October 2016   

Thank you for attending the 35th Anniversary of ATHENA International Ignite8 Conference!

Click the video above to watch Ashley Judd speak about encouragement.
"The way forward for women, Judd said, is a journey toward interdependency.

"It's the pluralism and diversity of women sharing our experience, strength and hope is what I believe is the way forward," she said. "It will create a sustainable way for everyone to be able to reach their full potential."
The Impact of ATHENA Leadership; ATHENA Ignite!
U.S. Senator of Michigan, Debbie Stabenow and ATHENA International founder, Martha Mertz
spoke about the impact of ATHENA Leadership at our Ignite8 conference and 35th anniversary celebration.         (Left; Senator Stabenow. Right; Martha Mertz) 

Congratulations to our 2016 National ATHENA Leadership Award Recipient! Mona Hanna-Attisha MD MPH FAAP is director of Hurley's Pediatric Residency Program.  Dr. Hanna-Attisha is renowed for her work as director of the Michigan State University and Hurley Children's Hospital Public Health Initiative.
(Left to right; ATHENA International Board Chair Judith Lancaster, Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, Sarah Jennings, ATHENA WIN.)

Congratulations to our 2016 National ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award recipients! Annie E. Clark and Andrea Pino are civil rights activists, and co-founders of the survivor advocacy group, End Rape on Campus , where they give voice and counsel to survivors of campus sexual assault all around the country. (Left to right, Annie Clark, President of ATHENA International Andrea Stevenson Conner, Andrea Pino.)
Dr. MaryLee Davis, professor of Higher Education Administration at Michigan State University, was the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce Business/Professional Woman of the Year Award in 1982.                                                                                                                   (Sarah Jennings with Dr. MaryLee Davis)   

This Chamber Recognition, now known as the "ATHENA Leadership Award," became a national award in 1985 making Dr. Davis the first ATHENA Leadership Award recipient nationwide. We were honored to have her speak at our Ignite8 Conference, thirty five years later! Go MSU
ATHENA Intl, ATHENA of the Triangle & Kenya

ATHENA of the Triangle, part of the larger ATHENA International, held an event Thursday, September 29, 2016 with the Women's Leadership Delegation from
(Dr. Ida Odinga, Director of the Centre for Economic & Leadership Development .)
Kenya, bringing business leaders from that country to Cary.

"This event is hoping to cultivate a strong organization here in the Triangle," said Andrea Conner, interim executive director of Athena International. "And with the collaboration with the delegation, we also want to create a global connection with other continents."

Women in Business Unlimited
Congratulations to the ATHENA International community in Muncie, Indiana for nominating their 2016 ATHENA Award recipients!

The 2016 ATHENA Awards nominees for Muncie are:
  • ATHENA Professional Leadership Award: Melissa Bucur (nominated by Karen McTague), Peggy Cenova (nominated by Judy Porter), Tisha Gierhart (nominated by Mitch Isaacs), Heidi Hale (nominated by Melanie Howe), Jeannine Harrold (nominated by Tara Whitehead), Liz Ludwick (nominated by McKensie Monroe), Juli Metzger (nominated by Tammy Pearson) and Pam Price (nominated by Bonnie Krupa).
  • ATHENA Young Professional Leadership Award: Kyla Bartle (nominated by Kat Knox), Olivia Fellows (nominated by Kristen Bitzegaio), Niki Fitzgerald (nominated by Elizabeth Ludwick and Rebecca Parker/Amy Logan), Melanie Howe (nominated by Pam Price), McKensie Monroe (nominated by Rita Holloway and Gary Stamper), Rebecca Parker (nominated by WaTasha Barnes Griffin), Kayla Stanton (nominated by Molly Hunt) and Courtney Jarrett (nominated by Kaitlyn Davis).
  • ATHENA Organizational Leadership: Academy of Model Aeronautics (nominated by Barbi Paschal); Community Business Connector Group (nominated by Kaitlyn Davis); Hillcroft Services (nominated by Kristen Bitzegaio); Second Harvest Food Bank (nominated by Melissa Bucur); Shafer Leadership Academy (nominated by Mitch Isaacs); The Startup Ladies (nominated by Kristen Cooper) and YWCA of Muncie (nominated by Kim Campbell).
The Chamber Foundation, Inc. Dutchess County, NY
Congratulations to all honored nominees and recipients at the 2016 ATHENA Award event! Chosen by a selection committee composed of the past three years' honorees, ATHENA recipients demonstrate strengths in career excellence and leadership, community volunteer involvement and willingness to serve as mentors - especially to women in the business community. Financial journalist Jane Bryant Quinn spoke as keynote at the Awards Reception.

The honorees are:
  • Gloria Cukar, MidHudson Regional Hospital
  • Dr. Pamela Edington, Dutchess Community College
  • RenĂ©e Fillette Ph.D, Astor Services for Children & Families
  • Lauren Gillett, Chazen Companies
  • Krista Jones, Sparrow's Nest
  • Cynthia Keller, The Culinary Institute of America
  • Kelly Lyndgaard, Unshattered
  • Ruth Mahoney, KeyBank
  • Maj. Kathleen Sileno, Air National Guard
  • Catherine Spratt, MidHudson Regional Hospital
  • Bettina "GOLD" Wilkerson, Real Skills Network
Thank you to the Ford Foundation, and all of our sponsors, for your gracious support needed to make this conference possible!


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