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July 2018 Newsletter
Welcome to the azad technology partners e-newsletter. As always, we look forward to your feedback as well as contributions to make this monthly newsletter an effective communication platform for our employees and business partners. Please continue to e-mail your suggestions and feedback to .
AZAD Technology Partners Office 
Moving to a New Location

As previously communicated, the azad office is moving at the end of July to the Beaverton Round located in downtown Beaverton. The new location offers many more convenient amenities including being adjacent to the MAX line, and ample visitor parking.

The azad office will be at its new location on Monday, July 30th, 2018. azad's phone number; (503) 617-9490 and fax number; (503) 617-9491, will remain the same at the new location. Please e-mail or call Lauren if you have any questions.
How to Align Technical Details  With 
Business Requirements
By: Travis DePuy

One of the biggest challenges of software development is aligning technical details with an organization's business requirements. This is an essential concern if you want to put ideas, applications, and processes into the real world successfully - whether they are virtual in software or physical in hardware. Until we're able to bend the laws of physics, conjure infinite computational power, or rewrite applications on the fly to do our bidding, technology will pose certain limitations that prevent lightning-fast innovation. Navigating these limits using real business requirements as a guide post is the key to successful outcomes...Continue reading
Remaining Objective Is Hard, But the  Best Leaders Figure Out How to Do It
By: Michael P. Dempsey

There is no single leadership trait that guarantees success in any profession, but there is, based on author Michael Dempsey's experience, one that many of the best leaders share: a fierce commitment to objectivity. And yet he realizes it's often not easy for leaders to remain objective...Continue reading
Opportunities  at azadOpportunities
azad technology partners  offers some of the most exciting and versatile career opportunities in the industry and is currently hiring a few bright Software and Test Engineers to join its team of professionals:

Our experience at  azad shows that the best new professionals who have joined our team over the years were referred by other azad employees and clients. azad offers a generous referral program for referring a successful new consultant and invites you to contribute to the expansion and growth of our team.
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Start planning ahead by participating in azad's 401(k) plan, managed by  Fidelity Investments . Contact azad  
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To learn how to become a First Tech Federal Credit Union member, visit their website.

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