3 seed 2015 Blue Jays (Rob Spatz), and #4 seed 1984 Blue Jays (Wendall Wadkins). The Yankees defeated the Tribe by a score of 11-7 in 10 innings on a walk-off Grand Slam by Willie Randolph. The 1987 Tigers defeated their 2006 counterparts by a score of 8-4, the 1977 Royals crushed the 1984 Blue Jays 18-3, and the 2015 Blue Jays eliminated the A's by a score of 9-3.
The Final Four match-ups were the 1977 Yankees vs. 1987 Tigers and the 2015 Blue Jays vs. 1977 Royals. In the first game the 1977 Yankees beat the 1987 Tigers in a 4-3 squeaker. In the second game, the 2015 Blue Jays handed Manager, Greg Wells and his 1977 Royals, his only loss of the day by a score of 7-2. 
The Final was set pitting the 1977 Yankees (8-2) managed by Kevin Weber against the 2015 Blue Jays (7-3) managed by Rob Spatz. In one of the best games of the tournament, the 2015 Blue Jays outlasted a 1977 Yankees by a score of 7-6. Congratulations to Rob Spatz and his 2015 Blue Jays (8-3) on the championship of the 4th Annual Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament.
Congratulations also to Zach Zavela who won the Consolation Tournament of 16 Teams with the 1987 Toronto Blue Jays; and a HUGE THANK YOU to Mike Pryson for handing this part of the tournament. A special thanks goes out to Pastor Rich Zawadzki for a great job in directing the fourth edition of this tournament.
The 5th Annual Greater Michigan APBA Baseball Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, March 2, 2019.
The theme: Any MLB Team from 1940-1968. Please reserve the date on your calendar.
Next up is the Saturday March 10, 2018 1st Annual APBA Heartland Tournament in Stillwater, Oklahoma. 
The 2018 APBA Regional Tournament schedule through July 2018 is as follows.  Please Mark your calendars accordingly and be sure to attend and participate in one of these fine events.  You will not regret the experience of brotherhood and gaming experience.
Saturday March 10, 2018 -The1st Annual APBA Heartland Tournament in Stillwater, Oklahoma.  Contact Earle Shamblin at
Saturday April 7, 2018 - The Twin Cities APBA Baseball Tournament, Maple Grove, Minnesota.  Contact Jim Fraasch at
Saturday April 14, 2018 - The Old Dominion APBA Baseball Tournament, Richmond, Virginia.  Contact Jim Saska
Saturday April 14, 2018 - Florida's Spring Break From Reality APBA Baseball Tournament, Davenport, Florida (Denny's in Davenport).  The theme is Happy Days ... teams from the 1950s and 1960s.  Contact Tony Stevens at (352) 600-0974 or at 
Saturday April 28, 2018 - The Prairieland III APBA Baseball Tournament, Springfield, Illinois (Ramada Inn, 3281 Northfield Drive).  The theme is The Golden Years 1920-1960's (No W.S. teams or 1941 Red Sox).  Contact Tom Nelshoppen or register on-line at
Saturday July 7, 2018 - The 4th Annual Linda B. Schulz Memorial APBA Baseball Tournament, Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania.  Contact Ken Schulz at
Saturday, July 14, 2018 - The Chicagoland Summer APBA Baseball Tournament, Des Plainies, Illinois (at the Comfort Inn O'Hare in Des Plainies, IL). Contact Rob Spatz at
Saturday, July 21, 2018. The Second Annual Lancaster World Series , Landisville , Pennsylvania.  Contact Dale Shreiner
If your tournament is not mentioned above and you are planning a Regional APBA Tournament in 2018 please forward me your tournament and contact information and I will be sure to promote your event in APBA's company electronic newsletter.  Remember all APBA game tournaments are welcome.
APBA has began to sponsor a weekly broadcast offering insights into the game of APBA and players within the APBA community.  The host is John Asalon who offers a extremely professional broadcast.  Please join John Asalon and his guests every Thursday night at 8:00 pm (Eastern) for THIS WEEK IN APBA radio show.  This past weeks guest was David Eisenhower, grandson of President Dwight D. Eisenhower.
Educator, author, talk show host and APBA enthusiast, David Eisenhower, talked with John Asalon about his lifelong love of APBA games, specifically baseball. As grandson to Dwight D. Eisenhower and son-in-law to Richard Nixon, David has played APBA from college dorms to naval battleships to Camp David and even the White House. Due to technical difficulties this author was unable to access the TWIA podcast. Once the podcast becomes available on be sure to listen in for what I hear was an excellent interview.
John's scheduled guest for the live March 8th show is John Cochrane; APBA Hall of Famer, APBA Handbook Editor, and Director of the Robert Henry Memorial Baseball Tournament.  Be sure to tune in for this most interesting discussion on APBA, insights to APBA's history, and current APBA topics.
I am pleased to report that this column continues to assist leagues in finding new managers and pairing individuals looking for leagues.  Beginning in January 2018 and to better manager newsletter volume, I will run any of your league opening or requests to join leagues for a period of four or five weeks.  I will be glad to run them longer if you contact me at  Openings or individuals looking to join leagues are as follows this week:
March 4th Openings
O.Z. League Opening - The O.Z. League, an APBA Baseball group created in 1982, is looking for a N.J. addition to their league. They currently have 12 teams of which 3 hail from Jersey so getting another would give them the opportunity to create a N.J. Division. They play a mixture of BBW, MG, and the hybrid Paul Marino Boards. They were featured in the N.Y. Daily News in 1988 and play 162 games from February to October. Their draft is held at the Hilton Garden Inn in Ronkonkoma every February. If you are interested send an e-mail to Dom at
