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Letter from the Editor

By Jason Tejnecky, RKT
Mobility Editor in Chief

Welcome to the Summer edition of Mobility. As we head into the summer months I would like to remind members to remember to complete your CEUs and maintain your registration status as these are due June 30th.

The new AKTA website has been updated and I would like to encourage that everyone visit the new site as it is very impressive and will allow our profession to be promoted in a new light online. Featured in this issue of Mobility is an article on Telerehabilitation that is a new endeavor in which Kinesiotherapy can present itself as a profession that uses the newest technologies to provide patients with efficient, quality care with improved convenience. Also, please make note of the latest information on the upcoming MFA/AKTA National Conference in Orlando, Florida in December.

As always, I encourage anyone who has new information relating to Kinesiotherapy and would like to submit and article to please let me know at Submission deadlines will be posted in each edition for those who would like to provide an article or new information. Enjoy this edition of Mobility and have a wonderful Summer.

MOBILITY at a Glance Submission Deadlines

Fall-- 08/19/11
Winter -- 12/23/11

Spring-- 02/18/12


Continuing Education Corner

This year, CEU applications were sent via the most current e-mail address on file.  Please contact me ASAP if you have not received your CEU application. I will not be able to process your CEU file without your CEU application.


Many VA's Human Resource Departments have all ready been contacting this office regarding competency verification. Your timeliness in sending in your CEU application, forms and dues prior to the June 30th deadline is vital to this verification process.



One final note... I made a mistake in the directions for making payment on line. Note that your username is the first initial of both your first and middle name along with your last name.


Please contact me if you should have any questions or concerns. I appreciate your patience with this process.

If you did not receive your application via email in May please notify
Bridget Collins
Director of Continuing Competency
for Kinesiotherapy
AKTA Scholarship
The AKTA is accepting applications for the AKTA Scholarship program:

The Lou Montalvano Memorial Scholarship is designed to assist those students who are preparing for a career in Kinesiotherapy who demonstrates academic excellence, display exceptional promise as a clinician and educator, expresses definite intentions to pursue certification and a career in Kinesiotherapy and show potential for professional leadership.

Applications are due no later than August 31, 2011.

Please e-mail applications with supporting documentation to:
For more information contact Arthur J. Morris, RKT @ (224)610-4071
2011 Membership Survey

The AKTA Executive Board designed an online survey to help better understand your needs and concerns for the 2011-2012 year.


Please complete the online survey and submit it to us as soon as possible.  This survey is anonymous and your responses will be held in the strictest confidence.


Please click here for the online survey 

Clinical Kinesiology

The official Journal of the American Kinesiotherapy Association, is now posted online. Click here to view the latest publication


Mobility at a Glance
Official Newletter of the 

American Kinesiotherapy Association


Welcome to the Summer 2011 edition of Mobility, official publication of the American Kinesiotherapy Association. 
Presidential Address 



Greetings everyone! As you all know, Public Relations is crucial in the success of the AKTA and as technology continues to grow, we as an Association would like to be in the forefront. For the past year, our executive director, Melissa Ziegler and the public relations committee have worked extremely hard updating our webpage. I am happy to inform you all that the new AKTA webpage is now complete and is now up and running! The new webpage offers a more "user friendly" navigation system which eases accessibility to current members and  provides new and up to date information to those wanting to learn more about KT. It also provides a means to increase visibility, keep members informed of AKTA events, plans and achievements, increases the promotion of Kinesiotherapists and makes our mission more visible and recognizable. Thank you Melissa for carrying out this massive project!


In VA news, as KT Field Advisory chairman,  I have been firmly working with the VA program office to have KT included into new projects. One success is our involvement with Telerehabilitation. Telerehabilitation is a considered a subset of the VA Telehealth program and is used primarily to augment services to community-based outpatient clinics (CBOCs) and Veterans Center programs. Telerehabilitation is experiencing a rapid growth and is fast becoming a significant segment of telemedicine and e-health. A KT workgroup has been created in order to determine how KTs can be involved within this area and how our knowledge and expertise in specialized fields will significantly improve access to care and timeliness in providing care. The VA program office has indicated that telerehabilitation will be the focus for the next fiscal year and have stated that they will increase their efforts to implement this new program within all VISNs. I feel that this is a great opportunity for KT involvement and I will dedicate much time and effort in order to have KTs fully engaged into this new initiative. The VA program office has scheduled a face to face meeting with representatives from the various disciplines within PM&R in July. To represent the KTs within the VA, Lori Shuart and I will be attending a conference in order to discuss various issues with the field (including telerehabilitation). This will also provide a venue for us to voice our current successes and challenges within the field as well as to determine further opportunities for KT. We will keep you all posted.

In closing, I would like to thank you all for all the hard work you do for our Association! Remember that together we can make a difference.


Thank You

Robert Ordonez, MPA, RKT

President- American Kinesiotherapy Association


Telerehabilitation: Making Strides in the Electronic Age

Telerehabilitation is the delivery of services using virtual linkages between patients and rehabilitation providers separated by distance or time. We are moving forward with a KT telerehab national workgroup in the Veterans Affairs Health Care System. Examples include using video teleconferencing to link a therapist located at the urban VA medical center with a post-stroke veteran patient located at the local VA community-based outpatient clinic, or using home telehealth technologies to connect with veterans at home to monitor their functional status and equipment needs. Telerehabilitation offers exciting possibilities in home, clinic and research applications.