Louisiana/Mississippi League Formation - David is interested in reaching out to all members in Southeast Louisiana, Southern Mississippi to arrange a face to face conference for the purpose of exchanging ideas and perhaps forming a league or tournament in the area or possibly even forming an online league.  If interested contact David Carry at
ABL League Opening - The American Baseball League (ABL) is looking to add one or two managers for their 2018 season. The ABL has been in existence since 1982.  It is a face-to-face basic game (w/ modifications) league. If you live in the Butler County, Ohio area and are interested, send an e-mail to
League Openings - The Cal Ripken Junior League which is AIM playing the 2015 season and The Kirby Puckett Memorial League playing 2014 season has openings. If interested contact Gene at
Roger Lawson Memorial League - The RLML, a well-run 20 team BBW AIM league, has two openings. Both teams are in pretty decent shape, unlike most orphaned teams. The league draft is starting next week, so email commish Rick at if interested.
February 25th Openings
APBA MLB Opening - APBA MLB (BBW, 14 teams, continuous ownership, currently 2017 disk) is looking for a manager in their 13th season.  They play from April through October.  The Annual Draft also includes players who changed leagues in the previous major league season, such as J.D. Martinez and Yu Darvish this past season.  They limit position players to actual games played and pitchers to innings and starts.  The league plays a 162 game season with DH, 40 man rosters, 7 team American League, 7 team National League, and interleague play.  Please e-mail Duane at for a rules page or questions.  The league is very well organized and operated and has very good people involved, some of them friends for 35+ years.
Canadian Player Expressing Tournament Interest - Alan Lipman from Toronto, Ontario, Canada has been playing APBA Baseball for over 40 years and would be interested in playing in a local tournament. If any area tournament offerings please contact Alan at
February 18th Openings
The International Master APBA League Opening - The IMAL, in it's 7thseason, is looking for a manager of their 2017 Championship winning team.  The league is a C&D based league, there are only 8 teams in the league.  Most of the members are living in Southern California and play some of their games FTF.  The IMAL uses the Master Game with modifications and the CMBA Pitching System.  They have a 108 game schedule.  This year's draft starts in March and the season around the beginning of April.  They only use the 30-man National League rosters from the current APBA season.  There is a 3-tier draft, Auction (player's coming from the AL), Free Agent, and finally a Waiver Draft.  If interested or for more information, please contact David Breeden
February 11th Openings     
BBW League Openings - This BBW league has two manager openings in their 14 team, continuous ownership BBW league that is in it's 13th year.  One of the teams has the first overall pick in the draft on Saturday, February 17.  Great league, great members, and great rules. Some of the members have been together in leagues since 1980.    Please contact Duane at with interest and/or questions and he will send you a copy of their league rules. 
February 4th Openings
Mid-West Winter League Opening - The Mid-West Winter League is looking for a replacement expansion owner.  The MWWL is finishing up the 1993 season and will have an Expansion Draft prior to our 1994 Season in early March.  The MWWL will be adding 4 franchises to a now 20 team League - to bring us up to 24 Teams total.  One of the expansion owners had some life commitments arise.  If interested contact Stray Corrado at
The Internet Computer Baseball League Opening - The ICBL has openings for two (2) managers. The ICBL, established in 1989,  is an in-season, 24 team league divided into the National League (NO DH) and the American League (DH) using BBW 5.75 and AIM. Team roster size is limited to 34 carded players and 6 prospects. At this time both openings are in the American League. If interested, please contact Brian Devine at with your league/game experience and general knowledge of the game.
January 30th Openings
Texas League Opening - The Texas League (you don't have to live in Texas) is in need of one manager.  This is a 20 team computer league utilizing Baseball for Windows.  The Texas League is a stable league with quite a few managers who like to trade.  Please email Jack Modrak in response to Between the Lines thread number 53775.1 if interested.
League Acknowledgement
Occasionally I report on a long-standing league. This week I would like to give a shout out to The N.S.L. (Northern States League) which recently completed their 39th year of existence with their annual league meetings February 21 - 25 held in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.  The meetings include both rookie and free agent drafting, rules discussions, league business, the playing of the All League game and the face to face playing of their championship series.  This year, the Duneland Crusaders managed by Dan Wilburn from Valpariso, Indiana defeated Mike Cross from Wilmington, North Carolina and his Crosstown Clydesdales in an exciting 7 game championship series highlighted by a 12 inning game #7. N.S.L. Commissioner, Rich Pray, indicated that the league is as strong as ever as they head into their 40th year. Congratulations to the N.S.L. on 40 years of gaming. Great job guys!
I trust this column is continuing to bring many APBA players together be it in regional tournaments or league play.  Everyone have a great week.

This is the tentative schedule for the 2018 APBA Convention at Alpharetta Georgia starting on Thursday June 21st ending on Sunday June 24th.

Before the actual convention starts, the opening rounds of the football, hockey and soccer tournaments will be played.  In addition, the opening rounds of the Negro League Baseball APBA GO tournament will be played. Rules for the Negro League tournament will be forthcoming.  This tournament is limited to 20 (twenty managers)  Teams will be randomly assigned. It is not a requirement but I would like to have the managers of the teams in the semi-finals in Alpharetta for the semis and finals. 

You can registered by sending an email to expressing your interest to manage a team.  The first twenty emails received get a team.

Thursday June 21st  (all activities are the Hilton Garden hotel unless indicated otherwise)
10:00 am  Unveiling of the new APBA Games website

 11:00 am Finals of the Negro League Baseball APBA GO tournament.

1:30 - 5:00  Game demonstrations (small group demonstrations on how to play APBA Football, Soccer, Golf, Hockey and APBA GO).  These sessions will repeat at 2:45 and 4:00. Each session is one hour.  Get an up-close tutorial on these other games.  Expand your APBA experience.

Using the  APBA  Horse Racing game, we are having a night at the races.  This will a multi-race card with the final race - a race of the evenings winners. 

We are trying to hold this off-site from the Hilton Gardens, if we do there will be a separate charge for this event.

Sometime on Thursday we will record an APBA Roundtable discussion for This Week in APBA (TWIA).  

Friday June 22nd
9:00 Opening welcome
9:30 to 11:30  Innovation sessions
11:30 to 1:30 last chance to register at the APBA offices and purchase product.


4:00 to 5:00 Questions and answers

The par three golf tournament runs from 9 am to 4 pm on Friday.  Golfers will be provided for you. I encourage everyone to play in this tournament.

6:30-8:00 Dinner including awards ceremony hosted by Greg Wells.
Discussion of the baseball tournament rules.
Submit teams and rosters to tournament director by 9:00

The restrictions on pre-1950 teams has been lifted for this year.  Thank you Paul.

Saturday  June 23rd 
9:00 am to ?  APBA Baseball tournament.  Completion of pool play and best of three quarterfinals.  Each team plays ten games of pool play.  Teams are assigned to a team randomly.

Saturday lunch is included in your convention fee.

Sunday June 24th 
Morning  Semi-finals and Finals. 
Trophy presentation
Safe travels home.

How much is all this fun going to cost?  Don't know yet.  I'm still waiting for the hotel to finalize its cost.  They have promised me it will be this week.  Check the store for more information. Your fee includes the convention T-shirt, Friday dinner and Saturday lunch and four days of conference rooms for us. 

If you have never been to a convention, check us out.  You can come just for Thursday for the tutorials at no charge.

You can also attended the Friday sessions. We will offer a Friday night dinner only option. That price will be announced at the same time as the convention price.

People tell me I don't know if I'm good enough.  All these folks are better players than me.  Nonsense.  One of the managers, last year only owned the four teams that came with the basic game. He is coming back.

 There were several young boys, pre-teens, the defending home run champ is ten years old. 

 There are women managers. One made it to the semi-finals last year.  One manager's new wife played her first APBA baseball game at the tournament last year.

If you have an interest in APBA, come to Alpharetta.  Renew old friendships.  Make new friends. This is a family reunion with people you like.  You will not be sorry that you came.

If you have a question about your order or if APBA has made a mistake, please contact us at 1-800-334-2722 or Remember all prices listed do not include shipping and handling  charges.
Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for your support of APBA.

John Herson
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