New information technologies are revolutionizing health care and the VA has been recognized by the Institute of Medicine as a leader in using these technologies to improve the quality of its care delivery. VA's application of three areas of technology - health informatics, telehealth and disease management - enables the VA to coordinate the care of patients by extending and enhancing current care and case management activities.

Clinic Based Telehealth services are designed to achieve:

  • Increased access to specialist consultations.
  • Improved access to primary and ambulatory care.
  • Reduced waiting times.
  • Decrease fee base care costs.
  • Decrease Veteran travel.

The KT telerehab national workgroup has identified a few areas for KT involvement including: MOVE; Amputee care; Polytrauma and transitional programs, and Joint replacement follow-up. If you are interested in participating in the National Workgroup, have ideas for KT involvement, or simply have and interest; please contact me at

Submitted by: Lori Shuart, MS, RKT


2011 Conference Information 

The AKTA will again partner with the MFA for the 2011 Annual Conference. Start saving to attend the 17th annual 2011 MFA Medical Fitness and Healthcare Conference.  Make an investment to advancing your knowledge and attend the conference to get the latest information. There will be clinical seminars led by AKTA selected speakers that will provide the latest in research and outcomes to enhance your facility programs and services. The Annual Conference will be held November 30 - December 3, 2011 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Visit for more info.

Early Bird Rates for conference registration are just $325.00

This rate expires July 15, 2011, act TODAY!!

The rate increases to $455.00 after July 15, 2011.


Hotel Information: The AKTA Headquarters will be held at the Westin IMAGINE ORLANDO. The AKTA discounted rate is $90.00 per night. This is significant savings over other local hotels. To take advantage of this group rate make your room reservations directly to the Hotel Reservations Department at 1-888-627-7815. To ensure receiving the special group rate, identify yourself with the AKTA when making reservations. There is a limited amount of rooms and the special rate expires October 26, 2011, act now before they are all gone!!


General Assembly: Join us for General Assembly at 8am on November 30, 2011. We will recap the years events, discuss upcoming news, and have a great time.





Executive Board Nominations

As a member of the AKTA, you have the opportunity to submit nominations for awards and AKTA executive board positions.   The Nominating Committee must receive nominations and supporting material no later than August 31, 2011.


The AKTA is accepting nominations for the following positions on the AKTA Executive Board:

  1. President Elect
    • Duties: The President Elect serves as an assistant to the President, giving particular attention to committee functions and guidelines. He or She prepares a slate of committees and committee chairpersons to be listed in the Administrative Handbook, works on special projects assigned by the president, oversees the Editor of MOBILITY and AKTA Advisory Council Members. The President Elect will also serve as Chairperson of the AKTA Conference fact finding committee responsible for researching alternative sites and hosts for the Annual Conference for the year ending his/her tenure as President.
  2. Treasurer
    • Duties: The Treasurer is responsible for filing IRS Income Tax Statement Form 990 and Schedule A by November 15th of each year, preparing quarterly financial statements and an annual financial report, manage AKTA checking accounts, enter info and balance monthly ledger, and control and/or manage expense vouchers.
  3. Secretary
    • Duties: The Secretary serves as coordinator of AKTA committees, projects and reports. The Secretary is responsible for recording, transcribing and publishing Executive Board and General Assembly meeting minutes, maintaining membership and correspondence records and By-Law revisions and or amendments.
  4. Member at Large (West)
    • Duties: The Member at Large (West) represents student, bridge and registered members residing in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Member at Large (West) is responsible for soliciting and representing the opinion and views of the membership to the Executive Board of the AKTA and acts as co-chairperson of the Public Relations and Employment Recruitment and Opportunity Committees.

As a member of the AKTA, you have the opportunity to submit nominations along with supporting material by e-mail. The Nominating Committee must receive nominations and supporting material no later than August 31, 2011. NOTE: Nominees must agree to the nomination (Please do not submit for consideration unless nominee is willing to perform the duties of the position for a period of two (2) years). 


Please e-mail nominations with supporting documentation to:

or mail to: AKTA

               118 College Drive, #5142 

               Hattiesburg, MS 39406


Click link below to access nomination form:

Officer Nomination Form

Award Nomination Form


For more information contact Arthur J. Morris, RKT @ (224)610-4071


Newly Updated



Have you checked out the new AKTA website?  A new up to date website with easy accessibility to all information related to Kinesiotherapy and the AKTA. 


Member's Only Section Log-in Information

  1. In the upper right hand corner of the home page locate the "Member Login". Type in your username (first initial, middle initial and full last name) and your password (akta) all in lowercase.   (If you do not have a middle initial use the first two letters of your first name)
  2. If your log-in is successful you should be able to view your own unique member's only page. 
  3. Please verify your contact information and make any necessary changes by clicking on "Edit Account Information". You may change your password on this screen.
  4. If you want to make a payment to continue your membership click on the "Pay Now" button at the bottom of the page

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